New PS4 Details: Automatic Caching Games Not Install, Voice Commands Without PS Eye And More

Shuhei Yoshida via his personal Twitter account has revealed never heard before details about Playstation 4.

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TomShoe1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Who needs a Kinect? Shave $100 of the top and get 2 more games (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง)

ZodTheRipper1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

They have most of the stuff Kinect offers and don't even use it to market the PS4 with it. Revealing this through twitter just shows where Sony's priorities lie.

yarbie10001850d ago

Voice Commands without the Eye was also available on X360 & PS3 - it was called Endwar.

2cents1850d ago

lol @ Zod.

Most of the stuff kinect offers? Erm... you are very uninformed, the PS camera isn't even as functional as the first kinect. Why do you feel the need to take a dig at the Xbox to justify your fondness of Sony? Can't you just like Sony without having to express negativity towards Xbox? Are you that insecure?

johndoe112111850d ago


Please list the features that the first kinect has that the ps4 camera doesn't.

GTgamer1850d ago

Lmaooooooo your full of it @2cents but I'm waiting for the list too.

GrandpaSnake1850d ago

lol @2cents you probably finally looked up the features and realized the only edge the x1 camera has is infrared(so it sees you all night) and maybe snap features.

2cents1850d ago

@johndoe, gtgamer & grandpasnake

Not my job, what is though is to point out inaccuracies in people's assumptions.
I'm only trying to help you people save face, as there is so much incorrect information out there.

I'm not the one claiming superiority, you guys are. Ignorance is one thing, but when you openly claim things that are totally false, then I comment.

If you want to try to claim that the PS Camera is as good as the kinect then you prove it to me, not the other way around, sorry. I don't need to prove otherwise as anyone who actually understands the tech involved, knows the truth.

johndoe112111850d ago


1. Last time I checked you were not wearing my wedding ring hence I don't need to prove anything to you.

2. I never asked you to prove anything, I simply asked you to provide a list of the features that YOU said the original kinect had that the ps4 eye doesn't.

3. Unless you belong to some government appointed institution that was mandated to police the Internet and correct anyone that you may THINK has incorrect information in YOUR mind I fail to see how that is your job.

4. The kinect 2.0 has more functionality than the ps4 eye. I don't care. I'll never use the kinect and i'll hardly use the ps4 camera. But do me a favor, seeing that it's your job to clear up misinformation, could you clear the air on the whole xbox 720p thing for us?

Sono4211850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

The PS4 camera literally does have all the features the kinect has except it doesn't have the super specific player motion tracking, which in my OPINION I deem useless anyways.. it's not like i'm going to want to go through the XMB with my hand instead of a controller? and i'm most certainly not going to use it for games.. lol.

Then the only other feature the PS4 camera doesn't have is scanning things.. which is decently cool but doesn't justify the $100 difference.. so yeah.. my point is Kinect is seriously over hyped.. the only thing special about it is the specific motion capture, all other features on it can be found elsewhere for a way better price and no pointless paywalls.

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MasterCornholio1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

You don't need a camera for voice commands all you need is a microphone.

And no Microsoft is wrong when they say that its necessary. Kinectbis for gesture control more than anything.

Nexus 7 2013

mhunterjr1850d ago

All you need is a Mic? What about voice recognition software, noise cancellation software, voice libraries, multi language , dialect, and accent support, a dedicated audio processor also helps. Kinect 2 isn't just a camera. There's a suite of developer tools that come with its use.

Otherwise, developers will have to take the time and resources to compensate for all of those things themselves...

Sono4211850d ago


not sure if trolling... or just stupid..

He's obviously talking about peripherals that you have to pay for.. last I checked you didn't have to pay Sony nor Microsoft extra for the voice recognition software..

The point he is making is with Sony you get the features of Kinect (Excluding specific motion capture and scanning certain things) without spending an extra $100.. in other words.. the $100 price difference still isn't justified.

wsoutlaw871849d ago

lol mhunterjr no s*** but you dont need a kinect to run software. Do you think the voice recognition is completely handled by the kinect?

Kryptix1849d ago

Anyone remember SOCOM had voice commands? And this goes way back to the PS2 days when we first started using mics with our consoles. (Of course, there's that Pokemon game also on the N64 that used voice commands)

Those commands weren't 100% accurate all the time but mics also weren't as advanced and clear as today.

