Diehard GameFAN: WWE 2K14 Review

DHGF: The WWE games have been stagnant for a long time now, with no real innovations since the create-a-story was introduced in 2009. Sure, things have been tweaked and improved. The physics engine is better, the collision is better, etc. However, we haven’t seen that next leap in wresting games. WWE ’13, though fun, focused entirely on the nostalgia factor, pretty much riding on the Attitude Era to sell copies. It worked. I, along with many other tired fans, loved 13, and continue to play it to this day. Still, relying on old stuff to sell your games isn’t the best strategy for creating a long term relationship. That’s why 2K14 selling itself on “30 Years of Wrestlemania” is such a worrisome predicament. It begs the question of what the company will do when they run out of things to make players all nostalgic?

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