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At various points, Killer is Dead shoots for the visual surrealism of El Shaddai, the hyperbolic intensity of Asura's Wrath, the oddball melodrama of Deadly Premonition, the extravagant showmanship of Bayonetta. It misses by a wide margin every time. Those games are punk, but Killer is Dead is just posturing. It's just product.

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1815d ago
N4g_null1815d ago

Wow so this gaming isnt punk? Thankfully it isnt too bad he didnt put it on the wiiu. The uk hates japan it seems.

L_alive1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

eurogamer germany 9/10
eurogamer 5/10

Ign italy 9/10
ign 5/10

I mean wtf is wrong here you game review sites need to get your reviews sorted why 2 score with vastly differnet opinions from the same site?

maximus19851815d ago

I'm so confused!!! Is it really good or really bad?!!!

Hanso1815d ago

prude america is prude
im still getting it day 1

Venox20081815d ago

its only for you to decide

MadMax1814d ago

These reviewers cry about the sexual content, really stupid and just nitpicking. Some screen tearing, who cares as long as the game looks good and plays good. Purchasing it today regardless of what these prude reviewers think.

The artistic style, bizarre world, trippy characters and gameplay look great to me. Not to mention every launch edition right now comes with extra dlc, soundtrack and an 80 page hardcover artbook! You cant beat that!