Is it time for a handheld Xbox console?

The debate over whether Microsoft should release a gaming handheld is an ancient one, of course, but it's picked up a little momentum of late thanks to Xbox SmartGlass, the success of 3DS, Microsoft Surface and other industry news that pertains to portability.

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allformats1690d ago

No. Let Microsoft get right releasing a home console first. When they can do that, we'll talk handheld.

Besides, handhelds are really struggling these days.

Need4Game1690d ago

handheld Xbox console? Sure. why not.

dedicatedtogamers1690d ago

Handhelds are doing fine. Last-gen we had the highest selling handheld of all time and the highest-selling non-Nintendo handheld of all time.

The thing is, Microsoft probably wouldn't WANT to make a handheld. They have Windows mobile and Windows Phone stuff which has the chance to make significantly more money, so they'll just put it on that. A dedicated handheld doesn't fit in their business model.

And remember, handhelds need to thrive in Japan to succeed, and...well...the Xbox brand in Japan? Yeah...

JBSleek1690d ago

No. Sony handhelds are struggling these days.

IcicleTrepan1690d ago

There's no reason for MS to make something like this. They sell tablets running windows 8. why make something that your own company would compete against.

edgeofsins1690d ago

They need better hardware engineers. They don't have good build quality in their systems and they show signs of laziness. External power brick still on a system already bigger then the original PS3 and they only recently achieved overclocking the GPU and still only by a very tiny amount. We also know the amount of testing done on the original 360, which was almost none.

mcstorm1690d ago

Microsoft have so of the best hardware engineers. Have you seen the Surface RT and Pro as imo there is no better looking tablet on the market right now.

The Xbox was also a solid device compared to the PS2 and your forgetting the PS3 had the YOLD until they went to the PS3S.

Also the xbox one imo looks a lot nicer than the ps4 but then again ive never liked any of the PS designs apart from the PSOne but love other Sony products like there TV's and hifi systems.

edgeofsins1690d ago

@ Mcstorm.

The PS3 YLoD? Do you think that as many PS3's died from this as did 360's from the RRoD? No, they did not. Every product has ones that break. That does not mean they are equal in that area.

I think when the XBox 360 loyalists I know in real life have had theirs break 3 or 4 times from the same issue it is not only a huge difference personally but a huge difference from the actual statistics.

I am not talking about hardware design for the looks. I am talking about engineering. The size difference is astounding. The PS4 is as big as the PS3 Slim. The XBox One is bigger then the original PS3 and it still has a power brick to come with it. The PS4 has higher performance and uses separate chips for other kinds of processing and still uses less power then the XBox One. Less power required for a higher performance system and in a smaller package.

Tablets are far different. They use parts that aren't as prone to overheating so making a sleek design isn't as difficult. I do love the design of the Windows tablet though. A kickstand built into the back and they included the keyboard case with it which I really like; it's rare for Microsoft to give extras like that. It is however overpriced by competitors standards. A Nexus 7 has the same processor yet it performs better despite having less RAM. It is also half the price. They overcharge. They spend money on others to push Windows mobile for them but they could do it themselves if they would just give better prices and release updated hardware more often.

Microsoft might have some of the best hardware engineers, MIGHT. They just don't use them like they should. If Steve Balmer actually knew about his work he would look at the box and ask why it's so big when it is an APU they are using.

It would be stunning if later on they released a version that could fit into the Kinect itself. I don't think they have vision though.

1690d ago
3-4-51690d ago

There is room for a 3rd handheld, but not really.

Every gen that goes by without legit competition to Nintendo or Sony makes it that much more difficult of a market to get into.

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iamnsuperman1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

No that would really damage Microsoft at the moment. They have just come off a failed mobiliesh venture (surface thing) and going into a market that is being dominated would be a bad move. They should wait for a gap. Microsoft are loaded but not that loaded to throw money away especially when it could eat into their other costly ventures

Bigpappy1690d ago

That's surface RT. M$ has 2 versions of Surface. Surface RT, which only runs software from the market place, and is completely closed; Surface Pro which runs everything RT can run and everything Windows 7 can run. Surface Pro has a bigger SSD, has a better screen, recognizes your hand writing and has USB3 ports with the capacity to add XSD cards over 64 Gig.

So with all of that upside for surface pro, who the heck wants RT?

Like I said before. Surface is not a failure.

iamnsuperman1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Surface is the brand and the whole thing is doing badly (that is numbers for the Pro and RT lumped together. . Similarly how Sony does it with their PSP and Vita sales under the PLaystation Portable section. Microsoft hasn't released figures for the Pro on its own). The Pro may be good and sell well but the RT has brought it down so hard the whole thing venture has failed regardless (both advertising budgets come into play here too) of it being 2 versions

"Recent reports from Bloomberg and from other analysts have shown that only around 1.5 million Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets have been sold ,whereas 14.6 million iPads have been sold just in one quarter"
(Source: )

What you said has no relevance to success or not. As we all know, success isn't the most powerful but the most user-friendly/well priced and well viewed (in the public eye) product

Bigpappy1690d ago

The surface sales can not be compared directly with Ipad, because IPad does not have direct clones and has been on the market way longer. Before surface was even released, they were Samsung, Acer and other versions already on the market. M$ did not even ship to retail stores at first and only select store still get to carry Surface. This is because they are not trying to compete with other OEMs partners. So only M$ get to decide what the success is. The surface is a proof of concept to try and show OEM partners a way forward.

sherimae24131690d ago

i guess not at this gen.... but who knows..

Foxgod1690d ago

No, leave that market to Nintendo, they are the only ones who got a working recipe for that sector.

Cam9771690d ago

Fanboy alert!
Why do you have to bring your misery to every comment section?

Genesis12951690d ago

This is true, the only handheld gaming device i've purchased have all been by Nintendo they are perfectionists, but if it just so happens Microsoft do decide to release a handheld game console then they will need to push it strongly and build on a concept that attracts customers not sure how a portable kinect would go ...., but again they've got Microsoft phones and tablets so its highly unlikely.

Aceman181690d ago

just gonna say no, i'm not sure they'd get that right.

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