Top 10 Metal Gear Solid Moments

CCC says: "Throughout his tenure on the Metal Gear Solid series of games, Hideo Kojima has managed to baffle, confound, enthrall, and entertain millions of gamers through what would become one of the most memorable stories in gaming. The series is dotted with moments of socio-political commentary and messages of the dangers of nuclear proliferation and genetic research. It also confuses the crap out of nearly every gamer that has graced its complex web of story."

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TXIDarkAvenger1606d ago

My favourite moment may be when Raiden first appears in MGS4 and kills all those Gekko. That was so badass.

fardan851606d ago

My favorite moment is in MGS3, the boss confession.

joe901606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

MGS4 Snake v Liquid Ocelot Finale. When they were both nearly knocked out and they injected each other with the syringes to keep themselves fighting.

And when Naked CQC'd young Ocelot after he tried ejecting the first bullet by hand in MGS3 when they first meet.

jammy_701606d ago

The whole of mgs3. I just love mgs3!!!!

karl1606d ago

u guys are making me soo excited..

with the phantom pain coming i decided to play both mgs3 and peace walker..

im at 87% for MGS3 .. tomorrow i will sit and finally play the game..

i cant wait.. hearing a lot of good stuff about it..

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Einhert1606d ago

One of my favourites is ocelots first appearance in metal gear solid 3 and that first duel between him and snake

Heisenburger1606d ago

That's Major Ocelot to you. And don't you forget it.

The Ocelot reveal was pure joy. :)

CaptainYesterday1606d ago

So many great moments the Shadow Moses flashback was so rad I didn't expect it when I was playing through MGS4 and the graveyard scene in MGS4 was so great.

RDF1606d ago

The Death of SniperWolf.... ; ;

Fighting all those Metal Gear Rays with just one rocket launcher.

Number-Nine1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

- Psycho Mantis fight
- Grey Fox vs Rex
- Otacon peeing himself
- Sniper Wolf's death

- Emma's death
- Raiden has the main protagonist
- Colonel Campbell's won't stop calling! It's scaring me :(

- Boss betrays her country (or did she?)
- Naked's torture scene
- Big ass ladder with Snake Eater playing
- Motorcycle chase
- Boss vs Naked

- The Boss' AI drowns itself
- Hot Coldman activates his plan. V for Victory.
- Naked Snake finally accepts the title of Big Boss.
- Heavens Divide playing during battle
- Eva explains the Boss' actions

- Liquid's fingers of death
- Solid's crawl through the microwaves
- Shadow Moses return
- Solid vs Liquid
- Ray vs Rex
- Big Boss returns/ CQC Hug

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