Battlefield 4 to Possibly Bring Keyboard and Mouse Support to PS4

With the introduction of the Battlefield franchise on next-generation consoles, Battlefield 4 looks to provide a greater depth of functionality than what Battlefield 3 brought to the Xbox 360 and PS3. In doing so, it appears that DICE is actually looking into the possibility of bringing support for the keyboard and mouse into the PS4 version of this title.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1599d ago

Stupid idea. The game wouldn't be balanced then. Kb&m players would always win over controller players.

DoomeDx1599d ago

No way. As a PC gamer I can confirm that its almost pretty equal. While KB/M players will have to aim manually, console players get aim assist. When I play CS:GO on PC with a gamepad I can still hold out pretty good against KB/M players because of aim assist

NatureOfLogic1599d ago

Does the Xbone support m/k?

SolidStoner1599d ago

You are completely wrong... I was a PC gamer.. and now I play consoles.. I turn off aim asist as it does lower my personal performance.. I was a counter strike player long long time ago.. I can say that the both mouse and controller have small advantages and disadvantages.. it really depends on how you are using it...

and as for BF4 and PS4, its a very great news, it should be an option in any FPS game..

LOL_WUT1599d ago

If DICE can implement support for KB&M on a next-gen console than so can the makers of ARMA make it happen ;)

oof461599d ago

@DoomeDx: Despite all the disagrees, you are correct. With aim assist on, console players might be able to hold their ground.

HammadTheBeast1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Actually I can demolish people using my own controller while they have a KB/M. It just feels more natural and I can move and aim better.

What is necesarry for this feature to work is turn speed restrictions.

cpayne931599d ago

Aim assist is usually detrimental for me, I turn it off on all shooters I play online. I do a lot better than most other players too, the idea that console shooters NEED aim assist is untrue.

frostypants1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I'm all for it as long as I can choose to play on servers where KB+M are detected and banned. It DOES make a difference and one of the nice things about consoles is the level playing field.

givemeshelter1599d ago

It's not equal. I have a StormCM gaming mouse and its just way more precise then a game controller for FPS games. It's not even close to be honest

Anarki1599d ago

Shove in cross platform games between PS4 and PC or XBONE and PC please

Muffins12231599d ago

Keyboard rapes controller your not a pc gamer in fps lol

SaturdayNightBeaver1599d ago

U realize how faster i can turn with my mouse, check my corners and shit.. it cant be same even if you are pro.

SignifiedSix911599d ago

Wrong. I whoop ass with a controller on the PC version of BF3 all the damn time. You people just exaggerate how "superior" the mouse and keyboard are.

inmusicutrust1599d ago

Goto your browser and click a link using a controller and using a mouse. I don't see how you could argue its just as easy using the controller and feel this is comprable to lining up a good shot. Not sure whether I want this feature or not, I'm definitely interested but we will see. Do not like aim assist though.

ScamperCamper1598d ago

To anyone suggesting that it's even close to being equal, sorry. I'm here to inform you so that you can go on from this point with a greater sense of enlightenment.

Keyboard and mouse is proven to be more accurate. I can't recall exact details, but Microsoft researched this issue and the results were clear. Keyboard and mouse mixed into console game is a "worst case scenario", "code red", "all hands on deck", situation for online gaming.

Trust me. You have to trust what a company like Microsoft finds as opposed to some random internet story or theory.

1598d ago
starchild1598d ago

Just because some gamepad players adapt and can hold their own or even dominate other players using keyboard/mouse doesn't prove anything. It's anecdotal. Who's to say those exceptional players wouldn't be even better if they adapted to using a keyboard and mouse?

Across a range of players k&m has been shown to be more accurate than a gamepad.

KRUSSIDULL1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

To whoever says controller is better than KB/M is a joke!

I prefer the controller but I tried to plug in my Xbox 360 controller in the PC and play BF3 with it and quess what there is no accuracy with it compared to KB/M and thats from someone who is a hardcore console player.

Kingnichendrix1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Put it this way my mouse has zero latency and 2.4Ghz wireless with a 1m/s response time i can change its weight and shape its goes up to 6400 dpi, it has twin eye laser sensor that reads each axis separately for pinpoint accuracy and it can track up to a 6 meters per second. My keyboard also has a 1m/s response it has mechanical keys has anti ghosting and is designed for gaming and I also have a 360 controller and i can tell you now even if I play cod on pc with a controller very often i find myself at a disadvantage as compared to the KB/M configuration

NewMonday1598d ago

K/M have better accuracy but very hard to master, it is impossible for some to get into, the controller is easier to understand and master. shooters like BF are mostly about decision making and not gun face offs, and solders are bullet sponges so the K/M advantage is reduced, but for a fast paced game like TitanFall where you can kill with one squeeze of the trigger it will be a different mater.

