The Dark Sorcerer Demo Ran on Ported Beyond Engine, Will Use a New Engine For Developement

David Cage revealed that, shockingly enough, The Dark Sorcerer tech demo was just built on the ported Beyond: Two Souls engine.

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christrules00411499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

It isn't that surprising to me. Rarely does a console max out the power of an engine. PC's are more likely to max out a developers engine. I mean usually developers make the engines for PC and then port it over to consoles downscaling the games on the consoles. I know this isn't on PC but you get the point.

ArchangelMike1499d ago

Hang on a minute... The Dars Sorceres is Just Beyond's engine ported on Playstation 4...

...Beyond's engine... ported... Playstation 4...

...Beyond... ported... Playstation 4...

OMG! Beyond is going to be ported to the Playstation 4!!!!

That's it I'm cancelling my pre-order and getting the PS4 version of Beyond!!!!!!!

xHeavYx1499d ago

You just Half Lifed Beyond, lol

nick3091499d ago

The engine can be used for more of their games on ps4 just like nd plans to

Ju1499d ago

That's not how QD works. This was a tech demo to explore the PS4 HW with tech at hand, hence the Beyond engine. David Cage stated before that the studio usually ties the game (story) to technology and thus writes a new engine for each game.

This sounds big, but the truth is, if the same team is working on the next game, the engine is most likely an evolution - but with the freedom to start over from scratch, throwing legacies over board. Nice idea ... if you can afford it. QD can, looks like.

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MWong1499d ago

It's a surprise to me I wouldn't think that tech demo would be using the Beyond Engine. But, if that's the case it looks amazing.

Alexious1499d ago

Yeah, it's amazing. I can only imagine what they'll do with the full power of PS4.

MWong1499d ago

I have been looking at new footage of BEYOND 2 Souls and the game looks like it could easily be on next-gen.

5h4h4b1499d ago

Amazing. Simply wow. I am eagerly awaiting their ps4 title.

abusador1499d ago

I cant even fathom how good their Ps4 title will look. I thought Heavy Rain was very realistic on ps3 and now they have more power with ps4.

Its a good time to be a gamer!!!!

By the way currently playing

Kz merc (awesome and def. is like a console game. Big homage to kz2, also some Kz sf mixed in in terms of backdrops and locations)

Puppeteer. Great kids game and a solid 80 if i reviewed it. Its actually getting better and better the more i play it so my mark might be higher.

Kingdom Hearts. Only played it for bit because Kz merc kept calling me but the knew HD visuals look bright and nice!!! Allows 1080p native res....

5h4h4b1499d ago

Definitely my friend, its perfect time to be a gamer :)

kaiserfranz1499d ago

Definitely. I hope they create a game out of this tech demo as they usually do, it could be fun to play as the old Wizard.

MasterCornholio1499d ago

Jesus and i thought it was a new engine.

Well then a new engine designed specifically for the PS4 hardware should provide some extremely interesting results.

I cant wait to see more.


I_am_Batman1499d ago

"Jesus and i thought it was a new engine."

Wow. Even Jesus thought it was a new engine?

xKugo1499d ago

I want Kara, please

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