Build a High-End Steam Machine for $550


"A lot of gamers are afraid of PC gaming and they tend to think that they need to spend anything north of $1,000 in order to get the most out of the system or “compete” with home consoles. But, what if I told you could you build a Steam Machine (or equivalent) that runs SteamOS with all the necessary components, including a case, for only $550?"

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1531d ago

So the build is still less powerful that PS4 and not to mention PS4 will have twice the efficiency as a PC due to it being dedicated hardware.

ChickeyCantor1531d ago

Man, gamers sound like religious people.
Preach the gospels brother.

PoSTedUP1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

that sounds cool. now all i need to do is wait for the parts, have someone to put it all together for me, slap a ps4 body on it, and ill be running killzoneSF at max settings in No Time.

nah $550 aint bad tho. deff gonna invest in it one of these days so i can play armaIII, if hhour dissapoints, that is. i know hhour is on pc but the socom community is gonna be on playstation and thats who i want to play with.

jeffgoldwin1531d ago


The whole point is that its pre-assembled. However, on a real pc build, why would you wait for someone to put it together for you? You literally plug in 8 parts and it goes. A monkey could even do that.

JackVagina1531d ago

The_Infected is 100% right, proof?

The Last of Us
Uncharted 3
Halo 4

Those games are optimized for 7 year old hardware running off 500mb ram, and a Geforce 7800 equivalent graphics card.

RVanner_1530d ago

Yes the PS4 has a unified architecture which will make it more efficient. However I haven't seen any evidence to suggest it will be 'twice' as efficient as a PC.
Are you are liking efficiency to performance? If so then you are basically saying it would take a PC equivalent to two PS4's to perform as good as a single PS4.
Those games are awesome, especially for me, The Last of Us, and are a huge technical achievement, but yet they do still show the age of the hardware in some ways.

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cyguration1531d ago

How is it less powerful than a PS4 when it can be overclocked and has more RAM, HD space and processing power?

Makes no sense.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

PS4 or consoles in General have dedicated hardware so therefor Developers focus on that hardware specifically and code it to the metal. The efficiency is twice that of similarly hardware in a PC just like John Carmack said.

MethCupcakes1531d ago

You my friend need help.. You can upgrade the PS4’s HD to a faster running HD.. More ram? Games on PC barely almost never go over four gigs of ram in requirements.. tell me my friend why is it since 2005-06 games went from using 512mb ram to barely 4096? Do the math that’s only a 3584 increase in ram in 7 years.. So if you do the math having more than 8 gigs of ram is a bit unnecessary. Now answer this question.. can your great and powerful PC from now (without any upgrades) run all the newest games without a compromise on Graphics/FPS or needing to make sure your machine is still supported in 2-3-4 years? Nope, why you ask? Because you’ll be outdated and unsupported.

Grap1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

to show how ignorant you are.
1-back in the day RAM was slow + have least memory so memory is not the most important thing in the ram
2-graphics cards had 128MB of ram back in the day which is now they at least have 2GB which is like 20X and now have GDDR5 Ram.
3- GTS 8800 from nvidia which is like 8 years ago are still supported.

jeffgoldwin1531d ago


Doubtful a faster HD like a ssd in a ps4 will have any difference because the OS isn't optimized for it. Just how like it is with the ps3 currently. You can go bigger, just not faster and I haven't seen an announcement by sony stating otherwise.

CerebralTiger1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

1. More SDRAM doesn't do anything for the GPU. The GTX 650 has 2GB GDDR5 of available memory, whereas far greater VRAM is available to the PS4.

2. The PS4's GPU is actually more powerful than a Radeon HD 7850.

Rifkens1531d ago

He means the devs would rather make more money than open up to the PC community

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PCpower1531d ago

Unfortunately, your post is a fail. SteamOS is based on the Linux OS that will have far less overhead than Windows. Windows is the garbage OS that sucks up all the resources....It is best that you have an understanding of the PC world if you want to make posts like you are making here.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Unfortunately you post is a fail also because no one has seen what StreamOS can do. When we see it then we can believe it until then you're basing everything off what you hear. I know what you're saying but power can only go so far.

