Battlefield 4: Battle Pickups will be in “all” maps in most game modes, "Adaptive Camos" detailed

Battlefield 4: Battle Pickups will be in “all” maps in most modes, guns to have 240,000 variations each, Adaptive Camos detailed

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JunioRS1011689d ago

I'm a little disappointed that the Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle isn't an unlockable loadout weapon :(

They should make it the last sniper unlocked... That would really motivate people to make it all the way down the recon path.

Caleb_H1689d ago

Well I'm glad you're not developing for dice.

JunioRS1011689d ago

You think it's too overpowered?

Eh, that's reasonable. I just personally like the weapon.

You don't think they could make it a near-impossible unlock? Like maybe on the fifth recon class silver star or something? I'd work for it lol

Detoxx1689d ago

You call the 5'th recon service star near-impossible? Lol.. This weapon is a 1 shot kill, it's should stay a pick up

excaliburps1689d ago

Yep, agreed. If DICE gives this as an unlock, it would cause mayhem and more problems than solutions.

I can already imagine people fighting over Battle Pickups once they spawn. Heck, within the team/squad itself their would be chaos as to who would use this.

Still, would be nice since it might help people take out OP choppers, etc.

sigfredod1688d ago

most of the sniper rifles are 1 shot kill on real life and most games, in BF3 they are way underpower

cell9891689d ago

Im not too exited about this battle pic ups, I just know its going to be exploited to death by trolls

OrangePowerz1689d ago

I hate it when you can pick up weapons in military shooters from killed enemies or when they spawn somewhere on the map. The first thing you learn in the army is to never ever pick up weapons because they could be tempered with.

IVanSpinal1689d ago

good thing
this is a videogame

Reality is for idiots ;)

extermin8or1689d ago

Ugh god... we could be looking at a camp fest situation here and games where whole teams rush for the most powerful weapons....this will need some meticulous balancing and you all know it means every match will have at least 1 or 2 dicks that camp these spots :/

Arturo841689d ago

another pain in the ass/useless achievement or assignment for killing with this and all available pickups and how fun is that going to be when certain players will just sneak around the area to kill and knife you for the dogtags not caring about the actual game going on

Detoxx1689d ago

The spots will be randomized.. Don't worry

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The story is too old to be commented.