JsonHenry1598d ago

No offense Doom but you are dead wrong. The KB/M players demolish the gamepad players. Its been proven over and over again by gaming/tech sites as far back as 1996 when I first started browsing the net for gaming related news. Yes there are a rare few that are insane with a gamepad. But the vast majority of people are much better in accuracy when using a mouse.

abzdine1598d ago

just give me some Move controls awesomeness! it feel real and adds to the realism.
i've personaly never seen soldiers on the battlefield with K&M. All my respects to my friends PC gamers

maddfoxx1598d ago

I'm a console gamer and I know that aiming with a mouse is a lot more accurate and faster than aiming with a game pad. I remember playing Unreal 3 online for the PS3 and you could always tell which players were playing from a PC because they were super fast.

awi59511598d ago

The fact is controllers cant hit crap without autoaim. Tell the controller people to turn raw input on when they are playing bF3 and see how well they do.

Veni Vidi Vici1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Sorry, it's been proven that KB+M players are so much more accurate AND faster at aiming that they destroyed controller players. MS did a study on it and it was a disaster. Even mediocre KB+M players were destroying controller players. MS had to cancel the plan.

Giru0171598d ago

@ScamperCamper (##1.1.14)
Yeah, like when Microsoft found out that players wouldn't mind an always online console, $499.99 price tag and massive DRM walls... Genius!

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Nitrowolf21599d ago

Um DUST 514, Counter-Strike, and a bunch of other titles support Kb&M and yet there really isn't huge advantage, if none at all.

RIP_Cell1599d ago

how do you kno there's isn't an advantage? do they tell you who's using Kb&Mouse?

SJPFTW1599d ago

I play console and PC. Mouse and Keyboard have a huge advantage even with controllers getting aim assist. Mouse is more precise and easier to aim with, compared to thumbsticks

frostypants1599d ago

If there were no advantage (which there absolutely IS) they wouldn't even bother offering it as an option. People want it because it is an advantage.

yeahokchief1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I could give a care less about this in relation to FPS games.

I'm excited because this paves the way for DotA2 coming to the PS4!!

Valve would have no excuses for denying us DotA2!


Actually every game on PS3 can be played through KB&M with adaptors, and there's plenty out there, you probably played with people using those thousands of times and never even realized, hence the point of having a huge difference is moot, if there were and it was favourable to KB&M everyone would readily notice and this adaptors would be even more popular, if the difference was much better to gamepad no one would use adaptors.

Of course in order to either control scheme to have any adavantage it depends more on how it's implemented than the controller itself. If either other method is tacked on it will be crap (like happens to gamepads in many PC games and KB&M on consoles through adaptors). When both are coded right, there's no such a thing as advantage, just personal preference.

And there's no point trying to argue which is better because we all can only know from personal experience and chances are no one master both at the same time, so even if you feel you are good enough with either, you'll probably still have a preference that have a lot more to do with ergonomics, muscle memory and out right nostalgia than with the theoretical best performance...

Let's make a little analogy here. I like to fish and I mostly use baitcasters, when I go with a spínning reel my performance drop is noticeable. That doesn't mean you can't do what I do or even better with a spinning reel, even if I can't keep up with my original performance, that's just because I had not trained with spinning tackle for years, it won't apply to people who use it every day, but likely those may have problems with baitcasters if they not apply themselves to it as much. Sure if we compare it, considering models with the same range of applications, you can argue that with spinning it's easier to achieve distance, casting smaller lures or go against the wind, while the baitcaster are lighter, faster/more practical to cast and easier to achieve precision, making it look like it depends on the exact situation, but actually people rarely change tackle thoughout similar applications, that's because you adapt to whichever is harder on your tackle and make up for the differences. So adaption beats technical differences.

So, to apply this analogy in gaming, I don't think te controller decides who win a match, it's who better mastered whichever controller one chooses or, when both mastered their controllers, it only depends on who is better at the game itself.

Veni Vidi Vici1598d ago

It all depends on the amount of aim assist. If there's a ton of aim assist, it will even out but for games with a normal amount of aim assist, KB+M players will destroy controller players. MS did a study on it.

