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Ken McKown writes: Being a launch game on any platform is not an easy task. Knack looked to be one of the shining spots for Sony’s PS4 launch. Unlike most of the lineup, it showcased a more lighthearted look and feel akin to Nintendo launching a new Mario with their platform. It also helps that Mark Cerny, the current face of the PS4, was behind its creation. After plodding through the 10-12 hour campaign I can safely say that Knack crumbles under archaic design and tedious progression. There is just not enough charm here to make it worth putting up with.

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Philoctetes1461d ago

I've watched a bit of this game through the PS4s streaming service, and I'm baffled as to why it's getting shredded in reviews. It's obviously not going to win any GOTYs but it looks like a halfway decent 7-ish title. I can see myself picking it up when it hits the bargain bin; alternately I'd be happy if it turned up as a PS+ release.

Visiblemarc1460d ago

Yes...I own it.. the reviews would be funny if it wasn't so unfair.

To me this is a case of biased reviews and reviews by lazy incapable gamers.

Biased because of Sony/Cerny prejudices (Don't even pretend this doesn't exist, people.)

Lazy/incapable reviews because a lot of people seem to find Knack to be too hard. (I personally like the style of challenge) Take my word, it's in no way unfairly hard.

This game is at least a 7. A solid 7, which gets a full recommendation from me.

Giving it 4's and 5's is ridiculous.

guitarded771460d ago

I ended up buying it through the buy 2 get 1 free sale. I was gonna wait to see if it came to PS+, but figured WTH. I like it. Played local co-op and alone. It's a fun game. Agreed... it's not GOTY material, but it's not a 5. Don't believe the hype... that's all I can say to the uncertain out there.

OrangePowerz1460d ago

The power of the new PS4 video streaming. I had fun watching some of the streams for different games while waiting for the UK launch.

SegaSaturn6691460d ago

It's being scored as shovelware! What a pity, the game controls so well and has such carefully planned content.

There really is no accounting for taste. But it's so weird that the popular critic reviews are hammering it so hard.

I like it so far a lot more than mario 3d world.

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Naughty__Boy1461d ago

I agree,this is not normally the type of game i would play but it looks fun and i might buy it when the price drops a bit.

ruefrak1461d ago

I'm half-way through Knack, and it does not deserve low scores. It's a GOOD game. There is nothing broken in it and the controls work very well. It definitely has a great, old school feel to me which I really love.
I'd give it an 8/10. Watch the streams and judge for yourself, but I'm really impressed with it.

2paclives1461d ago

Another wrong score. I've been playing this since launch. The scores are wrong and the reviews are incorrect.

2pacalypsenow1460d ago

This game is nowhere near a 5 score

Mainsqueeze1460d ago

The butthurtedness of PS4 fanboys over this is funny.

1460d ago
2paclives1460d ago

No. The game is better than average. I was never expecting a masterpiece. Just stating that the 5s it has been getting are wrong. Superman 64 is a bad game. Knack is not. I give it a 7.5.

IHassounah1460d ago

You can't call out a piece of opinion wrong , they are just putting out there opinion

Mainsqueeze1460d ago

Dude unless that opinion is negative on a Sony product, wtf are you thinking?! /s

CrossingEden1460d ago

"The scores are wrong and the reviews are incorrect because I liked it and if I like something then obviously it means that it's good because there's no such thing as a biased opinion especially not for launch titles"
^--your comment translated. And seriously, this game is pretty bland with barely any other content besides the eight hour single player mode. Which for $60 is very disappointing. Knack as a character LOOKS cool though...except when he talks.

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FrustratedFury1461d ago

This reviewer doesn't know what he's talking about. He's completely wrong. I don't care if it is his opinion. The game is great. I would give it a 7.5 at least.

FrustratedFury1460d ago

I guess sarcasm is dead. It's his opinion, guys. Let him have it.

FrustratedFury1460d ago

Also, to whoever flagged this review post as "lame" grow the hell up. Stop acting like a child and learn to deal with the fact that not everyone around you agrees with you.

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