Build a High-End Steam Machine for $550


"A lot of gamers are afraid of PC gaming and they tend to think that they need to spend anything north of $1,000 in order to get the most out of the system or “compete” with home consoles. But, what if I told you could you build a Steam Machine (or equivalent) that runs SteamOS with all the necessary components, including a case, for only $550?"

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ninjahunter1690d ago

Let the sour gamers of all kinds unite and regurgitate myths they don't understand to make them feel more secure with themselves.... For $550.

Trickedbullet1690d ago

you both are right. Windows does require some serious overhead compared to a linux based platform. The playstation also benefits from dedicated hardware and superior levels of optimization (true of all consoles). While we will have to wait for the steam os to see if it is indeed any good, it will not negate the second fact of console optimization.

Can you imagine if pc devs could optimize like the console devs do? Anyway, I find the pc community to be too fragmented. The variations in hardware split up groups, the various chat programs, competing softwares and numerous logins for every game.

On the other hand, consoles mostly unified, fewer logins if any (psn primary).

jeffgoldwin1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Id say optimization is only part of the story. Devs are either lazy or want to maximize their profits (depending on your viewpoint). So devs will generally base a game around the lowest common hardware (with a few exceptions).

Consoles being the lowest common configuration, is also a factor for why games aren't always fully optimized on the pc.

DragonKnight1690d ago

Wrong. That MIGHT apply to multiplatform games (it still doesn't) but what about PC exclusive titles? Why aren't they optimized. Answer: They can't be due to too many different configurations out in the wild.

jeffgoldwin1690d ago


Actually your wrong sir. Gunna go ahead and quote myself that you apparently skipped over reading:

"generally base a game around the lowest common hardware (with a few exceptions)." --Obviously the exceptions being a AAA pc exclusive, thought that went without say, but I guess not.

thehitman1690d ago

You cant build a machine part for part for the same price as a PS4 or even a Xb1. It is impossible Sony and MS get their parts at the cheapest rates possible w/ customization to get performance you wouldnt get from an off the shelf part. Thats what makes consoles unique and not regular PCs. The sooner people comes to grips with that the better. You are building a weaker machine for 150 dollars at least more.

JOHN_DOH1690d ago

I wouldn't call a $550 machine a high end gaming pc, unless valve is going to sell them at a loss. High end video cards cost that much. (just the video card) Doesn't high end mean top of the line stuff?

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