Power Leveled's Preview of Xbox One Controller's Features and Design Changes

Today Microsoft released a hands on video about the design and features of the all new Xbox One controller. It offers up a good view of the internals and offers up some insights into some of the design changes.

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alexkoepp1546d ago

It would be awesome if they released a touch screen attachement a la the keyboard pad of this generation. Give me custom button controls on it like controlling my music and inviting friends with a button press... yes... a touch screen with custom apps/controls... then it would be perfect...

Ghost_of_Tsushima1546d ago

I want to squeeze the triggers and feel the impulse.

Stevefantisy1546d ago

Was never a fan of the old one not much differnce to me here.

ROQFrost1546d ago

Oh man we have a Sony fanboy over here.

Docknoss1546d ago

Hey steve I just wanted to tell you I ment to hit disagree you flocking troll

Stevefantisy1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I never said I didn't like the 360 did I? I said I was not a fan of the controler so having an opinion on what I like or dislike makes me a troll?

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