Some new features of Xbox One require an Xbox Live Subscription, and why that doesn’t matter

Tech Raptor- Microsoft released this week that some of the main features that have been talked about on Xbox One will require an Xbox Live membership. Some of them are surprising, while many aren’t mainly because they are features that you would use online playing.

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xHeavYx1746d ago

Doesn't matter? You people keep yourself telling that. I'm still trying to make sense of why something as the game DVR would require an online subscription. In a way it's like MS is still trying to implement their "always online" ideas, just hidden in features

Majin-vegeta1746d ago

M$ saw people were blind to pay for everything behind a paywall this gen.SO they decided they would do it again.And it's sad especially when the competition is offering it for free.

ZodTheRipper1746d ago

They'll probably reverse everything again in a few weeks ...I wonder if this is some kind of weird marketing strategy. They sure get a lot of media attention from reversing every crappy decision they made during the design process.

cleft51746d ago

If some of the main reasons to buy your console is behind a pay wall then it absolutely matters.

georgeenoob1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


Yet it matters so much to fanboys like you doesn't it? The funny part is fanboys made fun of MS this gen for charging multiplayer and now that Sony is charging for multiplayer THAT doesn't matter anymore, does it? Lol.

n4rc1746d ago

It doesn't matter.. Its $5 a month or less.. I've had my gold account for like 7-8 years now.. Its a non issue as anyone even half interested in gaming will have it. Just as ps4 gamers will pay for PS+

Its just the beef of the day..

Freedomland1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


Sony is not stealing or forcing you to pay extra, it is because of rising cost and betterment of the services, most of the features and services are still out of paywall like netflix, free2play games, browsing, recording etc.
I don't want to talk about Microsoft, everybody knows who they are what they are doing and if still you don't know, it's your ignorance and ignorance is bliss.

Sayai jin1746d ago

Why do people still do the same old song and dance. If people want to pay for it let them pay for it. Majin remember that most people never thought Sony would charge for PSN, but you see they change that. Is that going to stop people who want to pay for it to stop paying. Nope, its there money. Let them do with it as they wish.

user55757081746d ago

honestly people the point being missed here is that every other media device offers stuff like netflix, hulu plus, youtube, amazon video and online chat for FREE

microsoft puts it behind a paywall because they want to control every little thing you do on xbox live

part of it too is perception and marketing. lets face it the average buyer isnt very informed. so when they advertise xbox live they can just add netflix hulu and amazon video to the list of features you get with it and the dumb people out there will see that as "more value" and won't think twice about paying for something free

nukeitall1746d ago


"Sony is not stealing or forcing you to pay extra, it is because of rising cost and betterment of the services, most of the features and services are still out of paywall like netflix, free2play games, browsing, recording etc.
I don't want to talk about Microsoft, everybody knows who they are what they are doing and if still you don't know, it's your ignorance and ignorance is bliss. "

So when Sony charges for online play, it is for the "betterment of the service", but when MS does it, it is a straight rip off?

What if MS is putting in extra resources to tailor the apps to Xbox One standards?

That is basically what MS has been doing with every single app, and that is why the Xbox experience is unified.

The fee enabed MS to experiment and introduce apps like Netflix which started this revolution. MS revolutioned online play and apps like Netfix on consoles, not Sony.

Sony and hence their customers is just a beneficiary of what MS has done!

Freedomland1746d ago


I have only one answer for whatever you said in the comment.

Double payments for the services and charging payment for free services is not revolution, it's swindling.
Being a Microsoft fanboy you don't have choices, just do it their way or no way.
And ton of other polices which they reversed, for that thanks but no thanks.
Don't be a slave to products, buy freedom not shackles.

darthv721746d ago

I see it as them catering to the paying customers first.

ICECREAM1746d ago


What about the people who paid 500$ for the console. Second grade citizens.

CynicalKelly1746d ago

Harsh truth. And when Sony see Microsoft getting away with it then they will jump onboard next gen just like they did with the Pay to play fee.

DigitalRaptor1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

@ nukeitall

Some of you guys have it so skewed and are majorly ignorant to the degree of which I'm not sure if I can take you seriously at all.

When Sony charges you it's sure as hell not for P2P connectivity or free apps or free-to-play games, or features that are free on every other platform. That ridiculousness has been Xbox and Xbox 360 for the past decade, and so.. sadly... it continues. The stupidity continues.

