Confirmed: all 10 Battlefield 4 maps support all 7 game modes

DICE has confirmed that all 10 Battlefield 4 maps will support all 7 multiplayer game modes.

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ABeastNamedTariq1935d ago

Thank you! I'm glad. That's a really good thing.

1935d ago
TheFutureIsBlue1934d ago

That is a lot of game options. I'm tired of people putting Dice down. 10 maps with all game modes? That is a lot of time and work! Can't wait for day one.

MariaHelFutura1935d ago

Nice good news, I hate when maps only support certain modes. It's kinda ridiculous not to.

sAVAge_bEaST1935d ago

Previous, it was more of adding new modes, as new maps came out, not being able to go back to vanilla.. This time they're gunn'n out the gate. /nice

jackanderson19851935d ago

about time sick of playing the same map over and over cuz the game mode is only supported on that one map or small amount of maps

MrMister1934d ago

I want to be so happy, but I hope they put servers close to Australia. We keep getting the worst lag in games. In bf3 it was harsh for Aussies.

titletownrelo1935d ago

I heard in an interview that they are replacing Squad Rush with an infantry focused mode of Domination...

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