The New Features in Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Multiplayer Aren’t Really That New.

Rumblings of discontent with the series have now grown into full-on shouting. Many feel the series has failed to move forward. With next generation upon us, the newest entry, Ghosts from Infinity Ward will bring around changes to the franchise which many have been waiting for. But are they all really changes that we haven’t seen before in a Call of Duty game? - Punching Beta

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TomShoe1720d ago

ReNew, ReUse, ReCycle.

The Call of Duty Motto.

TheBurger291720d ago

even the death animation is the same... you would think that something so simple would be changed.

FortKnight1720d ago

But damn, did you see that dog?

MWong1720d ago

The article is not a shocker. COD has been the same game for years. Repackage and add a fresh coat of paint is their motto with the COD franchise.

CocoWolfie1720d ago

as much as call of duty is fun,its a good game it really is.. but it really does out of all the next gen games seem like the weakest, its like the only next gen upgrade is the graphics which to me is what next gen should completely avoid when focusing on just that alone, its like whats the point? :/

sovietsoldier1720d ago

i find it amazing people keep buying cod.


Multiplayer features aren't really that new? Guess what: the whole game isn't really that new! It's COD, what people expected?

naBs1720d ago

Yeah..there's a shock

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