Dark Souls 2 Interview with Brian Hong

Gamer FitNation's Antwand Pearman had a chance to chat with Brian Hong to talk Dark Souls 2 - new engine, enhancements, and more.

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candoa1685d ago

They should have a ps4 and xbox one version. come one guys this game is coming out in 2014 release a next gen version to.

JP13691685d ago

Porting from PC shouldn't take too long. I'd love to be able to play this on my PS4 at 60 frames.

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YoungPlex1685d ago

Oh man, it's coming! Though I do love the idea of a multi-gen release of Dark Souls II that probably wont happen, at least not right away. That still won't stop me from putting down my PS4 controller and ignoring it for a few months, just to slay some demons.

"Are thou done? May thine, strength help the world be mended"

Boy, how I miss the candle lady...

SolidDuck1685d ago

Ya with them making a PC version, I would love to see them make a ps4 version. I'm not sure ill keep my ps3 around that long. Love the souls games tho.

AceBlazer131685d ago

Loved demons souls but never go around to playing dark souls guess now would be as good a time as any.

TooTall191685d ago

It's good but I like Demon's Souls much better.

Mister_G1684d ago

They are both great games, but for me, Dark Souls takes it (just).

Dark Souls is a bigger game, with more weapon/armor choices, better weapon upgrade system and has better bosses (although there's 1 or 2 not so great ones).

If DaS2 can combine the best aspects of DeS and DaS then DaS2 will be amazing! :)

dcj05241685d ago

Hope this feels a bit more like Demon's Souls with it's own flair of course.

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