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Submitted by mathsman 931d ago | video

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Under the Hood

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are continuing to grab headlines the world over despite being months away from their launch. Both consoles are set to go head-to-head this November, but which is providing the most bang for your buck? An examination of the technical specifications may not be everything, but it’s as good a place to start as any. (PS4, Tech, Xbox One)

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Ksar  +   931d ago
I will choose Xbox One for games. Specs doesn't matter for me.
Bennibop  +   931d ago | Well said
Then you are choosing timed exclusives and lack of innovation!
buddymagoo  +   931d ago | Well said
I think the last generation proved Sony bring the games and Microsoft bring the gimmicks and a few exclusives but mostly timed.

Not just that but Sony have a lot more proven Studios. So you can trust that Sony will actually be making a lot more games unlike Microsoft who have very few proven studios.
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_QQ_  +   931d ago
Yet to be seen, i'm not an xbox fan,and i doubt MS will ever offer better exclusives than Sony, but its still yet to be seen, Currently MS has a stronger exclusive lineup than Sony for the new systems. as for innovation, the xboxone itself is more innovative than the ps4.
Hufandpuf  +   931d ago
Lack of innovation on the XB1? False

XB1 has Kinect which bring a slew of new features that were never in a console before such as:

Voice recognition
Face recognition
Tv integration
Cloud features
Amazing launch game lineup
And Dev kits are available within the system

So if Xbox isn't trying anything innovative, then what's so innovative about its competitors?
XtraTrstrL  +   931d ago | Well said
@ Hufandpuf,

PS4 Eye will also have:

4 microphone array for Voice Recognition
Face Recognition
Advanced Gesture Recognition
More enthralling Augmented Reality

You can also expect:

Cloud features
Amazing launch and launch window game lineup
AngelicIceDiamond  +   931d ago
@Bennibop how bout you let him choose whatever he wants with out your unhelpful opinion.
Elzer  +   931d ago | Well said
Xbox one has shown better exclusives so far. Twitch integration much better than ustream. Better record function. " while playing online multiplayer able to say " record that" (with Kinect for epic moments without pausing your game. While ps4 has a back track of 15min recording time which is an average multiplayer match... You'll have to find that great moment after your long online match which can be a hassle. A lot of people complained about Xbox tv functionality but thats just extra stuff. That instant switching is great. Your going to have your tv on sometime during the day and when you get that game invite that overlays a Xbox UI because of the HDMI in you'll be able to switch instantly to the game especially with "smart match" multiplayer games just got much easier and faster. Dedicated servers= less lag/less cheaters.... Also with xbox live "reputation" service it will keep track of your behavior online such as getting booted, muted, etc. Games will match you up with people close to your reputation. Trolls will play with trolls and pros will play with pros. People must be ignorant to think that Microsoft's $700,000,000 investment with Xbox live is for nothing. Xbox one is the gaming system for "TRUE" gamers.
harrry  +   931d ago
lack of innovation? Microsoft are the ones trying to push a new vision with family sharing, disc-less games etc. You guys whined and got the same as ps4. no innovation, just updated graphics. cool man. Changing discs in 2013? you guys 'won' this.
inveni0  +   930d ago | Well said
Honestly, I could care less about hardware or interactive innovation. For me, innovation should occur within the games themselves. Games like Journey, Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc. Those games push the boundaries of what we can (and should) expect from games. For instance, it is clear to see that Far Cry 3 and the newest Tomb Raider were inspired by Uncharted's great cinematic production values. And that's fantastic, because it elevates the quality of the titles we play. This is the kind of thing I want to see. I want gameplay to become emotional. I want it to inspire me. I want to feel like part of another world for the time that I'm playing. That's the magic of games, and that's where innovation is most welcomed and encouraged in my book.
mewhy32  +   930d ago
I agree here. I feel that Sony by far in large has the lead in the development studio arena. They've released exclusives that have proven to be some of the best game software on the market. I mean look at The Last of Us. It could almost pass for a next gen title now. Yeah I'm going with Sony. I may get an xbone after they reduce the price.
Flames76  +   930d ago
So i guess he should go with a $400 PS4 10 pound paper weight with no games?We are gamers we dont need a console to hold our paper in place on the table.We want the best games Forza 5,Halo 5,Quantum break,Sunset Overdrive,Dead Rising 3,Ryse,Tiatanfall and so on.Not one of them is timed exclusive
oscarcat59  +   930d ago
The sony ps4 eye was rendered ineffective due to sony not including it with every console at launch to lower the price. So I would not call that innovation myself because it will most likely will be used poorly or no at all.
BluEx610  +   930d ago
Innovations like AA batteries for Xbox One controllers, no bluetooth, no swappable HDD's and adapters for my headsets??? lol

Common man my PS3 does this haha.

