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The PS4 wins the next-gen battle thanks to dog petting

In Valiant Hearts, a new game about World War I from Ubisoft, you can pet a dog by using the touch pad on a PlayStation 4 controller. Just rub the touch pad while your dog companion is nearby and you'll pet it in the game. (PS4, Valiant Hearts)

nick309  +   690d ago
I can pet my own dog this isnt a game changer Lol
kingdip90  +   690d ago
I have an allergy to fur and when I pet stuffed animals after a while the fur comes out!!! This is absolutely a game changer!!!
PoSTedUP  +   690d ago
4D graphics. up next: people molesting.
Moncole  +   690d ago
Than buy Nintendogs and you can pet dogs there.
360ICE  +   690d ago
You lie. You lost both your arms to that ferocious bear. You can't pet your dog.
GiggMan  +   690d ago
I bet you can't pet my dog. :-P
fenome  +   690d ago
HA! Yeah, same here my Mastiff Pit hates strangers, and I love him for it
fenome  +   690d ago
Red Rocket!!
thelaughingwiseman  +   690d ago
I get the dog petting. But does the dog move away if I startle it... Next Gen Tech!
PoSTedUP  +   690d ago
yeah, if you rub it the wrong way.
THC CELL  +   690d ago
I'm sure if u whistle on ps cam or kinect the dog will come?
360ICE  +   690d ago
No, that's like the generation after that. One dog feature at a time. Whistling takes up a lot of the GPU.
showtimefolks  +   690d ago
and here i thought games generation is won via delivering excellent games and services but i guess petting games could get your support of all dog loving people lol and those who hate Vick

go eagles lol
fenome  +   690d ago
Well played sir!
XboxFun  +   690d ago
What will happen if I touch the touch pad against the grain?

They should add this function for the CoD, PS4 version for your attack dog.
lllll-lllll  +   690d ago
lol, this is nintendo's nightmare :)
Godmars290  +   690d ago
If I tap the pad do I hit the dog?
zerocrossing  +   690d ago
At least it's dog petting, and not the other kind...
Snookies12  +   690d ago
Cat petting? Lol
fenome  +   690d ago
zerocrossing  +   690d ago
Of course, what else could I mean ;)
Snookies12  +   690d ago
@zerocrossing - You sly dog... See what I did there? :d
GreenRanger  +   690d ago
Faith in humanity restored.
_QQ_  +   690d ago
So PS4 touchpad=sixaxis confirmed?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   690d ago
But does it have AI Fish?
Godmars290  +   690d ago
If its not in this game, guess you're S.O.L..
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   690d ago
I dunno what you lot are talking about but i got a 8 month old lion in my back yard.
Petting is so last-gen. Sony is just trying to copy the success of Kinectimals.
Dropdeadll  +   690d ago
Who wants to pet my dog?
BG11579  +   690d ago
Uh the game is coming to the PS4, PS3, 360 and Xbone...
The peting dog with the touchscreen is just gimmicky.
Yet the game looks fantastic!

Here's the french trailer of the game:
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jonboi24  +   690d ago
Are dogs the new fad of next-gen, like water physics and the color brown was for this Gen.
ziggurcat  +   690d ago
dog petting, and fish AI?
Sarobi  +   690d ago
The title for next generation should simply be "Dogs"
TheGrimReaper0011  +   690d ago
This doesnt look gimmicky at all!
... wait, yes it does
Honestly, as much as I'm for the PS4, i really hope devs use that touchpad for something interesting. Everything i've seen looks so gimmicky!
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