PS3Fanboy Hands-on with Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Although the Broken Mirror expansion won't be ready until April 17th (day of the PLAYSTATION Store relaunch), we had a chance to play it with fellow online journalists. Majed and myself took to the skies in split-screen action as we played a round of Capture the Flag and Zones on the brand new map: Vaporfield Glacier.

Ten variations are planned for the largest Warhawk map to date, and the two that we played today were both intelligently laid out, with multiple routes possible by foot, car and sky. Unlike in Omega Dawn, these variations never feel overwhelming large. The level was just the right size for our group of about a dozen players: it wasn't too small to feel barren (a problem in Omega Dawn), and wasn't too small to create a too-chaotic feel. Although the weather is supposed to change, we experienced clear skies in our play session. It might be an ice level, but don't expect to slip 'n slide."

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Nykamari3900d ago

Two major downloads, MSO Beta and Dark Mirror. Its going to be fun!

akaFullMetal3900d ago

going to be great, got my beta number two days ago, can't wait for this and mgo, add me if you want to play warhawk, i play alot, so ill see you in the skies.
psn: akafullmetal