DICE Talks Battlefield 4 and PS4 Tech

In a new video released today developer DICE talks about the PlayStation 4 and Battlefield 4.

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JoGam1713d ago

I purposely waited to get this for PS4. The beta was fun but I want the visual jump to be amazing. Hurry up Friday.

kazuma9991713d ago

Blah the ps3 beta was horrible to me.(Unless u played it on PC) The console one had very little players and no marine vehicles so it was hard to find people and get around the huge map. Kinda fun If its small maps but I will be getting mine with my Ps4 in 3 days.

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josephayal1713d ago

Nice article, IMHO, The PS4 is a finely tuned console with every part optimised for 1080P

PygmelionHunter1713d ago

Except for this game running at 900p, sadly. Though the 60fps and 64 players more than make up for it. I just hope that blurriness in Eurogamer's recording was caused by the hardware used to record the video.

GotEnder1713d ago

jack fraggs recently uploaded a bunch of battlefield 4 videos for ps4 multiplayer and xbox single player. from what i have seen the blurriness is completly gone.

seanpitt231713d ago

Just wait in a couple of years when they know how to get the most out of the ps4 it will be 1080p then.

Brix901713d ago

I remember reading an article that EA rushed BF4 to come out before COD Ghosts so it could be possible that they sacrificed some resolution to get a steady frame rate for launch.

ambientFLIER1712d ago

That's hilarious. Every part optimized for 1080!!! well, except for this game...

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memots1713d ago

I am getting my ps4 on Friday but this game is PC all the way.

kazuma9991713d ago

Omg when he said next generation of fps is 60 fps 64 players I was thinking of what will happen after this? over 120 players per team? a whole war in 1 game session? o.O that would be kinda cool but also lengthy to play.

Kleptic1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Sadly, that is going to be more limited by residential broadband connections than the games and their needed hardware...

Read some of the netcode tech articles on Battlelog when you get a chance...even with 'just' 64 players...the amount of stuff that needs to be sync'd in any given frame is staggering...BF4 tracks every single projectile, every single wave in any water (including ripples created just by boat/player movement)...all physics are networked sync'd (so that rolling boulder that killed you is shown to other players...rather than you just dropping dead for no reason)...etc. every single projecticle has a muli-table DB full of information as well (from what range did that 5.56 round hit your enemy, where did it hit him, what was the projectiles speed, etc...and has to use all that to determine a given damage figure)

while ISP speeds are fine for the most part (the game doesn't need a blazingly high amount of bandwidth)...latency is the issue...because of whats on the line, latency figures quickly culminate into completely wonked out situations...and it would only get worse if more and more information needed to be sync'd...and broadband isn't getting much better very quickly...

Deathdeliverer1713d ago

If you played M.A.G you will have seen a glimpse of the future. I honestly believe mag was ahead of its time and was a ton of fun. For those of you that have played mag in all its 128 player glory, imagine it revisited with what the PS4 is capable of. I hope Sony didn't give up on it.

Ashby_JC1713d ago

mag was solid and overlooked by many.

the game want visually stunning but was ahead of other games in a lot of areas.

the one thing I wish it had was a test range mode because there was so much to to play that some just ran around killing and not pto.

123pol1713d ago

Finally a game that makes use of the gyro !!!!!!! :)

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