Microsoft Testing New “Technology Tailor-Made For Gaming”, Giving Out FREE Copies of State of Decay

The Insider Preview Build 18334 is based completely on testing its “technology tailor-made for gaming” on Microsoft Windows.

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DaDrunkenJester7d ago ShowReplies(3)
snkiworld7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Another Pr bullshit to sell their next console

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

This is for Microsoft Windows, likely the ground work to bringing their streaming services to other platforms.

Srhalo7d ago

Oh cool so it's going to be like game mode? That's awesome they hyped that up for months then when it released tests showed it had no effect on FPS what so ever.

It's almost like Microsoft is always promising things they can't deliver just to build hype and dupe the suckers who believe anything and never learn.

Thundercat777d ago

After the lie that was Crackdown 3 they expect people to believe this?


blacktiger6d ago

these days everyone should learn from Respawn.
SHUT THE FK UP, and release it! That goes for Sony and Microsoft

rlow16d ago

Sounds like they're heading in the right direction as far as their strategy goes.