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Oh gawd, I hope it has nothing to do with the year 21-- something. But i'm sure it wont, not with Titanfall 2 on it's way.

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Personally I don't think it's battlefield-like enough. DICE was aiming for a game that could easily be picked up by any gamer, and based on the beta, I think they achieved that goal.

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No doubt the beta looks slightly better on the PS4, but unless you zoom in and really focus on the detail comparison, the difference is hardly noticeable. That 900p vs 720p does make a difference.

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I see a lot of PC fanboys getting defensive. Don't be mad because the extra hundreds/ thousands of dollars you spent on a PC don't justify the small graphical difference.

It's not the console players' fault your decided to spend $20 more just to add guacamole to your $5 burrito.

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Wow, you're delusional. Sure PC looks with ULTRA settings, but the small difference is not worth the extra $1000+. I'll stick with console.

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The patch does not include the map. You have to go to the store and downloaded from there.

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I agree with DICE; leave single player out. Because I know once I beat the game, I'll never touch the campaign again. But since DICE is taking this route, I sure as hell expect a good MP.

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PS Fanboy Bubble ^

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True, I would have preferred a online only crackdown, but oh well.

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Makes sense. Can't use cloud tech while offline. At least it gives people the option to play on/offline.

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Nice, but 155 million is A LOT of consoles.

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NO! That idea makes too much sense. It defeats the purpose of having something to complain about.

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This is being blow way out of proportion. Are people seriously enraged by this, or they just looking for something MS related to complain about?

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And 10-12 months of waiting for those who will get it on the PS4.

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Holiday 2016?? I was thinking the PS would get by 2016 at the latest.

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Sometimes, yes. But in the cases that it does perform better, the difference is almost unnoticeable.

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PS fanboys will not be happy.

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Lol, and then you woke up.

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I like your joke about it launching on the PS4.

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You poor thing. Someone has led you to believe the PS4 is a high end PC.

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