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Submitted by FlameHawk 888d ago | opinion piece

Titanfall Could Be A Game Changer

Forbes - Respawn’s next-gen shooter looks incredible. I have yet to get hands-on time with Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming shooter Titanfall. But it’s the first competitive first-person shooter that I’ve been excited to play in a long time, and one of the few games being demoed at recent conventions that makes me actually wish I’d attended (along with Dark Souls 2!) (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

thetruthx1  +   888d ago
And only on Microsoft :)
Smoovekid  +   888d ago
Too bad they don't own it.
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CRAIG667  +   888d ago
@TrueNinja, have you heard of HALO,GEARS OF WAR,FORZA,DEAD RISING,KILLER INSTINCT...I could go on, Titanfall is far from the ONLY game on X1, grow up dude!
pedrof93  +   888d ago

LOL actually you stated every Xbox major franchise, and no, you couldn't go on. Btw you only have Ryse and Fable left.

I could g ON and ON if I stated Ps franchises. But I don't want to.

I'll do it :

Gran Turismo
God of War
Little Big Planet
Ratchet and Clank
Sly Raccoon

The End.(These are franchises, games that have more than one game,currently on Ps3, I could write the "one hit wonders" but there too many.)
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gamertk421  +   888d ago
@pedro. Yes, but they wouldn't be any good after the first 3 or so.
Manic2014  +   888d ago

True that WAS Xbox major franchises but if you have seen E3 they are expanding the franchises even though it is very late in the process. Let me finish the list.....

Gears of Wars
Alan Wake
Killer Instinct
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising
Project Spark
Crimson Dragon

So be it some of these are forthcoming titles and franchises but the good thing is they are expanding the exclusives on the system which MS should of done n the first place for the 360.

Though i 100% can agree that Sony have had Consistent support for exclusives which i think MS will be doing this for the X1.
scott182  +   888d ago
@ pedrof93

New ip's I am excited about
-The Last of Us
-Media Molecules new ip
-Sony Santa Monica's new ip
-guerella games new ip
-Agent from rockstar
-The Last Guardian

Current franchises I want to see more from
-God of War
-Twisted Metal
-Gran Turismo
-MLB the show
-I wish for another heavenly sword
-Ratchet and clank
-I would like to see them try M.A.G again
-Sly cooper
-Little big planet

Games coming that I am excited about
Killzone shadows fall, The order, Drive club, knack, infamous second son, tons of mmo's for PS4/PC owned by sony, tons of indies published by sony. There are more to mention but I don't want to write a novel about it...
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True_Samurai  +   888d ago
@Craig667 already got Ryse and Forza on the preorder. :p TF is the fourth I'm excited for no need for me to grow up :-)
True_Samurai  +   888d ago
Damn right :-) and even if it goes to ps4 they can enjoy the left overs

Google Respawn saying that the pc version is only playable on windows 7 and up
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insomnium2  +   888d ago
Everything really does hinge on one game for the xfans. That's like honestly the most pathetic thing I've come across in a long time.
The minute they get even one good game their ego balloons like a mf. Do I have to remind you guys what's been going on in all these years after Kinect was first revealed?

I'm at a loss for words here really. I mean how stupid and transparent can you get?
CGI-Quality  +   888d ago
Leftovers? If it is the exact same game, it would mean they got the exact same meal. Pretty flawed thinking, if I do say so myself. Then again, the irony of the statement confirms the desperation of the first poster here, since he couldn't say "only on Xbox ONE", but "only on MS". As a PC gamer, if I don't have to get an X1 for Titanfall, that doesn't help its case.

OT: I agree that this game may play a pivotal role in the 8th gen.
jukins  +   888d ago
except when it does come to ps4 it will come with all the dlc x1 players had to pay for, for free.
Godlovesgamers  +   888d ago
Actually that's not been verified and it would seem that it's a timed exclusive.

In regards to the title.... a game changer? That's yet to be seen. It looks cool but when you boil it down, let's be honest it's a modified MW2 with Mechs and no single player campaign. I think if they retail the game at $60 it will be a tough sell especially considering the $100 more that you'll pay for the DLC at the end of the day.