Now I'm not saying these are not great features. Far from it, but you guys absolutely need to face the facts - Sony are reasonable and don't insult you by charging for things that are free on every single other platform and device out there, and how Microsoft gets away with it? Distractions, padding, smoke and mirrors, half truths. Sure it's marketing - doesn't make it good practice or even remotely respectable. The ignorance of people like you, and those that brush it under the carpet because they're a loyalist with so much invested in the Xbox brand they can't see past what Microsoft has conditioned them into doing and believing, is astounding.

Sony has had dedicated servers on their games on PS3 for years, and they've also been upscaling and boosting their network leading up to what they require for PS4. And not just requiring a subscription to play online, but actually bothering to provide value and save gamers money. GIVING BACK from day freakin' one. Being fair and not locking in games or features that don't require it.

I'll put things in perspective: 90% of the Xbox One's features are locked behind a paywall. Ridiculous things. Game DVR, OneGuide, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, NFL,, iHeartRadio, Network Ten, Crunchyroll,, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video, SkyDrive, freaking SKYPE video chat and wait for it......... the Internet Explorer application, that is free even on Windows. And much more.

All freely available to access on every other platform and device, YET you have to pay Microsoft a premium of $60 a year/every year to access them. Pathetic.

If you support a company who charges you to access these features, I find it hard not to think of you as an idiot. But this is not the least surprising to me, as people have been supporting this anti-consumer company for as long as I can remember.

Freedomland1746d ago


First Microsoft wanted XFans to take all the bitter pills at the same time and now one by one.

gaffyh1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Maybe MS just sees it as, people who pay for Gold are more likely to want to use this service? Plus, stuff like SmartMatch wouldn't work at all because you need to be able to play online for it to actually work.

I'm not too bothered about it tbh, because more than likely I won't ever try and connect online with the Xbone apart from the initial update. Game DVR behind the pay wall is a bit of a pain, because I feel like that would be a useful feature for walkthroughs, and getting/giving help to people, and at the same time it is a good advertisement for the system and it's games imo.

Everything else, I don't care about at all.

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Dlacy13g1746d ago

Of course MS is trying to drive people toward paying for Xbox Live, just like Sony added Multiplayer to the list of PSN+ features.

But, but, but Sony doensn't make you pay for DVR features via PSN+. If I had to guess (because I don't believe Sony has confirmed how its DVR works), I would say Sony's DVR is going to store your game capture locally on your HDD vs Xbox One will store your capture on cloud storage. Sony isn't needing to use other resources like cloud storage so it isn't something that would make sense for PSN+, MS is using Cloud storage and why it is behind Xbox Live Gold.

Smoovekid1746d ago

It is pretty easy to store videos on external hard drives, what is your point.

xHeavYx1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Right, Da Powa of Da Clouds... SMH

Lovable1746d ago


I was gonna say that in that exact same spelling too...lmao

Groo1746d ago

I'm sure that cloud storage applies to Netflix memberships too right?... The whole cloud stuff that MS is throwing around, if you really look at it, is a form of control. They make everything associated with Cloud sound inovative and cutting edge blah blah... its how MS intends to Control and dictate what their subscribers do/use..

Think about it, why doesn't the xb1 have an upgradable HDD? To force people to pay and use Cloud storage where they can control pretty much anything you download and/or pay for. In fact I think the only reason the XB1 has a 500GB harddrive in the first place is mostly due to the competition having it IE Sony. Otherwise MS would force you to store/save/filter everything you do using Cloud.

Not right away but I'm thinking after a year or so, I wouldn't be suprised if MS increases the rates on Xbox live subscriptions and make up some kind of BS to make people believe its in their best intrests. I have a feeling they will

If after all the shady stuff MS has been doing the past few months with all the flip flopping doesn't SHOW you that MS does not have YOU the Gamer/consumers best interests at Heart then more power to you, its your money.

I guess we'll find out soon enough

TKCMuzzer1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

But if you can upload your videos to certain sites from your PS4, technically it is being stored elsewhere. Once you upload to a video sharing site you still have complete access to it, you could just remove the original from your hard drive. I still don't get why you have to pay for it, even people who want to play single player only should have the right to share footage of their gaming moments.

