Keiji Inafune: 'I Fought Hard For People To Take Risks At Capcom'

"When I was at Capcom, I felt I was one of the ones fighting to take risks," says Comcept's Keiji Inafune.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1904d ago

The amount of times his games got the middle finger from Capcom before being actually released do show that there was animosity between the two.....

cleft51904d ago

It also shows that Capcom continues to make bad decision after bad decision. Still I am hopeful for whatever Deep Down turns out to be.

tehpees31904d ago

Think about it from Capcom's perspective as well. He confirmed he made both Dead Rising and Lost Planet with the company money behind their backs.

I'm not saying I agree with all Capcom do but he isn't altogether innocent. He is the one that "confirmed" MML 3 despite the fact he knew it wasn't green lit.

It is also partly Inafune's influence that led to DMC. Just dig back to what was said about DMC 5 at the time. Capcom pulled BS by cancelling MM but he should not have been saying games are coming when he knew they weren't.

Personally I think Mikami got far worse treatment than he did.

Baka-akaB1904d ago

Yeah i don't get it . While he was indeed badly treated , he still was among those pushing for those western experiment that blew up our faces .

Seems like people wanna forget his involvement altogether , and absolve him on the account of Cpacom truly being led by douches .

Deadpoolio1904d ago

Seriously, cause Mega Man was about the only one because anyone who isn't a Mega Man fanatic knows that Mega Man is NOT profitable it's business 101....Nor did his games get any sort of middle finger...HE designed and created Dead Rising 1 and 2, so don't pretend there was some vendetta against him just because Mega Man isn't worth spending millions just to make a couple hundred thousand

EXVirtual1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Of course. When MegaMan released, Keiji had to make MM 2 in his spare time! No wonder he left Crapcom. All they're doing is trying to make guaranteed money. They should've localised EX Troopers in the west. It would've been a hit with anime and manga fans, with the right amount of marketing.

_QQ_1904d ago

Capcom needs to just sell the Megaman name.and Resident Evil while they are at it.

Deadpoolio1904d ago

Yes cause they are totally going to sell RE after 5 & 6 sold 7 million copies each...Nobody cares that the moron nitwits want to cry about it being more action....6 wasn't perfect it had flaws but it was not awful...

Chaos_Raiden1904d ago

Interesting. Thanks for the share.

linkenski1904d ago

This guy, Shinji Mikami and Shu Takumi are the best capcom had/have got. I still kinda hope Shu Takumi moves away from Capcom to another company or maybe writes the next Ace Attorney movie.

NovusTerminus1904d ago

I would add Hideaki Itsuno onto the list as well.

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