The Darkness 2 (PS3/X360) Revealed

Originally licensed by Majesco, but sold off to 2K Games, The Darkness is based on Top Cow's comic book series, and developed by Starbreeze Studios. Knowing its background it comes as no surprise that during the TOP COW discussion panel at this weekend's NY Comic-con, it was revealed that The Darkness 2 is in the works, "We can't say Darkness and video game sequel in the same sentence, so Darkness. Wink. Sequel."

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heyheyhey3861d ago

the first game sucked melon-sized balls

and i dont think it sold like a dream either, this is a waste of time

heyheyhey3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

holy sh!t 9 disagrees?

UPDATE: 17 disagrees

you guys realise im not POG right?

keep the disagrees coming people, i might just set a record here

Bnet3433861d ago

I thought it was crap as well.

heyheyhey3861d ago

keep the disagrees rolling people- lets get to 50 or something like that

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Don't know why ur getting all the disagrees heyheyhey! The game WAS a f***n piece a $h**!

Hopefully they'll focus more on the Darkness powers instead of having shi**y gunplay. The garbage weapons, red-dot crosshair, and buggy lock on system is where the game fails. Tons of new Darkness powers and another strong story should help the new game sell more...

darkside3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

sorry this game is crap! story was good but the end sucks a$$. the game play was bad.

ar3861d ago

As we say in Sweden: "Smaken är som baken".

Everybody's entitled to there own taste, but I really hate this agree/disagree-function. If you can't argue for your opinion you should just let it be. All we get now is the fanboys locked out from the gamer zone using this function to spam.

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Hellsvacancy3861d ago

it sucked balls, the graphics where kinda ok i just hated the main character (hes bloody voice was sooo annoying) and that stupid level where your walking around sum battle field and bein attacked by dead soldiers TERRIBLE

Sevir043861d ago

at best it was a rental, and it looked ok. If this comes out i might just game fly it i'm sure their engine should have been better now considering that they have a second title in the works being the Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. either way this game should be coming out in 09 so it should look better and play better than the first.

The Closing3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

The game was nothing special, but at least the story was really well done. It would make a much better movie if the right people got a hold of it.

jkhan3861d ago

Well the first game was kind a slow, I mean the main character movement and the whole gameplay feel was quite slow, considering it was an FPS game. Hopefully the fix that in the sequel.

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