Oculus Rift retail could be a self-contained Android device

Ever the source of wisdom, John Carmack has been musing about the future of his adopted baby the Oculus Rift. As the project comes ever-closer to the promised ‘sooner rather than later’ retail release, Carmack has been thinking how the final product could be shaped. His projection: a stand-alone unit powered by an Android-running system on a chip.

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Eonjay1798d ago

I had considered this a possibility... but please no.

Snookies121798d ago

If it can still run PC games and whatnot I'm fine with it having an Android OS you can use for other things.

1798d ago
Feralkitsune1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Sweet, games and porn all in 3D. I kid, but seriously, it would be cool to have a whole list of entertainment options in the helmet.

Edit: Actually, that would be pretty redundant since it's connected to a Pc in the first place....

KonsoruMasuta1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

3D Porn you say? I agree, this would be great!!

adorie1798d ago

Holes in your bed confirmed? XD

arbitor3651798d ago

so wait. it would be the virtua boy 2?

GentlemenRUs1798d ago

As long as they can get it out in 2014... I don't care.

coolcal1798d ago

I had the chance to try the Oculus Devise 3 months ago and let me tell you.....
It was one of the Coolest things I've ever experienced in gaming. It truly has the potential to
change gaming as we know it. The Demo game i played was some sort of medevil times RPG, and I was able to look around that world as if im walking around my home. I could see as far as my eyes would let me. Truly Amazing!! If they make this compatible with next gen consoles or games, It's a day one purchase for me!!

Feralkitsune1798d ago

Yea, I got to use one at Quake Con, I just wish it was higher resolution; which I know the consumer version will be.