TitanFall Runs At 720p on Xbox One: Leaker Issue Clarification, Also Comment on Rumor Sources

GP: Earlier today gaming community was hit by a massive rumor that "Call of Duty: Ghosts and TitanFall on Xbox One runs at 720p". It was started by a popular NeoGaf user "fam0usmortimer".

Xbox fans were not at all happy with this and accused "Famousmortimer" of being "Anti-Microsoft and Anti-Xbox". Seeing this RAGE of Xbox fans, fam0usmortimer via AMA on Reddit has issued a clarification of "Call of Duty: Ghosts and TitanFall on Xbox One runs at 720p" rumor.

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ZBlacktt1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Down to one month to go and all hell breaks loose on the X1.

If all this is true, it will be found out with in the first weeks of the console being out. There are hundreds if not thousands of testers just waiting to get their hands on both systems to run tests. This would be a big deal news breaker if it does become proven. Which again, it will be if true. Both systems are going to get tested and tested hard.

Good luck getting this story approved, lol.

theBAWSE1396d ago

I don't see why people are surprised?

we all knew Microsoft PR was just that... bull

if you think it's hot now just wait until the consoles are torn down an the truth about both consoles power is revealed... Microsoft have a shit storm ahead, which wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for all the lies

but regardless of resolution people will buy what they prefer so I wish xbone owners the best and ps4 owners the best.. let's enjoy the new generation

nukeitall1396d ago

The internet explodes based on a rumor from a guy that doesn't even feel good about their own source:

"Famousmortimer: I can't get into specifics even slightly about who it was because a blacklist from activision could murder any game based website. But I can say that, no, he/she isn't like a digital foundry pixel counter. I don't know how the 720p number was come up with, whether it's a guess or was told... and at this point if I asked I would get silence."

and then again:

"That said... this was done with one source and I never felt great about it. I teased it because, honestly, I'm dumb and couldn't control myself. There was a thread that was vaguely about what I heard and what I was trying to find a second source for and I teased and Bishop (the head mod at gaf) gave me a real hard time about it. So when I got home I said what I knew even though I didn't have a second source. As for other folks like Thuway and whoever else.... I have no idea if they have real sources or not. I wouldn't be surprised if my story just made it in a circle so many times that I'm the same source to like 9 different people who all think i'm someone different. The internet is stupid."

This is what fangirls are spreading and whereas straight from the developer, they say 1080p at 60fps on Xbox One:


theBAWSE1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )


yup because things can't change cough 'Microsoft constant 180s' cough

ryse USED to be 1080p

infinity ward could have hit the bottle necks of the xbone architecture as that link you posted was in June

but if all is fine then the famous or whatever his name is on neogaf will lose a lot of credibility

ooquis1396d ago

A wise man once told me. YOU don't choose the console....the console choose YOU.

Septic1396d ago

How sketchy is this "source"? Seriously, anyone could make that up.

Ah well. Time will tell.

GiggMan1396d ago

All of these talks about 1080's 900's and 720p's make me appreciate Killzone Shadowfall even more. I also can't wait for conformation or denial on all these rumors...

Eonjay1396d ago


Microsoft could EASILY kill this rumor. Or Respawn or Infinity Ward. NOBODY is stepping up.

BBBirdistheWord1396d ago


well two things can happen from here.

1. The game runs at 720p as predicted by the rumour.
2. The game runs at >720p and the rumour monger looks like a fool and so do all the fanboys jumping on this like it's a religious experience.

All we can do is wait and see.
Let them have their fun.

If the rumour is true, then I too am disappointed.
In all likelihood though, this rumour is just a way for some tryhard on a forum to get attention from loud fanboys and for hit seeking websites to milk hits from gullible gamers.

NewMonday1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )


This is confirmed by multiple sources

MS officials refuse to deny the news

Most 3rd party games only demoed on PS4 , including CoD, a game that has exclusive marketing with Xbox

What CBOAT was warning us about is happening, most games will only be 720p on XB1, gamers who expect 1080p for most games need to know this now, MS trying to muzzle this fact will only cause another scandal after the XB1 is released and gamers feel betrayed

GribbleGrunger1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

@Septic: I don't think many people are aware of the Gaf rules. If an insider can't provide proof of a legitimate source then they are immediately banned. One you get the 'read my PM' message, then you'd better be prepared to share your source. Famousmortimer has had such PM requests and is still posting on Gaf. Rumour without any source is scorned on by the mods. Many people have fallen foul of the ban hammer in the last few months for that very reason. This is why CBOAT and Famousmortimer are believed more often than not.

