What is it with Pokemon?

Twinfinite's Mona and Maie break down how Pokemon has survived all these years on the same basic gameplay premise

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crxss1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

How does gta survive? How does metal gear survive? How does halo survive? How does call of duty survive? How does battlefield survive? How does uncharted survive? How does zelda survive? How does Mario survive? How does madden survive? How does nba 2k survive? How does FIFA survive? How does gran turismo survive? How does Forza survive? How does mass effect survive? How does elder scrolls survive? How does every jrpg survive?

They all have the same basic principles right??????

ifritAlkhemyst1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

And you morons keep buying them instead of choosing to be a little more adventurous and experience how much else gaming has to offer.

@ goldwyncq: I'm a presumptuous [email protected]

goldwyncq1738d ago

Who's to say you can't buy and enjoy lesser known games if you play the big ones?

crxss1738d ago

I can agree with your last statement

mamotte1737d ago

OK, ok... here, you're being delusional. You two said the answer: "...we were huge fans back in the “original 151″ heyday, but as we got older, some of its charm wore off for us. "

What's whit Pokemon, you ask? Well, it's a kid friendly game. It has elementes wich makes it pretty competitive at a professional level, but it's target is basically childrens. You are fans of the original 151, and I agree, those are still great games, but let's suppose you have a son, what will you do? Search everywhere for a classic gameboy, and hope they'll like the arcaic graphics and gameplay? Ask for a friend to buy another GB and a cable link to trade?

As long as Pokemon is a child product (And I dont see anything bad whit it: Young, future hardcore gamers deserve the right to play, too) then it'll sell. If you grow up, then the answer to your question is: You grew up and you're not a children anymore.

Welcome to the world.