Launch failure: The most explosively awful videogame console launch titles

Imagine, if you will, a frightening alternate universe where, upon the release of the iPod, the only compatible MP3s are back catalog Ace of Base hits. Now, imagine harder, for in this same world, the only releases during the first year of the DVD format are multiple Charles in Charge box sets. Horrified? You should be; this is not a terrifying alternate history straight from the pen of Philip Roth -- if you're a gamer, scenarios like this are commonplace, if not expected.

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bootsielon3869d ago

Resistance. Too bad that it was launched too early, had it launched a little later it would have had more polish. But still... it was too good a game for a launch title.

MrPink3869d ago

Clockwork Knight was sweet!!

marionz3869d ago

yeah this guy was wrong to put kameo in the list, i put kameo on the other day and the graphics still stack up really well, it was short yeah, but it was the best launch game for the 360 bar noen.
and being the only true platformer currently on xbox (not counting crappy movie platform games) its well and truely time for banjo to step in and blow us away, cant even imagine how good its going to look.

myabsolution3869d ago

yea... I loved Kameo too!

especially since Rareware released like countless add-ons to the game, new modes, new achievements, co-op, costumes, long after game released.

And I picked it up for 9 dollars brand new, not so bad right? :)

ruibing3869d ago

Yeah I don't agree with this list much. Feel the Magic: XY/XX was a great game.

crck3869d ago

This guy is a moron.

Genuine3869d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Where they got the idea that Kameo is awful is a mystery. I would recommend Kameo to anyone.

RealTimeWeaponChange3869d ago

I know, I'm wondering why Kameo is used as the picture. Kameo is friggin awesome. What next, he's gonna say Condemned 1 sucked, too? Dumb.

Glad to be a gamer3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Also really enjoyed wave race and super mario[gb]. 1up really try so hard to be controversial to get hits that i just end losing more respect for them as a beneficial/trust worty site. they will put down any console/game to get hits[eg gta4.] pretty pathetic really.

Genuine3869d ago

I don't think 1up and EGM will be around too much longer. They have been slowly withering away for a couple years now.

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brothersimon3869d ago

This is retarded, Kameo was a great game.. awesome puzzles and great graphics for a launch title.

GiantEnemyCrab3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

That whole list I agree with but Kameo is a great game and should not be on this list.

I would of put Perfect Dark Zero on before Kameo anyday. That is the one launch game I wish I never bought.

Great puzzles, great graphics(1000's of enemies on screen at once), varying characters with different powers.

It seems his main beef was that it had too much color?

"explosively awful" ?? Hell no.

ruibing3869d ago

Wow, first time I'm gonna do this for you.


HardcoreGamer3869d ago

shud of gotten 8's or 9's out of 10 surely

CNIVEK3869d ago

...who never PLAYED it, and can't spell. :o

RealTimeWeaponChange3869d ago

That's some nice ownage right there.

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The story is too old to be commented.