Titanfall fan goes nuts with a model

Check out this model, one titanfall fan made.

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GaminGuys1889d ago

Only the east could spend that much time designing something so beautiful.

fattyuk1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

So beautiful?

it's a plastic toy.

(edit: I'm not criticising the effort of the person who made this I think it's quite cool)

WorldGamer1889d ago


The the fact that it was hand made, regardless of the material can make it beautiful. I don't see anything wrong with neildee's assertion. And I really don't see a point to your comment.

Very odd of you to knock the guy.

GaminGuys1889d ago

What so plastic can't be cool? I think most things are made of plastic these days mate. I think PS4 and Xbox One are cool. Dildo's. Plastic Bags. TV's laptops bins fk me houses will be plastic soon. (sorry I thought of your mum and said dildos XD )

Somebody1889d ago

Creativity is not limited to where you live or race.

In an interview (while standing in front of a giant Titan statue), one of the Titanfall staff said how he and his friends used to kit bash model kits together to make the ones they want and that passion is transferred to their game.

GaminGuys1888d ago

Kudos dude. Sounds awesome.

CNCOMICS1889d ago

For whatever reason, this model screams Patlabor mixed with the PTX-40A (Tatsunoko VS Capcom).

GaminGuys1889d ago

Damn I just google'd PTX-40A totally in agreement.