SatanSki1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

@bishop-br Using those adaptors doesnt give you much adventage becouse you are still limited by the game which is not supporting true mouse input. You still turn only as fast as you would with the controller. Putting preferences aside, if controllers were as precise as mouse and keyboard you would see some people playing in CS tournaments with them.

Veni Vidi Vici1598d ago

Those KB+M adapters are NOT what you think they are. They aren't even close to what a M+KB are like on a PC. I've used them and they sucked. They require the use of a translator that changes the digital input from your M+KB and changes it to the analogue signal that the game is programmed to recognize from a controller. That translation gives a feel that isn't even close to the speed and accuracy of a KB+M on a PC.

The exception is for games that supported KB+M like in UT3. That support is in the programming so there's no translation going on and there isn't that "off" feeling that you get from translators in other games that don't support them. That's all due to the coding IN THE GAME- not through a translator. But even with the games that do support KB+M, they give you the option of only playing with KB+M players because there IS an advantage. If you don't believe me, just as MS. They did a study on it and it was a disaster for the controller players. I've already linked it twice in previous posts.

T21598d ago

advantage or not, I love my rocketfish bluetooth kb/m for my ps3, and I will gladly use it for gaming on ps4... wish more titles had this support, would make RTS games bearable....

N311V1598d ago

I disagree, at least in relation to my experience with Dust 514. I'm not a PC gaming so I've never played an FPS with a KB&M however I kept hearing how much easier it was so I gave it a go. Granted movement with the keyboard felt awkward and I didn't like it but man shooting was so much more accurate. I was pulling off head shots left right and centre and snipping was a walk in the park.

I don't want to use a KB&M with a console so I was rather annoyed after I'd learnt first hand just how much easier aiming was. So much so I nearly stopped playing the game altogether. I didn't though but that doesn't mean it doesn't annoy me when I'm killed by someone using KB&M (what I now know of as circle strafing is a dead giveaway).

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Kanzes1599d ago

Honestly, both keyboard/mouse and controllers are equally good for fps games. It's just, you can easily chat (not VOIP) with your keyboard while playing.

andreasx1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

not at all, you can become really good using the controller aswell. it all depends on what you like to play with the most.

OT= good for people who prefer M&K over the controller!

OrangePowerz1599d ago

UT3 on PS3 supported keyboard and mouse and you had the choice to play only with people that controller or keyboard and mouse.

Kingnichendrix1598d ago

You could also use pc mods in that game as well i really liked that game

Ray1861598d ago

And those rooms were ghost towns.

Megaton1599d ago

It's not as lopsided as people make it out to be. I've dominated matches in Far Cry 3 on PC with a controller. A person who plays really well with a controller will always school an average player who uses KB/M.

Jovanian 1599d ago

you've got it backwards

a person who is average with the m/kb will always beat a person who is above average with the controller

Reverent1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

@Swadian, just stop. I play Battlefield 3 on PC and I actually have a good number of friends that while I can usually score 1st through 5th place on my team using a kb/m, they often do much better than me (kd/r wise) using a controller.

An average guy with a machine gun won't hit a target as often as an experienced shooter using a bolt action rifle.

grailly1599d ago

people tend to think that all there is to an FPS is pointing and clicking faster than your opponent. If that were the case FPS' would be really boring. placement is way more important than shooting straight imo, especially in battlefield where you can play 100% support if you want.

stone_cold1599d ago

I only need Dual Shock 4 not the f*cking Keyboard and Mouse

0pie1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

@kratos_kills : Your tears are delicious.

I guess if they let player play with kb+m they will not play in the same matches as those who play with controler

The_KELRaTH1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Very interesting if the PS4 can fully support keyb / mouse rather than the failed emulated version on PS3 as it could also mean introducing consoles to twitch fps games (UT, Q3a etc) and proper RTS like C&C, CoH, Starcraft etc

thehitman1598d ago

UT already released on PS3 w/ mouse/kb support not sure what you mean by failed emulated version as there was full support just developers didnt allow it for the most part.

The_KELRaTH1598d ago

It had emulated mouse support as the PS3 doesn't have a mouse driver - it's not true free movement mouse support as seen on PC's Mac's etc.
The scroll / look rate was a set of fixed speeds and UT3 had to be slowed down considerably because of this.
A twitch fps game is extremely fast gameplay where your natural reactions take over.

KillerPwned1598d ago

Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 had mods along with Keyboard and Mouse support...It worked wonders. Also Counter Strike: GO has the keyboard and mouse support. All seems well for both of those games.