Developer talent is what really counts and Sony leads in that department by a mile. The Last of Us one of the best games ever looks amazing and it's running on ancient hardware.

2pacalypsenow1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@PCpower My games run on windows at 60fps at 1080p just fine and have been running fine since windows 95

Funny you talk about resources when right now the software that is using the most on my PC is Steam @ 167,284 K

MethCupcakes1531d ago

I seriously doubt you know what the hell you’re talking talking about ATM.

MethCupcakes1531d ago

Man, I really don’t get the idiots on N4G. You make a neutral post with the truth and you get disagrees, but if you make a fanboy posting you’ll get over 9000 agrees in less than a heart beat.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1531d ago

Those bubbles ain't gonna last...

WarThunder1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I mostly play on my PC. I don't understand why PC fans don't accept the fact that many devs including John Carmack said that "You need a 3.68 Teraflop GPU to match PS4's GPU"

I know PC has higher specs. But the optimization on the PS4 is higher then on a PC.

For example look at the PS3 and look at a game called: The last of us. its running on a system that uses a 256mb GPU(218Gflops)! u actually need at least 2gb GPU to run that game on the PC. And also look at a GT6 it uses Tessellation technology on that old hardware... you need a $300 graphics card to get 30fps with Tessellation.

And btw im very happy about Steam OS announcement, no more DirectX and MS crappy systems. Bring on OpenCL and OpenGL!

PC-PS4 are my gaming machines!

Nerdmaster1530d ago

2GB? Far from it, my friend. TLoU runs at 720p at 30fps (that sometimes drops below that). And has many low resolution textures. My old 8800 with 320GB could've run it on these settings.

Of course, if they ever made a PC version, it would be expected for it to run at full HD, 60 fps, way better textures, better lighting effects, more post-processing effects and whatnot, and maybe it would need a 1GB GPU tops. My GTX 285 has 1GB and every multiplatform game runs with everything I said before, and in 3D. So, no, you don't need anywhere near a 2GB GPU to match a PS3.

WarThunder1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


So your comparing a 1GB card to a 256mb card. You just proven my point, friend ;)

And lol 8800GT doesn't even support tessellation. go plug your old 512mb 8800GT and bech it with Unigine Heaven (tessellation turned ON). You won't surpass 10fps in fact you won't even have a tessellation to begin with. While GT6 on the PS3 has adoptive tessellation and runs at 1080p 60fps...

I have a HD7850 and i get a 35fps on medium tessellation.

This generation is different than others, everything now is about optimization, devs don't want higher speeds or rams they want more optimization. Thats why AMD come out with Mantle so it benefit from the same optimizations as consoles but you won't see big difference between PS4 and a PC. Games on the PS4 will run at 1080p 60fps just give a year and u will see. Mark my words.

@ the disagrees, You people don't get it. And never will. Stupid will always be stupid...

WarThunder1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


GTX 285 also doesn't support tessellation. So go bench your GTX 285 and it won't even run tessellation...

And a 8 years system can run a game like GT6 with tessellation:

Disagree all u want. Fact will remain fact.

Nerdmaster1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I compared your 256MB card with a 320MB card. Later I talked about my 1GB card to show that even a 1GB card is more than enough to surpass PS3 GPU by miles, contrary to your belief that "u actually need at least 2gb GPU". It's like I said "a Ferrari is way faster than your Volvo" and you tried to make an argument by saying "oh, so you're comparing a Ferrari to a Volvo, so as I said a Volvo is almost as fast as a Ferrari".

And do you even know what adaptive tessellation is? It's not the same tessellation as what's possible with DirectX 11. You say "8800GT doesn't even support tessellation", but guess what? Neither the PS3 GPU can. Whatever they did to make this simpler version of tessellation work on the PS3 GPU, they could've on the 8800, too. I'm almost sure it's mainly done with the processor and the GPU only has to renderize the higher number of polygons, but I can't prove it (nor did I find anything saying that it's done completely by the GPU).