Xbox One is still a good system, if you like Kinect, Live TV, NFL, and CoD/BF4 Timed DLC, and yearly Halo/Gears/Forza and exclusives that's also on the PC...

I got 2 360's but I'm taking a wait and see for the Xbox One. The last 3 years have been nothings but Kinect, Forza, Gears, Halo....
nosferatuzodd  +   930d ago
ha ha ha games that's so funny when 360 has none i know Sony will bring the games no doubt but the question everyone should ask is after Microsoft gets you're money in 3 to 4 years time will they still be bringing new games like what Sony does
look at the ps3 new games after new games look at 360 a ghost town and tumble weeds
B-radical  +   930d ago
Who are you to tell him what he's choosing? you dont know what games he is referring to
badz149  +   930d ago

"...disc-less games"

you do know that just like the Vita, all PS4 games will be made available day 1 as digital download on PSN, right? and games can be played while it's being downloaded too. wanna go disc-less? go all digital, simple!

"You guys whined and got the same as ps4. no innovation, just updated graphics."

are you stupid? the same? NO, the Xbone is the weaker system and NO, the PS4 don't need a camera to work! no innovation? yeah, keep telling yourself THAT lol and what's bad about updated graphics?

"Changing discs in 2013?"

it was fine for the 360 still doing it until now and now suddenly it's crap? like I said earlier, if you go full digital next gen, no more changing disc! problem solve!
MELMAN26  +   930d ago
Show me proof of a timed exclusive.
Thomper  +   930d ago
How is the PS4 innovative exactly?
RememberThe357  +   930d ago
Can we ban everyone who disagreed with AngelicIceDiamond's comment? I'm not even buying the Xbone because of Kinect but I don't see why I'd need everyone to agree with me. If this guy likes what he's seen from the Xbonw one, great. I fail to see a problem with that.

@Thomper: I want to hear this as well. I'm buying the PS4 because it looks like a better PS3 as far as features go. But nothing about it seems to be pushing any envelopes. All the previous Playsations pushed innovation while this one seems to be pushing collaboration. I'd like to see Sony finally actually work on some of these previous innovation, because they seem to always come up with cool stuff then just leave it.
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SniperControl  +   930d ago


All of these features have been available on P.C for years.

I prefer to play games on my console.

PS4 all the way for me.
joefrost00  +   930d ago
Lack of innovation
Online mutiplayer mainstream
Making app apart of a game system
Hdmi Input and live tv function
Cross game chat
Music from the hard drive in game
All of these sony has ripped except the last one
Even the features they brag about the ps4 (video recording, broadcast, ect) MS talked about two years ago
The fact they are just getting they have the nerve to bring up a last
gen feature as something new(cross game chat) is funny
The last thing that sony did innovative for games is bluray(part of that credit toshiba)
MS might a lot of things but lacking foward thinking and innovation is not one
If anything you could say that about PlayStation
WarThunder  +   930d ago
I already own a good gaming PC. so I need to buy a PS4.

PC-PS4 is the best combination for gaming.

IMO X1 is a waste of money, for $500 you can buy a good gaming PC and play all the so called X1 exclusive on the PC. lol

and @ the potato heads who say x1 has better exclusives... I bet most of you believed that everything was shown at E3 were x1 exclusives lol....
lilbrat23  +   930d ago
@ Lopez_Josue

You stated "MS has a stronger exclusive lineup" Please enlighten me with this list of ACTUAL exclusive that is not Halo and Gears?
edgeofsins  +   930d ago
@ Hufandpuf

Voice and face recognition were done on PS2 and cell phone for years.
Cloud features are just regular features you have had for years on 360, PS3, and PC but they emphasize calling it a cloud.
Amazing launch game lineup? What is innovative about that?
You have to go through Microsoft to make your console into a dev kit and even then it isn't as good as a proper dev kit that real publishers would still likely get, they just want to spark interest in customers fantasies of creating games.
GraveLord  +   931d ago
I'm choosing PS4 for not only games but also specs.
It's also not made by Microsoft which is a plus.
Hufandpuf  +   931d ago
Do you use a MAC?
GraveLord  +   931d ago

Unfortunately I don't have the money for that. I am stuck with Windows.
nosferatuzodd  +   930d ago
get a mac mini its only 500 dollars
madpuppy  +   930d ago
"Do you use a MAC?"

