GC: Interview: Phil Harrison on Xbox One

CVG:After a calamitous and luckless five months for Microsoft, Phil Harrison just wants to talk about the games.

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mewhy321709d ago

Of course they just want to talk about the games LOL :>
They don't want to talk about the TV reveal in Feb, or the DRM thing, or the NSA thing, or the "Always on" thing, or the kinect thing, and the surely don't want to talk about the they sure don't want to talk about that LOL. That only leaves the games LOL.

towelie12881709d ago

calm down sony fanboy
dont you got some sony ps4 videos to jack-off too or something

mewhy321709d ago

OUCH....stepped on an xbone sheep. Hey just stating the facts and your resort to profanity says it all. BAM!!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31709d ago

Games...that's what's important. Are you actually complaining?

BABYLEG1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Lol @ how invested Sony fans are in a console that only has a ram upgrade. Instead of buying a 2012 car, just buy a 2013 because the tail lights look different.

or buy the weaker, but only next Gen console.. The Xbox one. If we were to put XO games and ps4 games side by side in a blind comparison.. Everyone would think the XO is stronger.

I know it hurts, but you know its true

@mewhy, I think he responded the way he did because he doesn't think anyone can be a nonsensical fool saying the things you say.. I wanted to react the same way, because lets be real here.. You don't contribute anything.. Just incite bullshit. Go play your indie games in a basement and wait for games like the agent and last guardian to be released.. Lets add one more game to that list that will never be released... The Order

Master-H1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Only ram upgrade ? the GPU in the ps4 is better than the bone's as swell , stop denying and downplaying FACTS whenever it suits your fanboyism.
And no , if we put the xbox and the ps4's exclusives together the ps4's games look more next gen:
- Killzone looks amazing graphics wise, what game on the bone looks as good as killzone ??? TitanFall surely doesn't , and if you are adding TitanFall we can add planetSide 2 (and other f2p titels, Warthunder, warframe etc) to the conversation since both are available on PC.

- Infamouse Second Son stills looks the most next gen game out of nearly ALL the games shown
exclusives and 3rd party, only The Division could be considered better.
Yes Ryse' s graphics does look awesome but still not on KZ or I:SS level.
And if you're gona come at me with Forza (which still uses pre baked lighting, and coming out unfinished, requires day one patches and what not) go check out the last off screen video of DriveClub from gamecon with the updated build, and see how REAL next gen racing looks like.

And he doesn't have to go wait for The last Guirdian or Agent (where's Milo by the way ?? LOL ) instead he can go play ps3 exclusives from this year, what xbox360 exclusives you're getting this year ? LOL

Also The Order is coming out in 2014, i'm not sure where your trolling about it came from, is it because your jealous of how good it looks or how Sony brings new Ips instead of rehashed stuff like Dead Rising (Zombies) Lol

towelie12881709d ago

profanity??!! what is this Pre-school?
Grow Up kid

n4rc1709d ago

He's a known troll.. One of the dumber ones at that.. Hell I need to click show to even read his stupidity now.. The ignore feature comes in handy.. Lol

jackanderson19851709d ago

why would he talk about things that are no longer an issue like the DRM thing, the small majorities paranoia that the NSA will use the kinect to spy on you and not sure what the "kinect thing" refers to exactly

n4rc1709d ago

@master H

"is it because your jealous of how good it looks or how Sony brings new Ips instead of rehashed stuff like Dead Rising (Zombies) Lol"

thank you SO much for actually posting that.. i couldnt mock you more then you just did.. lol

first... lets mock zombies after spitting and wiping from ND and their walking dead ripoff.. moving on

but lets bring up all those new IPs like killzone 4 and infamous 3..

do you sony fans actually realize what you are saying or are you so desperate to bash microsoft that you cant see it?

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Bennibop1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I am glad Miscosoft have employed Harrison, he had a hand in the PS3 launch being dog awful too.

TM3331709d ago

No doubt! At the time, I couldn't quite put my finger on why, but I never really cared for Mr. Harrison. Was glad to see him gone from Sony. Best of luck to him and all that....

Bercilak1708d ago

From the interview:

"CVG: A quick word on Kinect - I presume there will never be an Xbox One sold without it. You are doing this for developer-related reasons as much as your own. You want all developers to know that they can always implement Kinect technology because it always comes with every system. Would that be correct?

Phil Harrison: Correct. Xbox One is Kinect. They are not separate systems. An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. These are all part of the platform ecosystem."

Assuming that Microsoft doesn't do another flippity-flop on this issue, they can kiss a good number of customers good-bye, including me.

As for people who insist on having a Kinect with an Xbox One, there's a simple way to do that: buy it.