Something new on the PS3 Settings menu coming soon?


"I think i deserve a medal! Don't ask how but i noticed something different in this picture. Whats that new icon above 'Game Settings' but underneath 'System Update'? It looks very similar to the message box icon so could it be 'Message Settings', 'RSS Feeds Settings' or 'Email Settings'? Hopefully we will find out in the 2.30 firmware update due next Thursday."


If you look in the following picture, it is in fact something called 'Edy Viewer' which is something exclusive to the Japanese market. Sorry to get your hopes up!

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Cwalat3904d ago

yeah good find, it kinda looks like a square thingy.. maybe home icon ?

BeaArthur3904d ago

I think with the extended down time on the Playstation Store that it is safe to say that next weeks update is going to be pretty significant.

Bleucrunch3904d ago

Goody gum drops....Nice find you are very perceptive sir!

spandexxking3904d ago

i have a japanese Playstation which has the edy viewer. i think its some sort of online money thing, kinda like pay pal but for the japanese market? correct me if im wrong though

Mystery_Person3904d ago

dude.... dude.... I'm sick of seeing that same icon on all the videos I download from the PS store! Only some vids I download from other sites show me a little preview before I press X.

Blackcanary3904d ago

Didn't see ur comment i just posted the same thing lol i've got a Japanese PS3 to and i think your right that does look like the Eddy Viewer.

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Marceles3905d ago

Looks like it could be "Message Settings"...hopefully for some kind of in-game messaging ;)

chaosatom3333904d ago

It comes with the next firmware update.

THE_JUDGE3904d ago

messaging next firmware I think I'll wet myself. You know.....for personal reasons.

Real gamer 4 life3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

It looks like sony is holding back on us. Sony can never keep a secret lol.

MaximusPrime3905d ago

i love these firmware updates.

Looking forward to this new feature. RSS is the one i wanted.

dalibor3905d ago

Yeah same here i like the updates, keep 'em coming. Oh by the way "autobots... lets roll out"

Skerj3905d ago

Yeah that message board is useless, I want real RSS feeds through it.

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The story is too old to be commented.