Project Spark Preview: A New Kind of Canvas | GenGAME

GenGAME writes: "Project Spark gives gamers a digital canvas to paint and create whatever they can think of. It really simplifies the concepts of game engines to give players textures, models, and mechanics to be utilized as they see fit."

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georgeenoob1971d ago

Woah, I was planning on buy it but it's free to play?! F*ck yes.

3-4-51970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

love games like this. I love any kind of creation or customization in games, I could spend hours just doing that, so this game seems perfect for me.

Just not sure I'm getting an XB1, so I might be missing out.

edit: didn't realize there was a PC version. I have windows 8 so maybe I'll get that instead.

SegaSaturn6691971d ago

I was really sad that this was going to be xbox exclusive and then I realized it was being released for PC. So ps4+PC+WiiU this gen I guess.

No_Limit1971d ago

Make sure you upgrade to Windows 8. It is Windows 8 exclusive on PC.

HammadTheBeast1971d ago

Wait this is on PC? If so, I'll check this out along with titanfall.

SegaSaturn6691971d ago

Is that right? I'm running 8 now, but i will need a tablet to get the most out of this, I guess.

No_Limit1971d ago

BTW, the Sega Saturn was a great system. I still have the retail copies of Guardian Heroes, Dragon Force, Shining the Holy Ark, All 3 Shining Force 3 scenarios and the hard to find masterpiece, Panzer Dragoon Saga. This prove that great games can be found on every consoles, regardless of popularity or sales.

SegaSaturn6691971d ago

Absolutely. As far as I'm concerned, every console has at least one game worth purchasing it for. Dragon Force 2 was also awesome and has a partial english patch available.

As for xbox one; the main reason I'm not buying it is because of the history of hardware failures I've experienced with its predecessor and the infuriating experience of having the customer support blame me for the defects.

No_Limit1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I think this will be a killer app for the One. It is free and will show the value of the Kinect and smartglass integration.

I always wanted to create my own RPG, so this should take hours away from my life when it is finally release.

Supermax1971d ago

Pretty good for a free to play game for Xbox one,gonna spend a lot of time creating a warhammer space marine in it.

NegativeCreepWA1971d ago

After seeing all crazy stuff people did with LBP, I can't even begin too imagine what people will do with this.

I had no clue it was free, I'm sure it'll be full of micro-transactions though.

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