Indie dev shares thoughts on Steam Controller after getting hands-on

Dan Tabár, the game designer behind Cortex Command, got his hands on a prototype of the recently announced Steam Controller and says he has “no qualms” with the ergonomic feel of the controller and is “surprised how well it worked.

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camel_toad1654d ago

As both a pc and console gamer I'm on the fence about the steam machines but a major change in how we know "controllers" sure is interesting.

starchild1654d ago

The way I look at it, ss a current PC gamer with a fairly high end rig, the Steam Machines are simply there to lower the bar of entry into PC gaming for people who were previously intimidated by the complexity and the idea that it doesn't work well for living room gaming.

SteamOS is of obvious benefit for current PC gamers if it indeed brings the kinds of performance advantages they are alluding to.

The Steam Controller is also really exciting simply because I think it has the potential to improve game control/input and to combine some of the best elements of gamepads and mouse-like precision.

Thehyph1654d ago

Well put.

I believe that the steam box idea will play well because it can be both entry level and high end.

SteamOS is, truly, the nerd fantasy becoming that much closer to reality. Performance will increase by not having to run Windows. Also, there are Linux equivalents to pretty much any Windows app out there, and I believe that both Valve and Linux software devs will push hard to let people know that.

I would love to get my hands on that controller. If I were still a PC gamer, then I would probably prefer mouse and keyboard, but I can definitely see uses for this new thing. It's pushing boundaries in terms of gamepad development. It should be great for the couch. I wouldn't be surprised if this was also designed to work great with that other technology that Valve is openly embracing: Oculus Rift.

I'm excited to see how it all plays out.

forcefullpower1654d ago

I really want to get my hands on this. Its supposed to have tactical feedback on the pads.

Kryptix1654d ago

Can't wait to try out this controller. It looks like it will make things more precise with aiming in first person shooters and easier to select units in real time strategy games. I can already see the advantages it will bring but I know it might pose a problem with certain genres like fighting games. We'll see but definitely interested in the Steam console so far. I know Half Life 3 might end up as a PC/Steam console exclusive as one of the reasons to pick this up. Well, I can't wait to read more into it.

1654d ago
OrangePowerz1654d ago

Curious to know why they mainly give it to indie developers who might be a bit biased because almighty Valve picked them to test the controller.

thehitman1654d ago

I am curious how you will play fighting games, oh wait PC doesnt have those.. nvm.

Sitdown1654d ago

Guess you missed the Injustice announcement.

pennywhyz1654d ago

U know nothing PC has tons of fighters dont be mad cause you cant afford a PC

thehitman1654d ago

lol? I have a really good PC rig try again. PC doesnt have good fighting games, the ones that are on PC you need the keyboard to use as a D-pad and that controller design completely alienates the genre in total. Fighting games is a genre that has a well placed home on consoles and to design a controller that completely ignores them is a bad sign in itself. The steambox should never be called a console just because it has a dedicated O/S for games and has a controller attached to it. Its just a PC for people who know nothing about building one and want to game on PC. Most ridiculous design I ever seen.