Why post game is the best part of Pokémon X and Y

Mandi Odoerfer writes: "By now, most players have finished their Pokémon journey. They've traveled across Kalos, beat the Elite Four, and even saved the world. However, there's still much more to Pokémon X and Y. For those who have beaten the game, the best is yet to come."

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Kalebninja1850d ago

is it because of looker? or the legendaries? looker's post game story was just great i wish it didnt end so fast

Nolando1850d ago

I was disappointed that we didn't get the kanto region opened up, I don't do too much online battling, I like to replay the elite four and level up my team. my main issue right now is I want aggronite and you cant get it in X even though aggron is x exclusive!!! GAAAR!!!!!