AMD explains how it aims to generate revenue from console business

AMD has revealed its revenue strategies since they are supplying parts for all the three major consoles, namely PS4, Xbox One and the Wii U.

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mewhy32965d ago

Well let's see..... millions upon millions of chips sold???? Yep, that will generate some revenue.

Smurf1965d ago

Yeah, that's one way to put it. Let's hope the PS4 and Xbox One sell a lot so that this investment is justified. AMD deserves some love.

vigilante_man964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Amen. Imagine if there was no competition and only Intel could provide CPU for the consoles. What price would we have to pay then?

Nvidia are not AMDs sole rival. AMD have done great work in the APU market and have even trumped intel for integrated graphics across the board.

They provide us with something special - choice & competition. Well done AMD. You deserve this bit of success.

thetruthx1964d ago

Microsoft custom silicon

$3,000,000,000 deal




3billion deal yeah I read a article a while back saying that is what the deal is worth by that I mean that how much money they are expected to make from selling the chips to Microsoft over the years

P0werVR964d ago

A testament to how much interesting next gen is going to be...very interesting!

thetruthx1964d ago

We'll see later this month when Watchdogs, Battlefield 4, the Witcher etc look and perform better on Xbox One :)

Magicite964d ago

@thetruthx1 compared to x360? no doubt.


Witcher 3 devs said a while back that the ps4 is more powerful, there's a reason why watchdogs and assassins creed have only been shown on ps4 so far that's because it's the better version, battlefield 4 ps4 has been the only console version shown so far and dice like to show the better version of the console game although the pc version of bf4 will be the best version of that game

jamz4964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Basically all of AMD's work is done - they can just sit back for 6-7 years and watch the cash roll in. Maybe 1 or 2 fab shrinks but that should be easy if they are already on 20nm or so for pc HSA parts in a couple of years

Africa-Garvey964d ago

''let's hope the PS4 & Xbox one sells well''

Why didn't you include the Wii U as in the article, Fanboy????

Although, that make you sleep at night.

SkullBlade169964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Wii-U doesn't include the AMD APU.....

Only some old outdated AMD GPU, lol.

Gemmol964d ago

with Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One using AMD how could they not get rich

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