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Exclusives: The Next Great Extinction?

While Microsoft finally ensured that used games and offline play will live to see another generation from all fronts, are platform-exclusive games the next gaming staple to die out? Gamers Association editor Curtis Stone sure thinks so, and is getting pretty tired of the evolution to "timed exclusives" at that. (Culture)

dedicatedtogamers  +   885d ago
Exclusives (3rd party AAA ones, at least) have been going extinct for a while. That's why I gravitate towards the companies that put out a lot of 1st-party exclusives over the full life of their system.
Why o why  +   885d ago
Yeah. I also gravitate to whomsoever is the most consistent in meeting my gaming needs. I'll leave it at that
ZodTheRipper  +   885d ago
The author asks for boycotting exclusives lol
Exclusives are the main reason I buy a PS4 and will someday buy a WiiU. If Sony and Nintendo wouldn't have so good first party games I would only play on PC.
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No_Limit  +   885d ago
Exclusives is still relevant. If Xbox1 didn't have the exclusives that I want to play like Forza, killer Instinct, Titanfall, Dead Rising, Ryse, Project Spark and Quantum Break in the beginning, I would of no doubt went with the PS4. It was a smart move in MS part to get these games out in the beginning.
Aces17  +   885d ago
They will throw money around to get some exclusives through the early life of the Xbox One to get gamers who will buy a new console day 1 to buy it rather than a PS4. Exactly what happened with the 360. I really have no faith in them having good exclusives 2 or 3 years down the line.
No_Limit  +   885d ago
I am also planning to get a PS4 next year when the franchises like Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo and other great exclusives get release. I have no allegiance to any system, just PS4 don't have the exclusives that I want to play in the beginning. If a Metroid, Zelda and a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles are on Wii U, I'll get that system to.
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joefrost00  +   885d ago
Got to love fanboys that turn every topic into a chance to take a shot at a certain company
I plan on getting both funny cause i haven't seen a system seller yet
Ps4 had infamous but infamous is not a I have to have that system type of game
MS had a few goods ones also but nothing that would push a system honestly the tv thing would push more systems to the mass market them any game will
I saw a lot of good games at e3 but not system pushers
gazgriff2k12  +   885d ago
1st party exclusives are key 3rd party exclusives need to die fast
Gamesgbkiller  +   885d ago

3rd party exclusives not always the best games.
Tigerfist  +   885d ago
The death of exclusives sounds really sweet to me. If it were to happen, the comapnies behind the systems wwould have to sell other features to convince people to buy their product.
Hicken  +   885d ago
And what would those features be? There's only so many gaming features you can have in a console, especially if you're trying to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Why do you think there's such recoil over the XBOne putting heavy emphasis on TV services?

No, exclusives are a far better option, and far more enjoyable than just features.
McScroggz  +   885d ago
I hate third party exclusives because it means a game that would have gone to all consoles (or both Sony and Microsoft) didn't because a company threw money at it. Not only do I want good developers to make as much money as possible - which generally means put your game on every system - but I want gamers to be able to experience as many games as possible.

Sure, it makes for interesting arguments over who had better exclusives and all that. But from a practical standpoint, I'd like to see third party exclusives go.
DarkZane  +   885d ago
Third party exclusives died last gen because both Sony and microsoft were neck to neck.

However, if for example, the PS4 were to greatly outsell the Xbox One and the WiiU like the PS2 outsold the Gamecube and Xbox, then you can be sure that third party exclusives will come back and they will go where the big fanbase is.

If one has the chance to pull another PS2 next gen, it's Sony. Microsoft are basically out of the running at this point and the WiiU is too weak.
P_Bomb  +   885d ago
'Died' is a bit strong. PS3 still managed a hefty chunk of quality 3rd party exclusives this gen:

Konami's MetalGearSolid 4
Insomniac's Resistance 1-3 and 5+ Ratchet & Clanks
From Software's Demon's Souls
Sega's Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza 3-5
Namco Bandai's Ni No Kuni and Tekken Revolution
That Game Company's Journey/Flower/Flow
HouseMarque's SuperStardust and DeadNation
Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls
Ubisoft HD Collections like SplinterCell and PrinceofPersia

MS is already at it for next gen, securing Capcom's DeadRising3 and Respawn's Titanfall. Pretty safe to say Konami is out though. I don't even think I've seen Kojima on a Sony stage in years.
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ShaunCameron  +   885d ago
Not completely. Sony still gets 3rd-party exclusives even if they're not gonna do much to bolster the PS3's profile. Not like it needs any more bolstering. A lot of them are games from relatively low-profile Japanese developers/publishers.

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