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Submitted by ftwrthtx 746d ago | news

How To: Obtain and install PS4 to Software Update 1.50 via the Web

With the launch of the PlayStation 4 rapidly approaching, Sony has pushed the Live button for their 1.50 update. (PlayStation, PS4, Sony)

Credit url:
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ftwrthtx  +   745d ago
Going to get this downloaded and be ready to update as soon as my PS4 hits the door.
cleft5  +   745d ago
Grabbing my download right now before the madness that is launch day. I hope Microsoft does something similar for the Xbox One. It just makes sense to give people this option with how hectic launches can be.
guitarded77  +   745d ago
Damn good idea guys!!!

EDIT: Okay, anyone have a link to the PlayStation page where the download is located? I don't want to use their direct links at the terminalgamer site. Just want to make sure I'm downloading the real thing. Can't find the update on
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I don't want to just straight away download a random link on a site I don't know.

I agree with guitarded. Can never be to sure these are the real things. does anybody have a link from sony ?
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   745d ago
I advise you all to use some cautioj here. As the normal site for downloads of firmware updates is in my case

The site these files are coming from is

Just a word of caution to you guys I sure don't want anyone with a bricked console day one. Greatness awaits!
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Omegasyde  +   745d ago | Helpful
I traced the link and did a dns look up for you all to confirm links posted at this site are genuine.

Link for ps4 from this website(target):

Official link from

Target link is:



NS Lookup : et

Same IP range. Also did DNS lookup via and

NetRange -
Name NET-184-176-0-0-1
Handle NET-184-176-0-0-1
Parent NET184 (NET-184-0-0-0-0)
Net Type Direct Allocation
Origin AS
Organization Cox Communications Inc. (CXA)
Registration Date 2010-05-14
Last Updated 2012-03-02

This mean's this whole IP range is dedicated to servers leasing the IP from Cox (USA broadband provider).

No further information but, I know the IP origin is nearby Atlanta, Georgia. I am ~72% sure these are servers, hosted by a company in the area that Sony is leasing space from ( a server farm).

Being that the addresses are similar in IP range and that NSlookup turned up similar Aliases.

I am 100% sure the download is safe.

You are all welcome. And Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

Be forewarned, there is a possibility that this is not "last" official patch 1.50. There could be a patch 1.51 on Friday.

TLDR: Links are legit. Download copy, and wait and see if there is a last minute patch 1.51 on day 1.
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ftwrthtx  +   745d ago
All download links come from regardless of the platform. PS3, PS Vita & PS4.

I've had a PS3 since launch and figured out the download page for each console so I could quickly access the update file.

The PS3 used to be hard to get updated due to everyone and their brother hammering the site at once. This way I could download the file before the ensuing rush.
jonatan221  +   745d ago

You are amazing.
Omegasyde  +   745d ago
Just found out that is indeed a cloud provider for Sony (and ironically Microsoft).

Links are legit. Playstation is a customer:

Ip's listed from download targets are registered with (same company as
Ju  +   745d ago
Even if they weren't, the only harm it can do is hiding a trojan while downloading on a Windows PC. It sure would not install on a PS4 (CRC checks and what not won't pass). This would have to be a hacked firmware which I doubt is already out in the wild before launch. It sure can't brick the PS4.
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rainslacker  +   745d ago

I downloaded the update a couple weeks ago directly from the Sony site with the Sony names in the url and all that.

When I downloaded from the US link(first one), chrome reports that it is coming from the same site as the one from a couple weeks ago(never cleared my download list so it's still listed there). ne t although it has different directory structures after that. The file size is slightly larger for this update...about 12KB's.
NateCole  +   745d ago
Thanks Omega. You should be bubbled up for being helpful
Lwhit6  +   745d ago
Hope it works and doesn't crash your brand new PS4!
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blakstarz  +   745d ago
Copy it to your USB thumb drive, you can update that way too.
guitarded77  +   745d ago
@ Lwhit6