FamilyGuy1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I'd be surprised if either of these rumors were true. Titanfall isn't a graphical showcase to be struggling to hit 1080p. Fun as it may be it just isn't "next gen" in the visual department.

COD Ghost would be a surprise because they've already outright said that it would be 1080p 60fps and while it looks better than current gen it's also not some huge jump that should make the new system struggle.

I do believe in the rumor that the majority of X1 games will be under 1080p. X1 was built with "the best upscaler ever created" for a reason. They knew that this was something their system would have a problem with.

True or false makes no difference to me, we'll know all there is to know about all these games and both systems in a month or less. With next gen games already going gold and retail model systems already seen in the wild it's just a matter of time. I'd bet that we hear all this info within 2 weeks time actually.

awesomeperson1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Call of Duty on Xbox One will definitely be running at 720p. Confirmed by numerous insiders on Neogaf.

Titanfall is more up in the air, I believe it was just CBOAT who mentioned it. That holds a lot of weight, going by his past rumours. I believe even Respawn said they were targeting frame rate above resolution?

The Titanfall one could certainly change, still a while until it releases. For it to hit 900p would be good.

EDIT: Another pooint of evidence for the COD situation: there has been no denial. If it was, in fact, running above 720p, it would immediately be rejected. Rumours like this hurt sales, and it would not be left to fester.

I don't believe it will change - there simply isn't enough time before launch.

Septic1396d ago


Ah I see. Thanks for that. I would have known all that if Neogaf authorised my bloody account! Ah well, here's hoping the rumours aren't true. The source himself seems unsure about it so.....we shall see.

VENOMACR12271396d ago

Idk what the huge deal is. 720 or 1080, it's not the end of the world. Either way the game will look awesome and play awesome and be game of the year, well before PS fans get their hands on it. I'll take 720 and a March release, enjoy Killzone.

hiphopisdead1396d ago

cod ghosts and titanfall both do not look like graphical powerhouses... i expect them both to run 1080p 60fps on both xbone and ps4.

ZBlacktt1396d ago

More then aware, 35 years of watching launches, lol. But yes like I said.

darthv721396d ago

Lets all agree that it wont run any less than 720p.

XboxFun1396d ago

I have a some better questions...

Why should we care?

Will it take away any of the anticipation and awesomness of the game?

Will it make anyone not want to play it any less?

Now, instead of MS having exclusives, now the argument has shifted to every game must be in 1080p?

So are we moving the goal posts again?

And I like to point out that once again, looking at the comments above me, the only one's concerned are the sony fanboys on que to blow up these rumors. One minute they're wishing this game to hurry and come to the PS4, the next breath they're downplaying it as a CoD with mechs and now bashing it for a rumor of 720p. The SDF are very emotionally conflicted.

pyramidshead1396d ago

@gribble pretty much nailed it.

From all the development from yesterday all arrows are on IW and MS to confirm and all they've done is dance around it. It's pretty much confirmed but I'm waiting for that curve ball to break the internet if it turns out to be the reverse. I mean I prefer the Sony side of things but holy shit that would send internet seismic tremours along all of the wifi.

H0RSE1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )


I like how only MS has a "shit storm" ahead of them after people start analyzing the consoles. As if they're gonna look into the PS4 and be like, "Wow! Everything ever said about the console, is 100% accurate!"

It's ironic to see console players taking such an interest in comparing hardware specs, yet denounce PC players as "elitist" when they do the same thing...

@monday below

"What CBOAT was warning us about is happening, most games will only be 720p on XB1, gamers who expect 1080p for most games need to know this now..."

