Industry doesn't 'take you seriously' until you make a console game, says Octodad dev

The harsh reality of being an indie developer is that audiences — and even other developers — may not take a studio seriously until they've created a game for consoles, Octodad: Dadliest Catch developer Philip Tibitoski told Polygon.

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_QQ_987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

Really sucks for indies, on one end you want to work on the best system(PC) but on the other hand... this...

mikeslemonade986d ago

Yep, consoles is mainstream. PC gamers stuck playing second fiddle..

_QQ_986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

lol nope

kingduqc986d ago

More like pc is innovation and consoles is watered down...

mikeslemonade986d ago

Look again at the libraries between consoles and PC. Sure you can innovate but if no buys it then where you gonna be your just stuck with what planetside, WOW, Crysis?

Console side basically all the exclusives are pretty innovative.

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nofallouthero987d ago

sad but true, oddly enough indie games sell better on pc

Nujabes_987d ago

Really? I'd like him to say this to the guys over at CD Projekt RED.

Anon1974987d ago

How the hell do you figure CD Projekt Red is indie? They've got over 100 employees and were created by a successful company that invested millions into them.

kingPoS986d ago

Could be that as far as most parents are concerned; game consoles are more accessible to kids than a gaming pc.

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