Hell, Apple is worse than MS, and MS is pretty bad.
B-radical  +   930d ago
Hahhahah just noticed how being a ps4 fanyboy has worked in your favor nice bubbles
Blachek  +   930d ago
Why would anybody fork over soo much money for apple garbage -.-
slapedurmomsace  +   930d ago
@grave....if you genuinely don't like windows and aren't just wagoneering here, try linux. The gaming will kinda suck, but you could always duel boot if you choose.
No_Limit  +   931d ago
"lack of innovation!"

LOL, so what is so innovating about the PS4 besides better spec?

At least MS is trying new things with the included Kinect, migrating to an all dedicated online servers for all games, the system itself can be a Dev Kit.
PlayStation_4  +   931d ago
required kinect is not an innovation, it allows the X1 to watch you.

Microsoft said that they would "aggressively challenge" any government requests to access the Kinect (same thing they said about skype), but what can M$ do against the US govt? nothing, the kinect will be used to spy.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   931d ago
Kinect- Bundled attachments are not innovative in the least. The playstation vita, 3ds all come with cameras. WiiU tablet and the Wiimote would also like to have a word with you.
Console as devkit- Playstation mobile says hello
Dedicated servers- This one is a toss up for me since we don't know the specifications of it.
The PS4 is the most powerful console ever concieved, that's definitely innovative.
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GraveLord  +   931d ago
Trying new things with Kinect?

Thunderhawkxbox  +   930d ago
Ps4 got better spec only on paper based on the old spec of dev kit I'm sure Xbox one will be more powerful
oscarcat59  +   930d ago
I am looking forward to Kinect and all the features it provides. If it does as advertises it will be money well spent. No one here I bet has tried it so to say it sucks means that persons opinion really means nothing. Now when I have tried it and it does suck I will be the first one to agree.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   930d ago
Yeah better spec on the paper wait for final spec of Xbox one I'm sure Xbox one will be more powerful
madpuppy  +   930d ago
I cannot wait till NCIS, Criminal minds or CSI start "accessing" the "bad guys" video game system's camera and know? protect us from danger...:|
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   930d ago
How is MS trying new things with Kinect? You know this is called "Kinect 2" for a reason, right? And PS have had a camera since PS2, there's no "trying something new" in putting a camera on the box... Unless they showcased something comepltelly new being done with this camera, in which case please share with the rest of the class.

I'm not saying Sony is being oh so innovative and MS isn't... Quite frankly, no one is... Actually the one still trying is Ninty and no one seen to care about that either. You know what? As far as hardware goes, update in power should be enough, we are thinking too much about the hardware and too little in what's being show new in games...

It's like after so many years of gaming, gamers now think that you need some gimmick to be innovative, like everything in software was already done... Well, sorry to break it to you kids, but gaming industry isn't like cuisine accessory business... Or maybe it is, don't matter how many new pieces of plastic you bought from TV, if the food still stinks, maybe it is the cook at blame.
mitchell1188  +   930d ago
Kinect... really? Understand this. I do NOT want kinect. Maybe some do but I dont. I will not buy a system that FORCES me to have what I want no part of. If you were to walk into your favorite store and they stopped you and said to shop here you have to give us $100 dollars and we'll give you this "innovative" vacuum cleaner. From what I'm gathering from a lot of xbone fanboys is they would gladly spend an extra 100 bucks even if they don't really want the vacuum cleaner.
My point is simple. I don't want to be raped by my gaming company. If I don't want it and you force it I'm screaming rape. Is it possible Sony will rape me in the future? Maybe. But do I want to be raped now? Hell no.
SniperControl  +   930d ago
You do realize, 98% of developing a game will be done on P.C right? The X1 is just acting as a debug kit in final stages of development.