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-Mika-1746d ago

And im wondering why I have to pay to play online with my ps4. Both companies are putting features behind a paywall. So just shut up and deal with it.

xHeavYx1746d ago

No, one company is putting one feature behind a paywall, another company is putting many features behind a paywall, which one is which> pretty obvious. I don't expect any sense from you though

mattdillahunty1746d ago

the fact that Sony put the most important feature of the system behind a paywall isn't what matters. no, what really matters is that Microsoft put non-gaming stuff like Netflix and Skype behind a paywall. you know, because Netflix and Skype are why people buy consoles. not for games or anything.

just face it, it sucks that you have to pay to play online for either console. nitpicking whether certain apps should or shouldn't be behind that wall is pointless. yes, MS is screwing you over, but stop trying to act so proud that Sony is screwing you over a little bit less.

dennett3161746d ago

Terrible argument. Pay to play online sucks...I never play online. Yet I already have a Plus subscription due to the cheap games it offers (they're not free....but they're MASSIVELY good value), as well as PSN discounts that can see you paying for the Plus subscription in savings just by buying games you want.
You cannot excuse Microsoft putting things like Netflix and Free to Play games behind a Gold paywall by pointing to Sony introducing a charge for online play. MS were already charging for online play, and that charge offered a LOT less additional value than Playstation Plus offers. Screwing Silver members out of features that MS have no right to be charging for is anti-consumer, and flat out ridiculous.
Netflix have their own costs MS literally nothing, yet they put it behind a paywall. There is no justifying that. Out of 78 million 360 owners worldwide, roughly 48 million connect to Xbox Live....and that number includes both Gold and Silver level subscriptions. Let's be really generous and say that 35 million of those are Gold level....that's less than half of the current install base of the console that have Gold. That's a lot of people who are denied access to features that shouldn't be.
Keep trying desperately to rationalise all you like, but MS artificially trying to boost the value of their subscription service has led to a crappier experience for the majority of their users for no good reason.

Groo1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I can use a PS4 online without paying for PS plus. I can use the web brower, watch netflix, buy Games/movies from the PS store, Play free to play Games/MMO's. Save and share game footage with friends, chat with friends. Share downloaded games etc WITHOUT paying a Subscription fee. Not all PS gamers play competative MP and that is the ONLY thing as far as Online gaming that PS plus is required for..

Wake up Mika.. damn

Edit: Not Every game that will be Available to play Online will require a PS Plus subscription. At least with Sony your given Options, I guess people don't like having options now a days

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GribbleGrunger1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Of course it matters. What are these people thinking? Are they assuming that everyone will stick with their current brand? If your competitor offers what you are offering but for free, then it MATTERS.

I've never seen this level of what can accurately be described as 'denial'.

Dlacy13g1746d ago

"Denial" because people don't share your opinion? That is most certainly a sentiment of N4G.

GribbleGrunger1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

It IS denial. It's got nothing to do with how I personally perceive it. If I offered something for free and someone else offered it at a price, I GUARANTEE I'll have more customers. It's not rocket science. Some of you just don't seem able to grasp the realities of life.


Hicken1746d ago

How is it about opinion? It's denial because it's denial. Whether these things are free or paid for DOES matter, as it will definitely affect people's perception of whether or not your product offersa better value.

It's getting harder and harder to argue for the XB1 right now.

Dlacy13g1746d ago

Its opinion because he makes the assumption the services are exactly the same.

Hicken1745d ago

... the services he "assumes" are the same, if he's doing so, ARE the same: Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Skype, web browsing, etc. At best, there will be minor interface differences, but the content and content delivery will likely be extremely similar.

So that's a fair assumption to make.

Which means dismissing it as opinion is invalid.

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malokevi1746d ago

"In a way it's like MS is still trying to implement their "always online" ideas, just hidden in features "

Exactly.... and I couldn't be happier about it :D

All you whiny idiots who complained about a product you had no intention of buying... looks like your complaining will end up being of little to no consequence.

Online emphasis.... "Its a good thing."

TKCMuzzer1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I don't think you should call people idiots unless you have a very strong argument. I know many people who intended on buying an Xbox one before all of this crap broke out and have changed their stance. They are the people complaining because many Xbox owners thought Microsoft may change some things with a new generation and are little surprised at what Microsoft are doing.
Plus these whiny idiots as you say are potential buyers, they are the people Microsoft should be trying to attract not push in the opposite direction.
I bet there are plenty of people who don't play online with their PS3, just play single player games and watch things like netflix, they are still a console purchaser when all is said and done.......

Online emphasis... "It's a good long as you don't charge for things others offer for free".

ma1asiah1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

@ TKCMuzzer

PS3 is free, yet until SONY introduced PSN+

Tell me this, who had the better online infrastructure, who was the better platform for multiplayer, who had party chat. Who offered try before you buy for arcade titles etc just to name but a few points that made XBL GOLD an attractive option.

