PS4′s Alleged Overheating Problems: Developers Say they Don’t Exist

In the last few days a couple of media outlets spread rumors abut the PS4 possibly suffering from overheating problems, and that was presented as the alleged reason why many journalists aren't receiving review units in advance.

Dualshockers asked quite a few PS4 developers for a comment on the issue, and all those willing to answer were unanimous in mentioning that they witnessed no such overheating problems.


Updated with another developer's comment that just came in.

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GarrusVakarian1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

And another over heating rumour bites the dust. Not even warm? That's good to hear because my PS4 isn't ever going to know what being off feels like.

allformats1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

The only overheating problem PS4 has right now is from preorders. It's the hottest videogame item anywhere.

cleft51384d ago

Indeed, they can't make enough of these bad boys to meet demand. Going to be crazy for me to try and get one at launch because I don't have a preorder. Still, it will be fun hunting one of them down.

NewMonday1384d ago

pretty good job Abriael, you actually did some digging unlike the so-called big gaming sites.

mp12891384d ago

i noticed most negative rumors of ps4 tend to be false, cant say the same for the competition

pyramidshead1384d ago

Lol Nice work with that comment, son.

Brazz1384d ago

you have some Disagrees, probably some X-1 fanboys are butthurted...

BG115791384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Allformats, you deserve a funny bubble.

Pogmathoin1384d ago

The most negative thing so far is that it will not play MP3 straight out of box... some people were actually upset.... If I get a paper cut when opening box in a couple of weeks, will be all over the internet like a rash!! :)

Abriael1384d ago

I don't think I ever seen so many agrees all in one place. Bubble sir.

GribbleGrunger1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

You're doing a great job with this site Abriael. Gaf likes it too :)

Bubble for the giggles, allformats

BluEx6101384d ago

Here are some links to detail why PS4 is so powerful but yet so efficient in power consumption and temperatures.


To summarize the articles, PS4 has an APU(CPU+GPU on the same DIE) and a unified memory. Having GDDR5(VRAM) that allocates to both CPU and GPU all at the same time equals to having more efficient processing. Thus not requiring extra energy spent on splitting memory up. This architecture leads to smaller form factors, less power consumption, efficient processing(get the most out of your APU), better multitasking etc Audio, and Video processing. The Key for PS4 is the GDDR5. Remember the $1000 Nvidia Titan only has 6 GB of VRAM, and right now only 2-3 GB is really needed for high end gaming @1080p. VRAM is important for resolution, that's why when you go above @1080p that's where the Geforce Titan really shines above it's younger brother the GTX 780.

Sorry for the long ass post, but I felt a lot of news media are ignoring this new upcoming HSA Foundation. Mark Cerny wasn't lying when he said PS4 was a supercharged PC. There's a reason why Sony is at the event of AMD's APU 2013 Conference at November 13th.

UltimateMaster1384d ago

Maybe Microsoft will recreate the RRODs in order to keep up with the sales of the PS4.
Who knows.

mewhy321384d ago

wow. the media are really trying to look for something to bring the PS4 down. It's such a monumental success that that there's just so little bad things that can be said about the PS4. They are trying desperately to level the playing field. That ship has already sailed.

mo2411384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

damn you are on fire boy

darthv721384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I'd keep my PS4 vertical if it looked like this:

FamilyGuy1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

That's a pretty clever comment lol

I think I like this quote from the article most because it's one that can put us all at rest on the subject. I favor PS4 but it's good to hear there's no heat related problems on the X1 side either.

Another, currently at work on an AAA multiplatform game that will be on both PS4 and Xbox One, reported pretty much the same thing, including Microsoft’s new console into the picture.

"None of our devkits, either PS4 or Xbox One, had any overheating problems. We have so many and we use them so much that if there was any big issue we’d have probably noticed something, but no, they all worked and still work like a charm."

Thanks again Giuseppe / Abriael

@Darth, that's pretty cool but distracting @_@

SpideySpeakz1384d ago

7 disagrees from:

BBBirdistheWord1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Dualshockers? Abriael?

It has been shown that dualshockers has a pro ps4 agenda and uses questionable methods of getting stories approved on N4g.
That has been proven.

It has also been shown that staff from dualshockers frequent n4g and comment on theor own stories to heat them up.

I ticketed CAT on this and she responded that a site upgrade is coming which will hopefully fix the abuse of the system that dualshockers (abriael) use to get stories approved.

On topic:

No one noticed that SEVEN of these developers quoted in the article are ANONYMOUS?