Those are things that can be done without a camera, scratching $100-150 off and still be able to use a service or feature that software developers offer.

So yes, all you need is a mic to do half of what the Kinect can do and you save yourself money for a few extra games or a year subscription in the process.

What Microsoft is doing is trying to falsely justify the Kinect to the consumer by saying "only with Kinect" when voice commands can be done on a headset/mic. (Skyrim voice commands, obviously could of been programmed for any mic in existance) Of course, mics cannot do motion controls, but when one word performs an action and you have a controller, too...a gamer doesn't need to wave their arms around or anything because the controller is more precise.

Think about this, what if the Kinect didn't receive sound and it was your headset that came with the console doing the work for it? Wouldn't it be cheaper and making a replacement much more affordable? Microsoft should of thought ahead which makes me believe they did it their way to gain max profits.

"Let's sell a mic then sell a mic." -Someone in Microsoft HQ

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majiebeast1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Yeah not going digital this gen with 50gig games, thank you Sony for not doing mandatory install of games.

Sad about no more custom themes by users but as long as it has dynamic and official themes i can life without it.

aceitman1850d ago

U know sony , im sure down the line it will happen

MasterCornholio1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

But at least its not happening on day one. And if it ever comes to that I will replace my 500GB HDD with a 1TB drive because Sony gives me the right to do so.

Anyways I'm pretty sure that they mentioned optional installs a long time ago. The only reason why people are asking this is because the competitors console installs everything to the hard drive.

Nexus 7 2013

Underworld1850d ago

I'm really disappointed there's no more custom user themes :( That's one of the things I love about PS3. Why would they not allow it? So confused. Please, please allow them, Sony.

GribbleGrunger1850d ago

This is HUGE news for a lot of people. My ass tightened when I first saw the install sizes but now it's perched daintily upon my sofa ... and relax ...

isa_scout1850d ago

lol yeah, I was extremely worried about my HDD when they started talking 50GB installs. On a side note: What does 50GB cache mean??? If it's not a install does that just mean you need to have 50GB open in your HDD???Kinda confused...

stuna11850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

The 50 gb cache is for installing components of games to work, without the need to install the full game. As far as necessarily needing a full 50 gb not absolutely sure.


Your crazy, lol.

GribbleGrunger1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

It means it's just space taken up temporarily. If you then put another game in, the whole process of caching begins again using the same space as the previous game. You CAN fully install too if you want.

Skate-AK1850d ago

On PS3 you had to have twice the space open for the game you are installing. Say you had a 20GB game, you had to have 40GB free to install it. It will not be like that anymore.

GribbleGrunger1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I may be wrong about the full installs by the way! Sorry about that.

BitbyDeath1850d ago

Sounds like the function the uncharted and god of war games used to reduce load times.

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novcze1850d ago

I wouldn't be so optimistic, just like on PS3, game doesn't install itself but install game data and I think is confirmed that new CoD takes 49GB of HDD space.

That tweet about cache is probably just wrong choose of words.

jay21850d ago

Good news. So if the PS4's more powerful than xbone, and can do most of what Kinect 2 can do so much, MS are raking it in for exclusives and timed DLC LOOOOOOOL!

2cents1850d ago

Keep telling yourself that, ignorance is bliss.

Nekroo911850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

2cents youre so annoying.. you dont know anything about specs or even kinect. Kinect 2.0 still as a huge amount of latency which means it takes time to process your movement to be recognized in the game.

its more powerfull fact!
ps eye is more precise fact!

And before you come here because you read somewhere about the bandwith.. the 8gb if ddr3 have 68gb/s the 32mb of esram= min 109/gb/s mas 200. and no 32mb cant do the same as 8gb of gddr5 if that was the case MS woundlt use ddr3. the high bandwith of the xbox it can only be used for small tasks becase its only 32mb!!

And now go away ignorant fool

bryam19821850d ago

Lol you enjoy.your exclusives 3 year.xbone will be abandoned ps3 is.having.a.blast.whit.exclusi ves since.2007.till today will have.more exclusives

NewAgeisHere1850d ago

Good news just keep on comin.......I guess we're gonna be welcoming a lot of American gamers to Playstation nation in a few weeks. Looking at the general mood I'd say MS is facing an uphill battle in Nort America, let alone in the rest of the world.

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