Listen, I'm not saying consoles are worthless, I even have a PS3 and a Wii U (and a 3DS and a Vita), but trying to compare PC power with console's power is ridiculous. Even with a 8800 and a weak processor (I don't even remember which one I had), I could play Resident Evil 5 better than the PS3 (and in 3D) - and believe me, I tested it, since I owned both (bought the PC version first, and after that the Gold version on PS3 because of the extras) and I ran them side by side. Consoles do have more famous exclusives, but saying "you need at least a 2GB GPU to run a PS3 game on PC" is absurd.

And you shouldn't be saying "Stupid will always be stupid..." while saying that you need a 2GB GPU to run TLoU, or saying that PS3 does the same tessellation as a DirectX 11 GPU does.

Nerdmaster1530d ago

Actually, I found this interview of Kazunori Yamauchi, where he says "On the PS3, in the demo, we showed the adaptive tessellation. (...) When you optimize the use of the SPU properly, you can do that even on the PS3."

So, as I said, this simpler form of tessellation doesn't even happen in the GPU, but in the SPUs (the processing units inside Cell). So all you said about "PS3 GPU is better because it does tessellation, what your PC GPUs can't even do", just went to the trash...

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neoandrew1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Less powerful? It's more powerful.

Ok, maybe not exact that rig, but you can make a rig around 500 USD price point.

You don't need the newest i7, it has no sense, you can just have an i5 2500k and it will be enough.

Also there are graphics cards where the price to performance mark is better that 650 Ti boost.

The thing is, older but still powerful pc hardware is much cheaper than the all new versions, the price/performance mark is much higher when you buy not the latest revisions.

So, a 500 usd rig can actually run crysis 3 in 1080p, maybe not maxed out (especially without AA), but definitely better than new consoles, a 500 USD pc has just more power.

Not to mention that pc will soon have new dx11.2 and mantle api (api like consoles - high performance low level access to gpu).

And that steamOS comes out, gamers would have a better system to play games on, instead windows.

You need also to remember that consoles will have at most 6gb ram not 8gb for games to use, so 4gb for game, 2gb vram or 4gb vram, 2gb for game, depends on the requirement for specific game that developer assumes.

And if you think ddr3 is the slow evil inside, then no, high end pc have ddr3 and they have no problem running crysis 3 at max settings, so the main reason ps4 is noticeable better than xone is the gpu.

But still, for a better pc than ps4 you need to pay more, around 100 USD, so i think thats the point, you pay more, you have more, so there is really nothing strange or new that if you pay more you get better hardware, but sony have to make some limit and it is 399USD - thats it, but on the other hand you can buy ps4 and play games that no money can bring to pc, and on pc you can play games and do things that ps4 can't.

It is no competition, this platforms complement each other.

thehitman1531d ago

500 dollar PCs cant run Crysis 3 at 1080p @ 60fps at maxed out consoles can. Also even if PS4 will use only 6gb which you have no idea how much it will actually use your just assuming w/o any factual evidence a 6gb GDDR5 gpu floors a 2-4gb GDDR5 gpu you cant even compare the two.

DDR3 primary use is not even used for games and does not increase game performance on PCs by that much after you have about 3gb-4gb of DDR3, games dont use more than that so you usually have 3gb-4gb used for the game and then the other 5-10 of how much you have left all for O/S and applications running in the background.

For a better PC than the ps4 you need to pay like 300 more not just 100. Then the difference will be marginal at best so if you want to reach performances that knock out the ps4 to reach those 1080p @ 60fps for BF4 type specs you need to spend like 600 more.

JOHN_DOH1530d ago

Any "high end" pc will have a graphics card that uses GDDR5 ram. DDR3 is system memory, the GDDR5 ram is on the video card.