The_KELRaTH1598d ago

But would work even better if there were proper mouse drivers so you weren't limited to preset scrolling speeds.
This was why UT3 movement on consoles was extremely slow compared to the PC version

Bathyj1598d ago

I said quite a while ago that PS4 should support all shooters with keyboard and mouse as it would be seen as difference maker between the 2 consoles even helping to sway PC gamers

1598d ago
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TAURUS-5551598d ago

i rather use my controller. KB/m feels awkwar

thehitman1598d ago

On UT3 for ps3 there was mouse/kb rooms where you could use that or a controller and I always found myself in the top 3 on K/D. The whole kb/m is better is all preference. Reason aim assist is on to appeal to the casual crowd who get owned by people who can actually play w/ controllers on a high level. That is why I stopped playing shooters on consoles because aim assist is gay and is handicapping gamers.

The_KELRaTH1598d ago

It's not a good comparison compared to a console / computer with proper controller for a mouse.
PS3 mouse = preset speeds like the controller
PC = no speed restriction so you are able to fully use hand, eye coordination which is why there's no need for aim assist.

If I didn't have the facility to use a mouse (no table etc) I'd use a trackball which works great.

I did enjoy UT3 on PS3 but it is about 50% slower than the PC version.

thehitman1598d ago

Ya your right they did slow it down some, BUT UT3 is an exception because the game is just incredibly fast paced there are not many games if any that are that fast even on PC and the console version is probably how average shooters today are on PC. I think its more on how people are used to the speed than whether people can keep up. Also in speed games like that I believe the controller gives you a movement advantage over the KB where the Mouse gives you an aim advantage so there are + and - on each side.

The_KELRaTH1598d ago

Yeah agreed thehitman, I'd really like to see a controller with a trackball built in (replacing the right joystick) just for looking around and aiming so you get the best of both :)

MysticStrummer1598d ago

I've seen interviews where developers say the KB/M advantage is a myth. The latest one was with the Planetside 2 devs as they talked about the reasons for not having PC/PS4 cross platform play.

3-4-51598d ago

The difference isn't as much as you think.

Controllers have built in "centering" i guess you can call it with the snap back action of analog sticks....this can re-orient you to stay centered and focused on target.

Mouse is more accurate but is also harder to master because of the small touches and how much they can get you off target.

A good player will be good with either set up. Knowing the map and getting a jump on the enemy are just as important as aiming.

ABizzel11598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )


That's not true, there was a pro counterstrike global tournament, and the PS3 players smashed the PC players with Dual Shocks. It all depends on the skill of the users, and what you've become accustomed to.

For some people Keyboard and Mouse works best for them, while gamers who've been playing consoles for a decaed or more are going to have a natural affiliation with controllers. KB & M are better in theory, but practice and experience always prevail.

Now I also remembered there was an Xbox 360 game where PC and 360 players could play against one another, but the game was cancelled, but PC gamers were dominating every match.

So once again it comes down to experience. PC gamers have years more experience with FPS, but skill is what prevails.

BallsEye1598d ago

Agreed. Very bad idea .Single player shooters I play on PC, I'm very good at aiming with mouse. Multiplayer shooters I preffer to play on consoles, because I like how heavy and realistic soldier feels and IMO is just stupid when you can headshot 10 people in 7 seconds from 1000 miles away using a pistol and doing 360 spin twice in that time. Also Tank controll on PC using a mouse is just ridiculous, you can spin the turret 720 degrees in less than a second (even faster if your sensitivity is high up). Playing battlefield 4 on console using a joypad vs people using mouses will ruin the game for me. Tank + mouse is like a cheat..

ATi_Elite1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I told consolers this was gonna happen about a year ago. Consoles are pretty much PC's now.

Oh and KB/m KILLS controllers even with aim assist.

KB/m + Peripheral view = FTW!!!!

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Maddens Raiders1599d ago

I say bring it on. Variety's the spice of life.

NatureOfLogic1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

@ Nitrowolf2

I disagree. Switching from controller to m/k gave me a huge advantage over most in Dust 514. I won most one on two battles. The controller can't compete with the sensitivity of the mouse.

HammadTheBeast1599d ago

That must've been before they gimped M/KB by putting in turn speed limitations.

frostypants1599d ago

That is a viable fix. It is garbage in FPS's when mouse users can do a 180 in a tenth of a second, and that's where the unfair advantage comes in.

Qrphe1599d ago

Hopefully all shooters attempt to implement this. Move controls would also be welcomed.