Does WWE Have the Best Sports Sim of All Time?

Is WWE 2K17 a better sports simulation than Madden 17? Well, there are certainly some extra details and input that might make it more appealing.

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Artemidorus222d ago

*checks calender* nope it's not April 1st yet.

mesumubeb222d ago

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AcidDvl222d ago

WWE is not even a sport man.
A sport is a competition, WWE is entertainment scripted performances...

And the WWE games aren't even superior to Madden or FIFA/PES or NBA 2k

Paytaa222d ago

Yeah WWE is scripted, but the toll it takes on one's body isn't really a joke. It's not like just anyone can wrestle in the WWE, TNA, or ROH.

You might say it isn't a sport, but the wrestlers are definitely athletes.

AcidDvl222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

But that was never in question. I never claimed the they aren't athletes or that it wasn't hard on them or even that they were a 'joke'. I never stated anything about the performers themselves...
This whole argument is a 'straw man'...

By definition, WWE is not a sport because there's no competition. No one is 'trying' to win, because the winners are chosen according to storylines

lodossrage222d ago

@AcidDvl and Paytaa

I agree with both of you.

The fact of the matter is wrestling can't be classified as a sport because spots, winners/ losers, and champions are determined by the boss. That's why when wrestlers go to other places and try to out "4 time wwe/wcw/tna etc champion", I just say big deal. It just means you were champion 4 times because your boss liked your or you brought in $$$.

And at the same time, wrestling does take training and crafting. The pain and bruises are VERY real, scripted or not. And unless you're one of those giant big and/or fat guys, you better have some skills and be in shape. Especially with cardio. So yes, I would classify them as athletes.

At best you can say wrestlers are athletes of a "staged" sport. Or better yet the phrase "sports actors" is what they should really be called.

AcidDvl222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

It's not a sport, because there's no competition, they're performers.
With performances, no one's really competing in them.
If there isn't competition, it can't be considered a sport. People think that because it's 'physical'.

I never said it was 'easy' for the athletes or that they're not athletes or anything about them really... Of course it's hard, they're dropping themselves from ladders and being hit with steel chairs. That was never in question, but it's just not a sport, by pure definition.

I'm not 'hating' or taking anything away from the people who perform, it's just a fact...
PS: You started arguing a 'straw man'.

PaulKersey222d ago

There hasn't been a good wrestling game since the games by AKI on the N64.

ricosuave222d ago

Loved No Mercy whatever happened to AKI?

ricosuave222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Let me put it like this the developers of WWE 2k17 are sorry ass developers that's for sure the game is beyond glitchy you try to reverse a move and sometimes the reversal button doesn't show up they've had the same game modes for the past 3 years and some of the wrestlers that have appeared in those games wore different attires when they wrestled and 2k just keeps giving us the same characters with no updated attire I'd rather play WWF In Your House for Sega Saturn or PS1 then this I haven't played my game since December I have no intention to it was a waste of money I came across someone that re-creates matches with a Super Nintendo/Genesis mod I'm guessing I'll share the link they even have a War Games match they created on old console hardware and its sad that developers like 2k with the current gen consoles can't even achieve what these people have Madden beats WWE 2k17 and all wrestling games that they've put out since they took over the last one I really like was WWE 2k14 with the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode I'd love to see EA get the WWE license I think it would be incredible running on the Frostbite 3 engine

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