Nerdmaster1530d ago

No, a 500 dollar PC can't run Crysis 3 at 1080p and 60fps when maxed out. But consoles can't either. Far from it. Please look for comparisons between the two versions. Console versions are comparable to minimal settings of the PC versions. And console versions are stuck at running at only 720p (a little less than that on PS3).

neoandrew1530d ago


Well, a 500 USD pc can definitely run crysis 3 at 1080p, i was never saying 60fps or maxed out, read again.

And i'm 100% sure 500 usd pc can run it better than any console.

BF4 look more or less the same as bf3, crysis 3 has better graphics than bf3/4.


But it can run it at 1080p, and slightly lowering settings you can play 60 fps without a problem.

Weren't it console players that states every time that graphics don't matter, that fluid fps matters most?

Still, lowering the settings on pc will not have great impact in graphics quality, it will be still very good and better than on consoles.

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tee_bag2421530d ago

The day of optimized software only for consoles is ending. As in thanks to AMD PC will also benefit from the same optimizations as consoles thanks to Mantle. BF4 will be the first of many to introduce this.

ABizzel11530d ago

Everyone who knows how to build a PC, knows this. The problem is most console gamers have "ZERO" experience building PC's and have absolutely no desire to build one.

Until a high end gaming PC can be bought from retail for less than $600, marketed as a games machine, and runs games well beyond what the current consoles can will console gamers consider buying a gaming PC.

To correct the article that PC isn't high-end at all. High-end is currently at least a HD 7950, not a GTX 650, which brings that PC cost up closer to $700 which is still a great price, but not consumer priced for console gamers. Buying a PC with those specs. from retail is around $900, and with a 7950 is over $1,000.

3-4-51530d ago

I just built a nice PC for $600. i5 3750, AMD 7770, 8GB

It works really well and I'm able to play games like Planetside 2 on highest settings and it looks great and frame rates are smooth.

$600 is enough to get a good gaming PC.

You can get better but you don't NEED to.

CaptCalvin1530d ago

Next gen consoles may offer more value now than PC, but the thing with the console is, you're stuck with the same hardware specs for the rest of its life-cycle.

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ninjahunter1531d ago

Let the sour gamers of all kinds unite and regurgitate myths they don't understand to make them feel more secure with themselves.... For $550.

Trickedbullet1531d ago

you both are right. Windows does require some serious overhead compared to a linux based platform. The playstation also benefits from dedicated hardware and superior levels of optimization (true of all consoles). While we will have to wait for the steam os to see if it is indeed any good, it will not negate the second fact of console optimization.

Can you imagine if pc devs could optimize like the console devs do? Anyway, I find the pc community to be too fragmented. The variations in hardware split up groups, the various chat programs, competing softwares and numerous logins for every game.

On the other hand, consoles mostly unified, fewer logins if any (psn primary).

jeffgoldwin1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Id say optimization is only part of the story. Devs are either lazy or want to maximize their profits (depending on your viewpoint). So devs will generally base a game around the lowest common hardware (with a few exceptions).

Consoles being the lowest common configuration, is also a factor for why games aren't always fully optimized on the pc.

DragonKnight1530d ago

Wrong. That MIGHT apply to multiplatform games (it still doesn't) but what about PC exclusive titles? Why aren't they optimized. Answer: They can't be due to too many different configurations out in the wild.

jeffgoldwin1530d ago


Actually your wrong sir. Gunna go ahead and quote myself that you apparently skipped over reading:

"generally base a game around the lowest common hardware (with a few exceptions)." --Obviously the exceptions being a AAA pc exclusive, thought that went without say, but I guess not.

thehitman1531d ago

You cant build a machine part for part for the same price as a PS4 or even a Xb1. It is impossible Sony and MS get their parts at the cheapest rates possible w/ customization to get performance you wouldnt get from an off the shelf part. Thats what makes consoles unique and not regular PCs. The sooner people comes to grips with that the better. You are building a weaker machine for 150 dollars at least more.

JOHN_DOH1530d ago

I wouldn't call a $550 machine a high end gaming pc, unless valve is going to sell them at a loss. High end video cards cost that much. (just the video card) Doesn't high end mean top of the line stuff?

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