Battlefield 4 patch coming tomorrow, fixes crashes and netcode

First Battlefield 4 client patch goes live tomorrow and fixes the crashes and netcode.

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Xristo1472d ago

As much as I love DICE and BF, I will still say, "We'll see."

Spinal1472d ago

I've not been affected by any of these issues. Other than the net code a few times.

The game is still sooo much fun found myself addicted to obliteration mode an the map dawn breaker is too awesome.

Izzy4081472d ago

As much as I hope they fix these issues, knowing DICE's history with patches, they'll probably screw up something else in the process.

Rearden1472d ago

Yeah, it usually takes 2-3 patches before a DICE game is proper.

T21472d ago

I hope this works had to hard reboot yesterday twice ... Also I hope they dont mess around with all the guns on every patch ... Nerfing the odd stupid overpowered gun is ok tho like frag rds in bf3