If these developers are so sure the thing doesn't overheat, then why on earth are they requesting anonymity? Why not own up if it's the truth?
It's not like they are spreading malicious rumours?

Seriously, no one noticed?

Seems odd that we are once again relying on anonymous quotes to debunk something.

My BS detector is off the charts. I feel like lot of users don't mind duped, as long as it fits with their preconceived notions.

I guess the coming months will prove me right (or wrong)

VENOMACR12271384d ago

Funny how if this was an X1 article, it's got to be true because MS lies to everyone and MS is evil.

Yet since this is about the PS4, it's just a rumor and it's 100% definitely not true, can't be because it's Sony.

It probably is just a rumor and I hope it's that because neither console should have overheating problems or major issues at launch. X1 or PS4, hopefully both run flawless.

ziggurcat1383d ago

@ bird:

what definitive proof do you have that points to the PS4 having overheating issues? because a PS4 inside of an enclosed plexi box with no ventilation isn't proof of anything.

i mean, is there a particular reason why you're holding on strong to a fake story by a fake author that reported the PS4 as having overheating issues? are you *that* desperate to the point where you're clinging onto fake FUD?

who knows why those devs wanted to remain anonymous... maybe they just didn't want to be bothered by people trolling them all day long...

i'm willing to bet you'd be one of the first people to say, "see guys, no overheating issues" had this whole fabricated issue been about the xbone, so get off of your "rabble rabble rabble anonymous devs rabble rabble rabble" soap box.

and abriael isn't abusing anything, mr. butthurt xbox fanboy... i'm also willing to bet that you have no problem with pro-MS articles submitted, and written by pro-MS users on this site.

ohiostatesman1383d ago

That site has a pro ps4 agenda. So I wouldn't trust them. I go by real journalist say and what I see myself with my own eyes. PS4 has overheating issues.

jc121383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Yeah, I never pre-ordered a system because I'm still not sure which console I'm going to get. But, as a life long xbox fan, something strange is happening to me - I'm falling in love with the PS4! I mean, WTF is happening to me?

I'm 95% certain I'm going to switch over to Sony this generation. The only problem is the fact that I never pre-oreded the system, and I'll likely have a hell of a time trying to find one.

Its unlikely I'll find one on launch day, but hell, it will definitely be fun running around all week hunting one of these sleek machines down.

Sorry Microsoft, but I think your console is just too weak for me to invest in. Perhaps later in the X1 life cycle I'll get one, most likely not at launch though.

clouds51383d ago

Still can't believe how you can preorder a system that has like 1 game (Killzone), no backwards compatibility and nothing special to offer^^

There must be some serious PS fanboys.

Mister_Dawg1383d ago

While I don't want to see either of the two new consoles suffer the 360 debacle, I think most Sony lovers here are not just wasting their bubbles, I think they're blowing bubbles ;-)

warczar1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )


Just like I don't understand how someone could want a system that is underpowered overpriced and has zero games unless you count a god of war clone, a racing game where the most adverse racing condition is clear and sunny, and a 15 year old fighting game no one asked for. All in glorious 720p.

WolfOfDarknesss1383d ago

It's a rumor , and I am sure there are some journalists got payed very well to spread such a rumor .

It's money business , with money you can do anything to destroy a opponents .

JamieL1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

@ jc12
See that's the biggest problem on this site and in the world. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why is choosing a "side" even necessary? As gamers shouldn’t it be about the games? I know we can’t all afford to get both at launch or anything like that, I just don’t get the internal conflict associated with choosing a console. What I understand least is why people feel attracted to a corporation period. They care about 1 thing and one thing only, PROFIT. They do not care about you or your needs at all, and that goes for any corporation. See how much they care about your gaming needs when you stand in the way of the all mighty PROFIT. I’m not saying we can’t enjoy what they make, but to “stand up” for them, or in their behalf is ridiculous. Why can't we just discuss gaming on here. It's always a fight about the dumbest $hit. We would rather argue about numbers then look at whats new. What the hell?

ThanatosDMC1383d ago

I can just imagine if it's the Xbone that actually overheats. It'd just be weird especially since the power brick is external. It'd be funny though.

Syntax-Error1383d ago

Spoken like a true fanboy ALLFORMATS.

Consoldtobots1383d ago

developers remain anonymous because they don't want their names dragged into this retarded fanboy war. The only ones that take this crap seriously are kids.

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Mr_cheese1384d ago

To be fair, I never acknowledged the alleged overheating anyway. I do understand that if you keep something that pushes out heat in a confined box, then you are asking for trouble.