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Killer7: 10 Years Later

22d ago - One of the Most Divisive Games of All Time Turns 10. | GameCube

PlayStation 2: From A to Z – The Letter “K”

28d ago - Drew Leachman writes: The From A to Z series lets our editors go back and take a look at games fr... | Kingdom Hearts

Ten Years of ‘Killer7’, Suda51’s Revelation of Raw Sensory Power

147d ago - Delivering a level of extravaganza reached by few other games, this collision of individuality... | Wii

When “Awesome” Games Aren’t Enough Anymore

227d ago - Current Digital editor Brian White examines maturing from pure action-based games to seeking out... | GameCube

Game Over: 5 of the Most Mind-Blowing Game Endings

252d ago - Here are just a few mind-blowing game endings that broke all the rules and left us speechless, pr... | Culture

Interview: Suda51 Talks LET IT DIE & Being An Old School Otaku | AUTOMATON

450d ago - Goichi Suda - aka "Suda51" of Grasshopper Manufacture - speaks with the AUTOMATON JP staff about... | PS4

5 Unpopular Games We Loved Anyway

453d ago - The Non-Fiction Gaming staff look into games that were underrated or written off. "Today we d... | PC

The best Rail Shooters ever made

471d ago - Rice Digital takes a look at the best in a genre that doesn't get much in the way of interest the... | GameCube

10 Video Games That Were Always Doomed To Fail

519d ago - From bloated budgets to outright unmarketable premises, each of these games have their own storie... | PC

8 WTF Games You Need To See To Believe

526d ago - We all know Suda 51 makes some weird games. But he may not necessarily be king of surreal games.... | GameCube

The Legacy of the Capcom Five

652d ago - The Capcom Five were announced with much fanfare in 2002. A range of games for the Nintendo GameC... | GameCube

5 Of The Biggest WTF Moments In Gaming

759d ago - Joe at GameGrin: "Sometimes, when you’re playing through a game, you’ll come to a point when you’... | PS2

Pixelitis Picks: The best cel-shaded games out there

770d ago - "With The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker out in the wild in all its cartoony and bloom-filled gl... | GameCube

This Week in Gaming 7/7-7/13

866d ago - In This Week in Gaming, Hardcore Gamer takes a look back at some of the most newsworthy events in... | GameCube

Top 10 Mindboggling Plot Twists in Video Games

920d ago - I’m a sucker for a great story so I love coming across a good plot twist that shakes me to my cor... | Culture

Top 20 Games of the 2000s That You Never Played — Part III

1006d ago - Hardcore Gamer: In the midst of all the industry hustle and bustle, it’s easy to miss out on cert... | GameCube

Kill the Past: How Killer is Dead May Take Suda51 Back to His Roots

1041d ago - GP writer Marcus Estrada discusses why he believes Suda51's new upcoming game Killer is Dead may... | Xbox 360

Top 10 GameCube Games

1063d ago - Leviathyn | The purple cube with a lunch box handle may sold fewer consoles than the PS2 or Xbox,... | GameCube

10 Wicked Video Game Assassins That Couldn’t Be Stopped

1094d ago - Now that gamers have finally had a chance to experience Assassin’s Creed 3 in all its glory and t... | PC

Game Informer - Replay: Killer 7

1151d ago - Game Informer - Aram Jabbari is possibly Replay's most popular guest of all time. Atlus' PR manag... | PS2

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Greatest Story Ever: Killer 7

1208d ago - 1up - If you asked me to explain the particulars of Killer 7's plot, I'm not sure if I could -- a... | PS2

New Game + | The bizarre brilliance of Suda51, part one

1221d ago - Andrew Passafiume: "Usually in New Game+, I discuss components of games, gaming culture, and the... | Culture

The 5 Best Uses of Cel Shading In Video Games: Part Deux

1248d ago - Daniel Hill Writes - Last week, I constructed a list of what I thought to be the five best uses o... | GameCube

Top 6 Suda 51 Games

1253d ago - GP: "Goichi 'Suda 51' Suda is one of the more prolific game developers in recent memory. The game... | GameCube

Best GameCube games of all time

1315d ago - GamesRadar: Nintendo's purple square of a system didn't win the console generation from a sale... | GameCube
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