Houser: Industry must break seasonal sales cycle

Rockstar's Dan Houser has said that for the games industry to mature, it needs to move away from a sales model that places too much emphasis on the Christmas period.

Traditionally a huge majority of product is released during September to December, creating a bottleneck that can see quality titles swamped by a glut of games on the market.

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV was originally scheduled for October last year and would have seen it dropped into the busiest sales period, but a delay until a quiet period doesn't seem to have dampened enthusiasm for the game.

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TheHater3860d ago

I couldn't agree more. More game should be release in the Spring, and Summer Season. Most gamers are home during that time, because the don't have school, and are home most of the time. Game sales would be a lot better during that time period that most publisher think.

Overload the Late Fall and early Winter season is basically bad for developers and publishers. I would have gotten Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted if they was release before their fall release date. But because of all the great games that came out during that time period, I miss an chance to play those game. );

Itachi3859d ago

i have been saying this for years but its up to those corporate douche bags who don't know nothing about gaming

dsolomon8183860d ago

100 percent dead on. And as much as we don't like the idea of in game ads, something as simple as product placement in game, if only during cinematics, or cut scenes, has the potential to both lower development costs, and reduce our cost at retail. The movie, and television industries do it every day on almost every show or movie we watch, and we don't throw a fit about it because we're used to it. Lowering development costs would increase revenue from every game, and that in turn could stimulate publishers into thinking more about releasing quality games throughout the year instead of trying to flood the market at xmas to try and nab their share of the gift giving money tree.

DoubleD3053860d ago

GTA 4 would sell 10 million copies life time if it was released in middle of a thermal nuclear war outbreak between all the largest nations of the world. It is 100% true that some big titles would even benefit from an early launch but small AA titles could get lost in the wash.

I expect things to change next year for the better with some nice spring and summer launches but dont expect the herd to change its mind completely. There is a reason for the Xmas bounty - people are buying games by the bushel and mediocre to decent titles will always sell better at that time.