That said, if they that had a sweet single player campaign with an awesome story (and from what I've seen this game has awesome potential for a great story to be told), I'd be on board with this day one.
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GarrusVakarian  +   888d ago
Until it comes to PS4. Which it probably will after a certain amount of time.
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IHassounah  +   888d ago
After all these awards , I doubt Microsoft will let that happen , they'll purchase the franchise
scott182  +   888d ago
It does look cool and different. Not a game changer for me personally, I wont be picking it up, but I can honestly see why it's popular with a lot of people. I am into the more standard run and gunner games, love me some call of duty and battlefield, looking forward most of all to killzone. But like I said I can see why people would be very interested in this game.
Johnsonparts23  +   887d ago
Gotta love the xbone trolls that try to associate Windows with Xbox. LOL! I'll be playin this on my PC then switching over the my PS4 everyday! Xbox ain't got $hit!
ichdich  +   888d ago
yes it will be. looks amazing.
DinoNYC  +   888d ago
Overrated. Not a gamer changer by any means and unoriginal.
GarrusVakarian  +   888d ago
Jetpacks with parkour and mechs?

I'd day that's pretty original.
Hicken  +   888d ago
Not really. Killzone's done the mechs and jetpacks thing, and Brink did parkour(not so great a package, though). Didn't really combine them in an original fashion. Just combined them.

Don't get me wrong. I still think the game looks fun. But there aren't really any original aspects to it.
FlunkinMonkey  +   888d ago
Killzone 3 had mechs and jetpacks and had better graphics i might add. what is making this game fun is the parkour element which is hardly original.

Fun for sure, a game changer? please.. This doesn't even have a SP.


Damn you, damn you to Hell! (for getting their first).


Well.. This is awkward.. ha
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   888d ago
Jetpacks and mechs aren't really original. Sheesh, both of those were in KZ3. Parkour isn't either.

OT: However, the combination of all three, combined with the speed and verticality of the maps, does look very fun.

EDIT: Damn you both above, lol. You beat me too it as well.
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Bolts  +   888d ago
Yeah. Killzone had jet packs. But then again so did Tribes and that was ages ago, but none of them are cool and fluid as Titan Fall.

And as far as game changers goes this is poised to be MS next Gears of Wars in terms of break out hit. Sad to say but Killzone online gameplay is shit compared to this, the vids that were shown were the same generic boring garbage that caused Killzone fans to abandon Killzone 3 in droves.
dark-hollow  +   888d ago
It's not about who had what first, it is all about how smoothly and seamlessly you introduce these mechanics to your game.

Cover based third person shooters aren't a new thing with gears of war for an example, but dank sure they implement it better than anybody before them.
-Foxtrot  +   888d ago
I agree I don't see the big hype for it, it's just a standard FPS with a few tiny new things thrown in their which we've seen in other games (wallrunning - BRINK...Jetpacks - Halo...Mechs - Lost Planet/Earth Defensae Force etc)

I mean when I heard Respawn was working on this new FPS I expected something different...something with a single player at least. Not a FPS which looks like what the next COD after MW should of been.
LogicStomper  +   888d ago
I'm curious here, what do you define to be a 'standard' shooter?
pandehz  +   888d ago
It depends

Many many games have tried these things, bits and pieces from so many games.

Some games even 10yrs+ ago.

In the end its about the execution of these elements to make a coherent and fun game. Titanfall looks like its nailing it in that department.

It just might become the game changer but again maybe not.
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Bigpappy  +   888d ago
Well said.
This game is in very capable hands and this game is the only game that has blown away all the journalist who have played it so far.

I am not going to say it is a game changer, just yet, but I am going to say it is the most impressive hands-on demo so far. Because that is the truth.
GarrusVakarian  +   888d ago
I wouldn't go so far as game changer but it does look really fun.
SCW1982  +   888d ago
As good as this game is it is still just a multiplayer experience which means when it comes to story and narrative I won't be so hurt if I don't play it. But who am I kidding it will come to the Sony side eventually otherwise they would have already said its exclusive to Xbox. Respawn is being very hush hush about other platforms for right now for a reason.
No_Limit  +   888d ago
I don't care what anyone say but this game alone made me choose the XB1 over the PS4 in the first year. So in essence, it is a game changer for me and a lot of people.

