State of Decay Review | Player Effort

Undead Labs took a huge gamble by creating an overtly ambitious game but their efforts paid off. It’s a game that finally delivers on the zombie survival promise by giving us everything we could possibly want from a zombie game. It does almost everything right and its flaws are so miniscule that they range on nit-picking.

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No_Limit1962d ago

Great game, my $20 spent was well worth it. Can't wait for an online MMO sequel on Xbox One!

Deltaguy1962d ago

This game isn't a 10/10..8/10 at best and that's pushing it.

NihonjinChick1962d ago

Any your opinion suddenly became a fact?

He is sharing his opinion, just like you, and to him the game was a 10/10.

Opinions, everybody has one.

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CommonSense1962d ago

MS had a deal for a brief period where 1200 points was 5 bucks. I got a few of em so the game only cost me about 7-8 dollars. Worth the money, but i didn't finish the game. My OCD with scavenging eventually made the game boring.