From what i gather on these forums is that, people seem to think they will be actually programming a game on the X1 itself lol.
jukins  +   930d ago
the system will not be a dev kit!!! At best you will be able to DEBUG by being able to play unfinished code. I really wish people would learn the difference. There's no way Microsoft is gonna sell $1000-$2500+ dev kits to its best partners but allow the general public to get it for free or a fraction of the cost.
SIX  +   931d ago
I will choose PS4 for games. Specs doesn't matter for me.
WickedLester  +   931d ago
I will choose PS4 for specs AND games!!
pyramidshead  +   930d ago
You also get more bang for your buck in regards to gaming, even more so if you drop a little extra for the superior PS+.
Ezz2013  +   931d ago
if specs don't matter then why didn't you stay with the first xbox ?!

i'm going with with ps4 for the games AND the specs (which mean more future proof console)
Sitdown  +   931d ago
I am guessing that it probably could do something with loss of support with regards to games......unless games for the original xbox are still being pumped out and I am unaware of it.
RememberThe357  +   930d ago
Sitdown just got flooded with disagrees for making a perfectly logical comment. WTF is up with this site lol.
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iBlackyi  +   931d ago
So if you want games, why do you buy a xbox then? Sony has just not revelead all of their games like microsoft. Sony had always more and better ones.
NeloAnjelo  +   931d ago
Choose something that's lower spec and more expensive... That's the Xbox way!
riseer23  +   931d ago
You say games yet this gen its been Sony's first party developer's kicking the crap out of any first/third party devs beyond Sony.Naughty Dog has proven you can have 2 new IP's and succeed.I am more excited about first party Sony titles then i am with whatever MS has.
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TomShoe  +   931d ago
That's funny.
Transporter47  +   930d ago
Get a WiiU?
JunioRS101  +   930d ago
This whole "Xbox has a better exclusive lineup" thing is going to end at Gamescom.

Flames76  +   930d ago
Thats because sony didnt have any games to show at E3.Xbox One crushed the $400 PS4 paper weight
JunioRS101  +   930d ago

it's funny because usually people use the "paper weight" joke to imply that something is useless, and considering the PS4 is a more capable machine than the Xbox One, that joke really falls short
Flames76  +   930d ago
Thats why im going with the Xbox One the games just look amazing.With the PS4 you get what you pay for.A $400 10 pound paper weight with no games
ASTAROTH  +   930d ago
So for U the PS4 is going to be the next XBOX 360? Ohh I forget that exclusives game didnt matter for you xboxers. Now in a 180 MS way of thinking they are important... LOL... fanboys...
trancefreak  +   930d ago
1 min commercial for the contents of this video really?

Other than that not a bad basic breakdown.

PS4 this coming gen and I am good.
mitchell1188  +   930d ago
Someone get this guy an Atari.
harbie  +   930d ago
Dafuq? That is the LAST reason anyone would chose the xbox lol...
Valkyre  +   930d ago
This is something worthy of the saying : "fuck logic".

You choose xbox1 for the games...?


When was the last time 360 had any kind of exclusive games lately??

Meanwhile the PS3 just had 8 blockbuster AAA exclusive games released in 2013 ALONE.

How can someone, seriously buy xbox1 "for the games"... what "games"?

If history taught something is that Sony is always investing in a big family of exclusive studios that create a diverse and quality exclusive lineup, whereas MS just writes check for timed exclusivity and DLC deals...

Seriously I do not get it.

Buy xbox1 for Kinect, buy it because you want to watch TV, sure... but buying it "for games"?

Well... LMAO.
MizTv  +   930d ago
Really? Really?.........Really?
wynams  +   930d ago
"Specs doesn't matter for me"

Then buy a Wii
Megatron316  +   931d ago
I Choose PS4 for Games, Specs is a Bonus!!
SpitFireAce85  +   931d ago
ok here we go again..flame on lol
GreenRanger  +   931d ago
The ONLY reason I'm not getting an Xbox One is that Kinect is mandatory.
fsydow1  +   931d ago
PS4 mate and no kinect for me, thank you very much.
fsydow1  +   931d ago
whats so innovating about kinect,been there done that , now its time for the core games and not more shovel ware.
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Williamson  +   931d ago
I'm going with ps4 since it seems like Sony are going to do what they did with the ps3 but this time better. So we can expect a lot of quality exclusives/ new IPS, also I haven't seen one screwup by them yet which is a good sign.
PositiveEmotions  +   931d ago
I like how people let themselfs be betrayed by microsoft yet microsoft was force to do the 180 because of the hate from people and because of sony as well not only that microsoft is now doing self publishing for indie games something that sony had done first again microsoft are doing the same as the ps4.