Yes, it could be timed exclusive and might come to the PS4 in a year or so but just like any media, who would want to wait.

That is like waiting for Avengers on BluRay/DVD 6 months later rather than watching it first on the big screen.
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-Foxtrot  +   888d ago
You would of chose an Xbox One regardless of what the PS4 has/had
Whitey2k  +   888d ago
Wouldn't worry it fanyboys will be fanboys get 180s after 180s and they go back running up microsofts ass besides sony always and will always have better exclusives
LogicStomper  +   888d ago
"Wouldn't worry it fanyboys will be fanboys get 180s after 180s and they go back running up microsofts ass besides sony always and will always have better exclusives "

Hmm? Since when was 'change for the better' a bad thing? You didn't want DRM, it's gone. You wanted a headset, here you go. You don't want kinect mandatory, so be it. And now you complain that these U-turns are bad? How pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

"and they go back running up microsofts ass"

Oh, I remember that article where all you guys declared that the day that you are forced to play to play online will be the day you give up gaming. So how's that retirement going huh?

"sony always and will always have better exclusives "

I'm sorry, but what? Prove to me that they are genuinely better and will always have better exclusives. I seriously want to read what sort of pathetic argument you'll make for this.
Hicken  +   888d ago
That's funny. Your first comments here are about everything BUT Titanfall, and even then, you were claiming XB1 before PS4.

Lying is pretty bad when people can just check your comment history.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   888d ago
Oooh, I love a good exposé! Lol.
No_Limit  +   888d ago
Really Hicken? My history. I like it when Sony fanboys constantly proclaiming that I said this and did this but never post any evidence from my history.

Here are just 2 of my posts regarding getting PS4 from my History. It is two more self confession of getting a console other than my favorite console than all Sony fanboys combined on N4G.
Any game release by Naughty Dog will be the day I am getting my PS4 with it. There is no way I will miss any of their games. Both Uncharted and TLOU are two of my favorite games from this generation.
If a Uncharted 4 would have come out at launch for the PS4, I'll get that system in a heart beat but I am expecting that game along with a new Santa Monica game to be released in late 2014 or early 2015; thus, that is the time I am getting a PS4.
Hicken  +   887d ago

"That's funny. Your first comments here are about everything BUT Titanfall, and even then, you were claiming XB1 before PS4."

Your first comments follow.

And on and on. Fourteen comments in is when you finally mention Titanfall, while you say you're getting the XB1 first in your third comment. And IN that comment that finally mentions Titanfall, you're not even sold on it yet.

The comments you quote don't disprove what I said in the slightest. In fact, they don't prove much of anything, except that you claim you'll get a PS4 at some point in time.

Care to try again?
Belking  +   888d ago
xbox gamers! Standby for Titan Fall! Exclusively awesome!
Stsonic  +   888d ago
The game could be good. The only problem is it's on the wrong console for me so I will maybe play it on PC or just get it on PS4 at some point.
famoussasjohn  +   888d ago
"it's on the wrong console"

The developers don't share the same opinion on that matter. They feel the Xbox One is the better console to develope THIS game. It's not a matter of which is the best console in general, it's what they feel is the best for them to utilize.
Stsonic  +   887d ago
If your going to quote me then at least add the two most important words "for me" in there.
famoussasjohn  +   887d ago
Stsonic - "The developers don't share the same opinion on that matter."

Get it for PC. As of now, there are no details about it coming to the PS4. Currently it's a Exclusive on Microsoft products.
Obvious  +   888d ago
This game is the result of when COD and Hawken mate, you get a newborn name Titanfall.
AllroundGamer  +   888d ago
hopefully this won't suffer with the same spawn problems like all COD games thx to small maps... with the big mechs and the jetpack mobility i think the maps will be bigger this time.
The_Truth_24_7  +   888d ago
Yep and I can't wait for the PS4 port.
C-Thunder  +   888d ago
I think the game looks like fun. Having said that, I'm always confused by Xbox fans' ability to seem satisfied with so little. It's like they prefer a lack of variety and exclusives.
gamingfriend  +   887d ago
Na it aint a game changer not £430 pounds worth nope
alb1899  +   887d ago
It hurts, I know!

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