The funny thing is that most games won't be 1080p on EITHER console, at least not at 60fps, which is arguably more important than the resolution.

toddybad1396d ago

So you are decided that this random person posting complete guff must be accurate based on an interview in which he continues to speak absolute guff in the hope people will still take him seriously despite the total amount of guffness which he has posted? There's not on iota of evidence behind any of this!
Whether it's true or not is irrelevant. All you've been offered is a few words backed up with nothing but you've decided to fall for it hook, line and sinker. Bizzare.

loulou1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

gaf aint the be all and end all, and these guys aint right all the time.

but what make these rumours even harder to swallow is the absolutely abysmal ps4 cod ghosts footage on ign.

jesus, it looks terrible (not the ps4s fault btw).

titanfall is also running on a 10yr old engine.

i dont believe it. bf4 absolutely, terrible looking cod no way. titanfall i doubt as well

Sevir1396d ago

I want to say I don't believe him because COD isn't a game that's breaking any boundaries on any platform. Ruben stated that Black Ops 2 was running at 1080p on Wii U at E3 last year only for DF to prove that the game was running code ported from the 360 as its base and was running at 720p and then upscaled. But This guy was the one that broke the news on Driveclub being delayed and just 2 days later Sony Announced it!

He has some cred, more cred than a lot of people give him credit for! News Broke about Ryse getting a downgrade and then MS's own First party Confirmed it along with crytek! So I am led to believe.

Its just crazy really, when you think about this whole thing and IW choosing to show of COD on the PS4 instead of the platform that they struck a partnership with, it makes you scratch your head and go "HMM"

Even with a spec bump with over clocking the CPU and the GPU MS's XBOX One seems to still be lacking. Drivers for the console must still being ironed out when they are 30 days from launch! I cannot wait for DF to benchmark all the games... I hope they have staffed up. because That's 6 platform to benchmark performance. And i'm telling you now. MS and these Developers who aren't "allowed" to talk specs and resolution will not be able to hide under the shadows for too much longer!


dantesparda1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Downgrade, after downgrade, after more downgrades. Bad news after bad news, after more bad news. And you fanboys just keep on defending it hard. You's must really love MS

UltimateMaster1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Are we really getting to this?

We are interviewing, a guy that posted a rumor.

*Sigh* Not the biggest fan of the Xbox One with all the bad policies, but come on! This is ridiculous.

If a game is 720, 900 or 1080. 20fps, 30fps or 60fps, I want to know from the developers themselves.

There has been some credible sources in the past, but stuff like downgrading Ryse from 150k to 85k came directly from Crytek themselves.
Or when the developers of KI was 720p, or when Ryse was confirmed 900p.
Those sources came from the developers.

I don't want to hear rumors about some guy of some friend that heard this from his neighbor's COD dog who's owner knows a guy that works there that he's somewhat sure if it is or isn't true.
And surely not interview the guy...

To my eyes, it looks 720p at best 900p, certainly 60 frames per second regardless but that's just me imo. I won't go off telling others info I'm not 100% sure of.

dantesparda1396d ago

hmm, so since the x1 can barely do 900p, now its the 60 fps thats so important. Fanboys are so fake and pathetic!

Soc51396d ago

Not calling u out specifically but what's with everybody saying ps4 people or xbox people. Plenty of people now own both 360 and the ps3, and I'm sure that will happen again with the new consoles. What's with all the silly competition and trolling and picking sides? They're just gaming consoles not political ideas or parties. Be on the side of good games not on the side of corporations that make a game system. If I see a good game ill play it irregardless of the brand.

Ritsujun1396d ago

Not surprising AT ALL. =DDD

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Thatguy-3101396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

My only question is why is the xbox one at 500$ and the ps4 only 400$? Is the high price point just so they can maximize there profit for each console sold? If the system doesn't sell well after the holiday I guarantee they will do a nintendo and give it a drastic price cut.

GarrusVakarian1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )



Maybe then it's a combination then of the price for the tech and MS wanting to make a profit (naturally). I agree completely about a kinect-less SKU, i have no desire to pay for a kinect that i will never plug in and im guessing many others feel the same way.

Thatguy-3101396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I was thinking that but even then separate both and I doubt kinect 2.0 would be worth 100$ as a stand alone item. Heck the first kinect was 150$ when it came out. They will have to release a kinectless sku if they want to compete. The whole foundation that they were going for next gen crumbled. I guess the third console curse is real.

ElementX1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I think they are charging more because of Kinect and paying fees for using Bluray. Nobody seems to mention Bluray fees and I'm not sure what those fees cost.

kneon1396d ago


Bluray royalties are likely under a dollar, there are $50 bluray players out there so that's not the reason it costs more.

The XB1 has Kinect included along with the HDMI in port and the hardware to support it. That is where the money is going.