PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

There was more gaming to be had over at last weekend's New York Comic Con and PS3 Fanboy got to play the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. We unfortunately did not get the chance to play the PlayStation 3 version, but did give the Xbox 360 one a go. Obviously, we won't talk about console specific details such as visuals, control interface, etc. We will, however, be talking about the highlighted features found in both versions.

On the demo we played, we got a taste of two different battles from the beginning of the DBZ story. Once in the fray, we noticed right away that fights were fast-paced and intense. The ki meter, which controls the use of ki attacks and special abilities, fills up automatically. This allows more powerful moves to be used quicker and more frequently, also giving the gameplay more variety when developing your own unique fighting style.

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