Nintendo To Use TSMC To Produce eDram Parts Going Forward

Update: Nintendo previously announced that they’ll use TSMC to produce the eDram parts going forward. No food for the vultures today.

Original: Some potentially an disturbing news has surfaced today as the Wii U might be in more trouble than you think. This time, however, the issue has nothing to do specifically with the games or sales of the console, but with the production of said hardware of it.

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TekoIie1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Well that was resolved quickly O_O

iamnsuperman1838d ago

I guess they got warning about it before it hit the news. These things don't happen overnight

elhebbo161837d ago

As always, sensationalist journalism is proven wrong.

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nick3091838d ago

There was no chance nintendo wouldn't get outta this mess ,they have alot of money.

Grimhammer001838d ago'd be nice to see all the gaming ninnies force thier dollars into Sony. (Not MS....obviously)

TURKEYonWH3AT1837d ago

And people need to remember along with the Wiiu Nintendo has the currently the best seeking console in the 3DS even if the Wiiu fails Nintendo will be fine

Grimhammer001838d ago

I mentioned my above message to make a point.
We all know how n4g works....and we all know haters will hate but are truly most vocal.

The fact that after 1hrvi have only 1 disagree shows just how relevant WiiU is to core gamers.

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