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IT News Africa took a look at the top five moments (in chronological order) from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us that made an impact on us during the entire game.

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Thatguy-3101990d ago

I loved the David vs Ellie scene. So much tension and shows how Ellie has grown throughout the game. The events that follow after that scene are heartbreaking because you can sense how Ellie is torn from what shes been through. Another scene that I enjoyed was the one where Joel and Ellie argue inside the house in the woods. This game is simply amazing.

Bathyj1990d ago

The David and Ellie scene reminded me of Patricia Arquette and James Gandolfini in True Romance.

I dont know why, it was just kind of surreal and savage with the girl reaching down to her most primal, basic instincts, choosing to kill rather than die to survive.

CrimsonStar1990d ago

Yea that fight between David and Ellie was really high tension , my favorite scene was the climax and ending . I have never had so many mixed felling about my actions .

1990d ago
DigitalRaptor1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I loved the Colorado University portion of the game. Riding the horse through the grounds and admiring the beauty of the abandoned campus and nature that surrounded it. The monkeys!! It seemed so tranquil yet it had threatening undertones that escalated into how that part of the game ended.

There are so many beautiful and memorable moments from this game that I can't even begin to fully express. What an amazingly crafted experience. Naughty Dog's next greatest challenge is outdoing their work here.

DeadSpaced1990d ago

As always, it needs to be labeled for spoilers. I don't want this game to be ruined for anyone.

CrimsonStar1990d ago

lol the article states that we are talking about moments in the game........ spoilers duh

Sam Fisher1990d ago

Um, my fav moment of last of us....... The entire thing. Period.

shammgod1990d ago

Scene after scene, the entire game is amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.