There was a good reason SONY introduced PSN+ and it was only once they did that PS owners saw the benefits of a subscription based model.

Dont make out just because something is offered for free that, that same service is better than one you might have to pay for as that is definitely not always the case.

As for the second part about potential buyers/consumers, show me who these potential buyers are that keep spouting their gospel of negativity in respect of the X1.

Seriously it doesn't matter what MS does, these same people will NEVER and I mean NEVER buy the X1. They will always look for faults and flaws and if they can't find any they will just make some up. Don't kid yourself that those particular people are potential X1 buyers/consumers as they are not.

CYCLEGAMER1746d ago want it to matter. To the majority of xbox users, this is a non issue, only sony fans are making a big deal of this.

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No_Limit1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


Why does it matter to you anyway. It is not like you are getting the XB1 but you are sure on every one of these XB1 article and speaking like it has some kind of affect on your life. smh

"By the way, I've seen you in some pro-Sony articles trolling around, so STFU "

like this one?
"Any game release by Naughty Dog will be the day I am getting my PS4 with it. There is no way I will miss any of their games. Both Uncharted and TLOU are two of my favorite games from this generation."

xHeavYx1746d ago

@No_Brains.. I mean, No_Limit
Do you have a future machine where you can see that I didn't get the One? I prefer (obviously) the PS brand, but I had a 360 for a while.
By the way, I've seen you in some pro-Sony articles trolling around, so STFU

gaelic_laoch1746d ago

As I said before its like a form of Stockholm Syndrome! Some gamers feel the need to defend a company that has in the past and is in the future intending to rip them off again!

bohemian 231746d ago

@heavy First off, you're user pic is awesome. One of the baddest rock n roll bands around. I am baffled that you need live to use a feature (DVR) that is built into the system. Maybe some people do just want to show their family and friends some game footage, and not post it online. I have no problem with having gold for the other things and have been a Xbox live member since xbox, but I do not agree with locking system features that are not third party apps.

jb2271746d ago

i'm just waiting for the article titled "Microsoft requires you sign over your first born child in order to play the new halo, and why that should be fine w/ you" or "Seriously guys, come on, Microsoft is my friend, lay off him for a minute"

3-4-51746d ago

I've been paying $50 a year for xbox live since 2003.

It's worth it. Every time I played the equivelent PS3 game compared to my xbox 360, the online gaming experience was ALWAYS worse, in terms of population and lag and the dual shock and it's floaty analog sticks were just AWFUL for FPS games, especially online.

That being said, I'm probably getting a PS4, and have no problem paying $50 a year for good online gaming + free games.

The argument people are making is like saying:

EX: I already paid $20,000 for my car, I shouldn't have to buy gas ever.

jb2271746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

i'm not so sure that's a one to one comparison, if that was the case then sony & nintendo both paid your gas bill all last gen, it's more like a car company charging you a fee to open your gas tank in order to put gas in....we already pay our electric bill, that's the xbox's the fact that all of these big advertised features are behind a paywall, which would've made a lot more sense before the drm was removed, because the system was marketed as an online it stands, i still can't see how it's alright to charge an extra fee to access netflix, something that should have been rectified this gen, not compounded....i think the main source of upset is because most of these features are and have remained free in the sony and nintendo ecosystem, now sony are charging for online, but pretty much every single feature other than multiplayer can be accessed w/o the charges, if sony, a company worth likely much less than microsoft can stand to not make such ridiculous charges, then microsoft should be able to as well....but that's just their business model, and it's greedy, especially in comparison to other companies....i set up a mac book for my mom and she needed office for work, so the best buy employee obviously didn't know much about it and said she'd have to buy windows and parallels in order to get office, (when you can buy office for mac), but what was ridiculous was how many features are behind a paywall there now too....i remember when windows was starting out, word, office, excel, outlook, all of that stuff were included windows features, and now there really aren't any features that you don't have to pay a separate monthly fee's misleading and it's drug dealer america have your first few years for free, get everybody on windows as the gold standard, now pay us for every single can like the platform you like, there is no problem w/ that, and there is nothing wrong w/ buying an xbox now, but there is no way for any sane person to justify microsofts business practices, they are simply more greedy than most companies out there, sheer fact.