Also i heard from people and a few online sources that microsoft paid sony for a blu-ray for the xb1.

I myself dont trust microsoft because they have not shown me that they care for us consumers.

Sony on the other hand has shown that they listen before hand and listen to us consumers take jack tretton for example he talks about us consumers all the time and he seems honest imo.

Don matrick on the other hand wasnt being respected by the fans that he was forced to leave microsoft.

I respect xb1 as a tv/gaming device and its cool line up of cool video games but i just wont support it because of what microsoft has done.
iceman06  +   931d ago
Well, to your argument, MS has tried to position themselves as at least the equal of PS4 in terms of features. Some people are feeling "betrayed" because they didn't see anything wrong with the whole package of DRM (due to "perceived" benefits that were never really completely understood by anybody). I get your point, and for the most part, I agree. I see a couple of the launch titles on Xbox One as pretty cool. I already have enough ways to watch TV and when I watch TV I am not trying to "stay connected". I am usually trying to steal some time away from gaming to catch up on my favorites. But, for those that do the multitasking stuff, it seems cool.
Overall, I am cautious of any mega-corporation (Sony, Nintendo, MS, and more). I am even more so with MS because of their complete history. That being said, I actually hope that MS continues to have success. I just hope that success is determined by what they do and how they do it and less to do with the virtually unlimited pockets that they have.
PositiveEmotions  +   931d ago
Allot of people are discussing that microsoft are greedy with money and i think but not sure if this is true but i heard that people will have to buy their favorite characters in the upcoming killer instict game which imo does not grab my attention what so ever.

So again i think microsoft is a bit greedy with money you even have to pay monthly just for xbl and i think ima cancel my xbl for now at least until i have enough money to get a annuel payment instead of a monthly payment.

With sony its pretty much free accept the ps+ of course but they give you cool stuff in return.

I just hope for the best in both consoles.

I also hope that microsoft starts telling the consumers the answers they need instead of leaving them hanging!.
iceman06  +   931d ago
I think KI comes with Jago to start and then the equivalent of a season pass (for purchase) will allow other characters. Don't know about a la carte character purchases though.
I agree that MS has to start being more forthright with information. But, it's probably because just about everything with the Xbox One's original plans has changed. They are in a bit of a scramble mode to get policies, features, functions, etc. in line for a launch. (at least that is what I am generously giving them the benefit of the doubt with).
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   930d ago
Yeah...they're out here like the keystone cops and its quite unprofessional and embarrassing.
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strifeblade  +   930d ago
did they listen to you when they released ps3 for 599$!
Metfanant  +   930d ago
Considering standalone blu-ray players were selling for $900+ at the time of the PS3 launch...

$600 was an absolute STEAL for what you were actually getting in the box...
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GamersRulz  +   931d ago
No GPU mention? interesting...
iconic56  +   931d ago
Sony is the only company that officially spoke about their GPU... Microsoft is most likely deliberately keeping a tight lid on their finals specs until a further date closer to release. And I'm sure Sony will make some minor adjustments as well before launch.
LordNikon  +   931d ago
PS4, since the only exclusives i'm interested in is Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow fall and The Order: 1886 (which i really need to see more of). Quantum Break from the XBox side does sound interesting, but that's the only game that interests me from MS.
Manic2014  +   931d ago
I'm Getting both but i'm leaning towards the Xbox one as the game line p look awesome and the features of the kinect looks promising; though the PS4 is going to be great also.
sigfredod  +   931d ago
PS4, clear as mountain spring water
No_Limit  +   931d ago
Xbox One at launch and PS4 sometime in late 2014-2015.

It is all about the games and dedicated server, which the Xbox one has over PS4 at this point.

Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, and Titanfall. No way am I going to missed out on these games.
latincooker214  +   931d ago
so wait a min No Limit u do plan on getting a PS4 in the future well like a men sorry about before dude all this time i thought u was just a XBOT talking crap when you really all about the GAME'S +bubble
No_Limit  +   931d ago

if you read my history, I posted on numerous times that I am planning to get a PS4 as soon as they release a Naughty Dog or Santa Monica game. I owned all three consoles this generation and my favorite games are all Naughty Dog games. I played through TLOU three times already. Nothing will change in the new generation. If a Uncharted 4 would have come out at launch for the PS4, I'll get that system in a heart beat but I am expecting that game along with a new Santa Monica game to be released in late 2014 or early 2015; thus, that is the time I am getting a PS4.
T2  +   930d ago
You just listed every xbox game yet completely ignored infamous, driveclub, kz and any multiplat game ... I smell b.s.

Also ms servers are nothing special
jetlian  +   930d ago
why is it bs lol? maybe he doesn't want those games. KZ and infamous arent sought after games. Drive club is most likely gonna be a downgrade to forza

For the first 6 months atleast XBO has the better games. I'm getting ps4 first and may get XBO later. The whole gotta have kinect i'm not liking.
T2  +   929d ago
its b.s. because he listed a driving game, a shooting game a LBP clone, and a fighting game... you are telling me no games by sony o any 3rd party pub match any of those descriptions? LOL
Animal Mutha 76  +   931d ago
First thing he says is lets have an in-depth technical look at the specifications then mentions the cost (which isn't a tech spec), without suggesting why the costs are so different (Kinect).

This is video not a detailed look at the technical specifications. All the bloke has done is list off the very top level highlights as already seen by most people who would be interested. But then he misses:

Any GPU details or discussion about the APU.
Move engines.
PS4 dedicated encoding hardware.
SHAPE chip in xbox.
Kinect which IS part of the system on the xbox or the PS camera/move accessory.
Rumble triggers and new controllers.
Power bricks or lack thereof.

There is probably more.

Who approves this sh*t?
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   930d ago | Spam
FrigidDARKNESS  +   931d ago
Xbox one forme games graphics and superior technology.

The difference here is MS is a HSA foundation member and Sony not.
This means when it comes to CPU MS will have the better full HSA version AMD Kaveri and Sony will have the non HSA version the low end AMD Kabibni.
Whitey2k  +   931d ago
There both the same company chip so maybe bthe cpu on the ps4 could be better?
mrflolala  +   930d ago
hey genius guess what the ps3 has of special yea the cell and it use kinda of hsa and ps4 has 8ace unit compare to the two of the 7970 and that going mimic the cell hsa but in way better and we are still whit 5billions transistor info from microsoft and photon sorcery rocket science the only thing that ms has right now is low definition texture and a pretty good kinect 2.0 whit it own processor inside but like in hsa fondation presentation once you have 2 camera it take almost no power to get 3D position
FrigidDARKNESS  +   930d ago
Keep dreaming dude evperything you said is wrong. The xb1 has 5 billion transistors the ps4 has 2.8 transitors. Gpu card has been finalised a modified southern island 7850 GCN 1.1. IBM designed the cell so they are HSA members but Sony not anyway your comment is laughble.
DoesUs  +   930d ago
I've told you before Frigid stop posting sh!te. You have no idea whatsoever. The misinformation you spread borders on hilarity.
pyramidshead  +   930d ago
still waiting for you to provide a source to this and to be happily proven wrong but right now people are just going to laugh at this major BS you keep spamming lol.
#17.4 (Edited 930d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SCW1982  +   930d ago
I sometimes can't believe the shit you pull out of your Ass. It boggles the mind how stupidly uneducated you are.
reko  +   930d ago

keep dreaming dude!
Valkyre  +   930d ago
ABeastNamedTariq  +   931d ago
PS4 at launch for me, and then I'll be getting an Xbox sometime next year (maybe around the time Halo releases). I'm not missing out on either side haha, I have friends and family on both consoles. Sad to say I barely played online on my Xbox -- before it got stolen :'( But I'm gonna find a deal for a year of Xbox Live this year and next year, and when I get the console I'll play with my friends and all that good stuff. But first year of next gen is dedicated to PlayStation for me lol. Good times to be had on both :)
urwifeminder  +   931d ago
Pc for specs xbox one for my console fix after playing a lot of pc multiplats that I played on console some are like HD remakes blown away.
wordonthestreet   931d ago | Spam
badboy776  +   931d ago
PS4 easily. But I'm not getting my PS4 till early next year because I'll be too busy playing Games on my PS3 such as

