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Game Rant: "Pikmin 3 is an essential game for Wii U owners and it manages to pack a very serious punch with its adorable little stars. Whether it’s the wonderful aesthetic and graphics prominently on display within the title, or the fun-filled campaign and co-op features, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this game. Pikmin 3 has been a long time coming for Nintendo followers but, like the flower-inspired creatures that appear within the game’s vibrant world, the game has taken the extra development time and blossomed on the Wii U."

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bacrec11808d ago

The graphics are very good in this title. I couldn't help but think of what Nintendo has planned for the next Zelda title.

mii-gamer1808d ago

i think it is safe to say that our minds will be blown when the next zelda game is revealed