WTF is wrong with you? Why would you even post that?
mistertwoturbo  +   745d ago
Downloading now, you're absolutely right. Don't want to try and download straight off PSN with the hundreds of thousands of people trying to log on at once. My KZ:SF disc can't wait!!!
Ju  +   745d ago
I'd rather think millions...and f..k...I got KZ as download...I want to see how this will go over at launch. LOL. There will be smoke at Sony's data centers...
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RCslayer  +   745d ago
Hopefully your Ps4 doesn't have to hit the garbage after you install this update from that site, when it isn't up on the Sony site.
TerminalGamer  +   745d ago
Because we know where the consoles look online for their update information and Sony always takes their time updating their website
Xsilver  +   745d ago
Im gonna replace the old one with this one alright now im ready for my PS4. But in the end ill wait for the one from the official Sony site.
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WildArmed  +   745d ago
For all you folks waiting for the official website to update:
JuniorCE  +   745d ago
me too
neocores  +   745d ago
Done took me 2mins to downlaod i cant wait :D
jonatan221  +   745d ago
My connection sucks, so it's taking me an hour LOL. Good thing I can get it now, it would suck to get my ps4 and then have to wait an hour to play it :[
neocores  +   745d ago
Damn that suxs might want to see if u can get a faster internet
jonatan221  +   745d ago
I can play online fine,(if no one is using the computer or connecting to wifi with a phone). It's just downloads that kill me lol.
SuperBlur  +   745d ago
hmm is this a newer update or something? i downloaded one a few weeks ago , from an article posted here.
TerminalGamer  +   745d ago
That was not a legit update from Sony
weirdo  +   745d ago
Neo Nugget  +   745d ago
I'll just do it from the console ^^ BUT YAY it's almost here!!
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xPhearR3dx  +   745d ago
Never heard of this site. And unless it's coming directly from Sony's website. I'm not installing any type of firmware update on my brand new PS4. I'd rather have to wait a bit (if that even happens) than be impatient and brick my system.
ftwrthtx  +   745d ago
the update files are hosted on PlayStation's website and not
xPhearR3dx  +   745d ago
Yes I realize that. Until the links are on I'm not taking any chances. Last thing I need is a bricked system after investing $700+ into it.
jkuli6  +   745d ago
Smart. I'm waiting for that, too.
UnrealThreats  +   745d ago
I am skeptical too. I did however copy the download link address here it is (US): http://dus01.ps4.update.pla...

I then looked up on whois, and it says Sony owns it.

I think its legit.

UPDATE: When reading the ps4 q&a, its clearly states to only download files from playsstation.COM, I wouldnt risk it guys. Just wait for the official files.
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TerminalGamer  +   745d ago
The PS3 uses for its update files as well.
DeadMansHand  +   745d ago
Smart man. I'll do the same. I'm probably going to wait to just do it console side at 1230am Friday when I get home. Friday afternoon (after school) through Sunday will be the big hit on the servers, anyway. Its better to be safe than sorry.
WildArmed  +   745d ago

Here you go, here's the official update link.

Click download on the website.
jonatan221  +   745d ago
This is pretty much the same one from that other website right?
WildArmed  +   745d ago

I am not sure, I have not used any other source than the official PS website.
xPhearR3dx  +   745d ago

Nope. The one on their site was 300 something MB. This one from Sony is 859MB. Glad I didn't download the one from this site. God know what would have happened.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   745d ago
I am an IDIOT. Disregard my stupidity please.


I'm going to download it from Sony's site so I can get in and go come Friday.
#7 (Edited 745d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KwietStorm  +   745d ago
It's my understanding that the OS is on the mobo itself like the original PS3s, so I don't have to install this manually if I change my hard disk immediately. Is this correct?
Scatpants  +   745d ago
I'm kind of wondering that myself. I would guess that that is the case.
jonboi24  +   745d ago
Is this legit?
ftwrthtx  +   745d ago
Yes. Check the actual download links. it comes from PlayStation's update site
jonboi24  +   745d ago
still I'll await official conformation before installing, just to be safe
ftwrthtx  +   745d ago
Wait if you want, but these links come straight from Sony
ewstokes  +   745d ago
Can't u just download from the ps4? Also quick question if I install a new hard drive right out the ps4 s box, do I have to install firmware or anything or will it book up just fine?
ewstokes  +   745d ago
LANCERBOIGTI  +   745d ago
GAMESTOP send me MY PS4 so i can say GREATNESS AWAITS!!..LOL
PirateKing  +   745d ago
It downloaded in about a minute and a half. I just wanted to test how fast the PS servers were. Please be this fast at launch!
#12 (Edited 745d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
generic-user-name  +   745d ago
Is this not available from any official Sony site?
kizzle32  +   745d ago
I didn't see it up there anywhere...just has the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP updates on there as of right now...but I downloaded it anyway. the link looks like it is indeed hosted by Playstation
generic-user-name  +   745d ago
I'm hearing PS4 reviewers have recently started getting prompts to download the patch so it seems to match up.