Beyond Two Souls
Grand Theft Auto 5
Granturismo 6
Madden 25( pre-orderd for NFL sunday Ticket)
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Master-H  +   930d ago
Same here bro, i'll get it when Infamous SS is dropping , after i have done multiple playthroughs in Dark Souls II.
deadie  +   931d ago
PS4 - no doubt. Im not only disappointed on MS, i think im more disappointed by those who still actually gonna buy the xbox one. The stupidity is beyond me.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   931d ago
PS4 for exclusives and not just the AAA ones but the Indies too (Also really like the look of Knack).

When I see something that shows off Kinect 2's potential then maybe i'll consider the Xbox one, but I've not seen anything thats amazed me. I don't really see Voice recognition as an awesome feature, it's a feature but isn't exactly mind blowing, some of the motion controls are nice, but again 90% I'll be using the controller, until i see games making the best of it then I'll consider..

For now though I'm happy with PS4 with the price and launch titles, I don't see either console as inferior, they defiantly appeal to certain people for certain reasons, I get frustrated with Microsoft more than Sony though. I Feel the last months has been gut wrenching with dribs and drabs of info that should have been dealt with at the reveal.

Either way it doesn't matter which console is better, what matters is how awesome the games will be and there's not much argument about that!
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NeloAnjelo  +   931d ago
No Bluetooth, still uses batteries and can't swap out HD.... Remind me, how is this next gen?
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   931d ago
I thought they done away with batteries? Was that in the video or did I miss it? Hmm, I buy enough batteries for my headset lol
NeloAnjelo  +   930d ago
The battery pack now fits neatly into the back, without the bulge. So still batteries.

I was shocked too!
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SynestheticRoar  +   931d ago
PS4 their ahead of the game. Those other guys are still playing catch up.
riseer23  +   931d ago
Laughing so hard at the Xbots,i find it funny you guys forgive MS.After all the BS over DRM,also don't forget these '' 3rd party Exclusives'' are timed and more then likely be on Ps4 in the near future.Sony has better first party support by far.Ps4 is a more powerful,less clunky piece of hardware.
quenomamen  +   931d ago
They got that Amnesia, maybe somebody went upside they head ?
madpuppy  +   930d ago
Microsoft is like a mad dog, you got grab both ears to keep it from biting you, the second you loosen your grip and think your safe that is when you get bit. I say, go ahead, forget that MS tried to screw gamers with their consumer unfriendly tactics, the second you think your safe is when MS is going to crush you.
dannylilley  +   931d ago
People are hilarious. I choose whatever console for games is a pointless argument for one simple factor - they've only revealed games for the first 6 months to a year of the console life. Unless you can predict the future that's an almost invalid reasoning. Obviously that's what you'll be playing when the console first comes out which does sway to some degree, at first, but that's it.

Also with all the game releases over the lifetime this will constantly change. I've got a PS3 and there's been a few 360 games I wish I'd been able to play and conversely I've known plenty of PS3 games 360 owners would loved to have played.

Can we all just be honest for once and say "I'm getting the one most of my mates are getting". As much as you want to get on your high horses about specs, price and features surely you'd mainly want to play with your friends?
#27 (Edited 931d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   931d ago
The one that will have Naughty Gods and Holy Santa Monica with a side order of ready at dawn.

Motorola RAZR i
quenomamen  +   931d ago
Ill take the better hardware, dont forget this is not a minor power difference like 360 vs PS3 this is 30 - 50% depending on who you ask. Will multiplat launch games be better on PS4 ? I really dont think so, but we will see the power avantage start to show within 1-2 years without a doubt.
reaperofsouls  +   930d ago
Why didn't the video mention the GPU spec of both systems as this is the most important conpoment in turns of gameplay
Daves  +   930d ago
Exactly! Completely skipped over.
Daves  +   930d ago
Bubbles for the name.
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