TechRaptor1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Thanks for your comment. My guess is because all of the Game DVR will be ran by the Could Servers...which means you need Live to access them.


ma1asiah1745d ago

At Home with Xbox One

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, an unlimited number of people can enjoy many benefits of Xbox Live Gold while they are using your Home Xbox One console. Friends and family will simply create their own account and gamertag and be able to enjoy Xbox Live online multiplayer gaming and access to entertainment apps.

Friends coming over to play? No problem. They can log in with their own gamertag and play online multiplayer. Even if you sign off, your friends and family can enjoy multiplayer gaming while they are playing on your Home Xbox One console

At a Friend’s House with Xbox One

On Xbox One if you are an Xbox Live Gold member, you will be able to go to a friend’s house and play co-op multiplayer– even if your friend is not a Gold subscriber. Once you log in with your Xbox Live Gold account, everyone using that console can access multiplayer and entertainment apps for as long as you are logged in.

At Home with Xbox 360 and Xbox One

If you are an Xbox Live Gold member today, you are already set for Xbox One. Your Xbox Live Gold membership for Xbox 360 will seamlessly become an Xbox Live Gold account on your Xbox One and you will be able to enjoy Xbox Live Gold features on either console. You can even be logged in to Xbox 360 and Xbox One at the same time. Home Gold benefits are exclusively for Xbox One.

What Home Gold Means for the Xbox One Experience

With Xbox One everyone in your home has a personalized account, which will enable powerful and personal experiences, and that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to create Home Gold. It means that your account and your gamertag are truly yours. You don’t have to share your gamertag for multiplayer gaming with others in your home, or see recommendations for your kid’s cartoons next to the recommended first-person shooter for you. It also means that you can introduce new games and enjoy multiplayer with friends while they are at your house. Last but not least, it also means that when you buy one Xbox Live Gold membership, multiple people can enjoy the best benefits of Xbox Live Gold on your Xbox One at no additional charge.

* This is what happens when people ONLY see what they want to see. Which in this case is looking for negatives where none exist.

As you can see all the features offered behind the Gold XBL subscription can still be enjoyed by others who do not have Gold.

One Gold account and everybody reaps the benefits, which if I remember right is 10 accounts per console maximum.

Stop trolling and spouting rubbish as fact.

Enjoy whatever console you prefer and leave the rest of us to enjoy the X1 as it was never intended for you but for those of us who ACTUALLY Like the X1.

The PS4 is an awesome console and I love what they are trying to do with it, but the X1 with all the changes that keep rolling in just gets better and better.

No matter what console you choose we the gamers win, there are no loosers ONLY happy gamers who are now reaping the benefits of this console war.

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slimeybrainboy1746d ago

These paywall things don't bother me because I have PS+ now and I didn't have any plans on unsubscribing regardless of multiplayer. I know the value in games will justify the price of PS+, but that being said just because it doesn't affect me it doesnt mean these things aren't bad.

Alot of complaints are based in principle and not practical situations. Nearly all of the people who read this site will have a subscribtion anyway, so I don't really think it matters as much as people make out.

MS are putting these features behind the paywall for the person with an expendable wage, who lets their XBL expire and isnt really bothered but still wants to use the box for the TV and media features. Not the gamer like us.

Funantic11746d ago

Without the PS+ you can't play multiplayer online, so that means your DVR only can record you playing at home by yourself. Why would you want to share that?...useless. Smh

Majin-vegeta1746d ago

Lol another one who doesn't know squat about the PS4 online network.

n4rc1746d ago

Either do you or anyone else.. Lol

This gen reminds me of politics in every way... Sony and ps4 are perfect and awesome because we can bitch the competition into the ground. The amount of info given to the public is staggeringly in Microsoft's favor

You aren't selling your product, your slamming competition instead.. Trying to make Xbox look bad doesn't make your product look any better..

1lawrence1746d ago

free to play games dummy

Rip-Ridah1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I imagined that being said in Fred Sanford's (Redd Foxx) voice from Sanford and Son.

OT: Many people like to make video walkthroughs of single player games. Sony has flagship titles that involve single player. Also, as stated above, free to play games are not hindered by PS+, so most MMO's will be able to be played online by all.

GodGinrai1746d ago

you can record your self playing the free to play games, I guess?

matrixman921746d ago

it matters because the competition isnt putting features that are based around your own connection behind a paywall

Soldierone1746d ago

It doesn't matter because Sony announced the opposite, so Microsoft will once again reverse something. Hopefully they keep doing it because its making Xbox One better.