Thanks for the reply.
RCslayer  +   745d ago
Nope, looks fishy to me.
Omegasyde  +   745d ago
Look at first post above. Links are legit
kizzle32  +   745d ago
PS3 link:


PS4 link:


looks legit to me! :D
RCslayer  +   745d ago
This update isn't up on the Playstaion website. I'd think twice before downloading something from a non Sony site. If it was on the site then maybe I would download it from this one, but with it not being there, not a chance I'd take a chance of killing my Ps4 with in the first day, or having your system hacked etc.
I thought that the PS4 wasn't going to allow external media, if I am wrong please let me know....I await Greatness!!
TerminalGamer  +   745d ago
Updating VIA USB is an option just not anything else yet. There's a UI image on the site showing the update options
SuperBlur  +   745d ago
what would be the point of usb 3.0

you can plug an external to ps4, you just can't use it to install your games to it.
AceBlazer13  +   745d ago
until i go to and see the update myself i trust none of these downloads you'd think if it was live sony would post it on the official sites. pls don't put your ps4s at risk so early in the game.
TerminalGamer  +   745d ago
Have fun waiting
thehitman  +   745d ago
To all those weary I can 100% verify that it is from Sony by doing a whois lookup.

also the ps3 updates are from the same domain you can check by going here and looking at the dl link. To those that are on the fence whether this is trust worthy.

I however would still wait but dl it just in case there are any hiccups day one if the direct way doesnt work.
#18 (Edited 745d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Omegasyde  +   745d ago
You beat me to it.

Targets are in ATL,GEORGIA and have similar Aliases.
rainslacker  +   745d ago
It's very likely the day one patch. With only a few days to launch, I doubt there is much chance of them releasing a new version.

It doesn't hurt to be skeptical nowadays, and I wouldn't blame people for being cautious of their investment, but this is about as legit as it gets. is the backbone of You used to have to type as it was the main playstation webpage before the internet was mainstream.

I've been downloading the larger updates for the PS3 this way for quite some time now from .net
LoTuZ  +   745d ago
Hell nah. I aint touchin this with a 10 foot pole. Ill DL mine when my PS4 fires up.
Akuma2K  +   745d ago
I'm gonna wait too and download from sony's official site, better to be safe than sorry.
BradWasEre1989  +   745d ago
i gotta wait till the 29th :( lol
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   745d ago
you think thats bad? i have to wait 2 whole fucking days man. 2 days! its killin me cause its so close
Maxor  +   745d ago
Millions will be downloading this on the 15th so yeah. Do it now.
fllysurfer  +   745d ago
Is this the same update for EU PS4? I mean being in Portugal, can I download this and apply it to my PS4 without any risks?
fllysurfer  +   745d ago
Apparently not...

"Note: This update is for North America only at the moment. It’s expected that a new update for European PS4 owners will arrive in time for the console’s launch elsewhere around the world starting November 29th."
sprinterboy  +   745d ago
That many gamers will use usb option that the psn will be fine for update lol
spoonard  +   745d ago
Grabbed it now because downloading this anytime on Friday I think is going to be a mess! I think the load on PSN is going to go from maybe a hundred or so PS4's that are out there in the hands of reviewers and the few others that managed one this early to a few hundred thousand in a matter of a day or so.
SuperBlur  +   745d ago
i assume most people who bought a ps4 are coming from ps3. they do not add up to the server load since they are just switching seats.

sony has sold what , 75-80mill of ps3. i think they are more then ready to welcome the few millions of ps4 owners.
EvilDragonX  +   745d ago
Has anyone noticed that the file size says 859 MB?
spoonard  +   744d ago
That's not just the update, that's for when you replace the hard drive, that has the entirety of the system software AND the update.
EvilDragonX  +   744d ago
Hmm, interesting. I downloaded it off Sony's site for the link that says 1.50. So to me it looks like not just an update, which was around 300mb, but an entire os update. OH well.

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