Patch 1.02 Changes for Naruto Storm 3

Saiyan Island details the patch update for the latest Naruto game.

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tayz1883d ago

haha now those cheater online will get justice!!!

CrossingEden1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Madara's attacks have been fixed? YES, no longer will his sheer epicness break the game's framerate. Seriously, what are the chances that the most epic character breaks the game's functionality.

Snookies121883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Well, when his attacks take up the entire screen with wood/trees, and giant fire walls spanning the battlefield... There are gonna be some issues lol.

He's just too epic for his own good. In the manga, anime, and the game.

thejigisup1883d ago

Whoa, dlc where have I been?
Kiba wont be so fun to play as now. Booo