Valve React To Greenlight Criticism

Programmer Tom Bui admits company needs to handle Greenlight better, let customers vote with their dollars.

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BranWheatKillah1643d ago

Why have the Greenlight program at all? Work on a system that allows us to buy these game directly via Steam, thereby taking the risk away from Steam and giving advantage to the developer.

I have yet to see a single game I voted on make it live to Steam.

zeal0us1643d ago

Well Valve better do something fast because what Sony is offering indie developers imho is better than the Greenlight program.

jdaboss1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I dont give 2 sh!ts about this.. Valve hasnt made a game (or even mentioned they were making a console game since 2010.) Step your ish up Valve.

dcj05241643d ago

Uh CSGO. That was last year.

NarooN1643d ago

And Portal 2 in, what was it, 2011?

But besides that, they haven't been doing too much (that we know of). I honestly don't even care for most of their games, but it'd be nice to get Ricochet 2 finally.

overrated441643d ago

Dota 2 says "hi" as well. But yeah, haven't done much.

Roccetarius1643d ago

Those games were not ''developed'' by Valve, but other teams they picked up.

overrated441642d ago

So the new Devil May Cry was not "developed" by Ninja Theory because it's just something that was "picked up"?